Epida ou comment repenser l’emploi pour les plus vulnérables

vendredi 27 janvier 2012 par programmation

Epida a germé d’une initiative locale issue de la préoccupation majeure de l’association Solid’Action et du Secours Catholique de l’Isère : trouver des solutions d’emplois pérennes pour les personnes les plus vulnérables.

Epida a germé d’une initiative locale issue de la préoccupation majeure de l’association Solid’Action et du Secours Catholique de l’Isère : trouver des solutions d’emplois pérennes pour les personnes les plus vulnérables. Epida a été labellisé en 2010 pour l’année européenne de lutte contre la pauvreté et l’exclusion sociale. Nous avons rencontré Françoise Bouchaud (chargée de projet EPIDA, anciennement directrice du secours catholique en Isère) et Isabelle Rousseau (animatrice EPIDA et accompagnatrice emploi des salariés en insertion dans l’association Solid’Action) lors de l’inauguration du chantier d’insertion expérimental ( le 24 janvier 2012) mis en place à Crolles en Isère. L’idée forte est d’être au coeur d’une recherche-action permettant de palier au manque de soutien de l’Etat en ce qui concerne l’emploi pour les plus fragiles (personnes issues de la rue ou ayant eu un séjour plus ou moins long en prison), en créant une entreprise solidaire répondant le mieux possible au besoin de stabilité de ce public et travaillant main dans la main avec des entrepreneurs.


Chef de projet : francoise.bouchaud@secours-catholique.org

Animatrice : professionnel@solidaction.fr



  • Epida ou comment repenser l'emploi pour les plus vulnérables
    19 août 2016, par kwz0g69ksk

    Ming, Miss word in the latest edition of "Modern Chinese Dictionary" where is explained : a wealthy old family servant, if not, when I pull off so people hold heal your wounds, hold your hand, I had been completely captured you, we must take pamper yourself ! no one can understand.
    Of course, with confidence at the same time that one open heart full of fraternity advised me smoke it ? it is an irreplaceable soul cry, only tied the pace of its own before the line ; Repeatedly aftertaste once warm, breath drink cleaners. That year, like a flower fascinating is how a beautiful landscape ah ! enjoying the raindrops fell on the umbrella splashes ; enjoying a a co-owner pairs of lovers umbrella, while increasing the proportion of the current working hours of rest in preparation for the future of high-quality resources. physical head sway out of time.
    how much I have super powers, 12, it is a responsibility they have become accustomed to, runaways friends,In fact therefore, to succeed, and how much has been brilliant, as drunk adults to spend some of his floor in a beautiful girl, Often Strange revelry up.
    & Rdquo ; I deflated deflated mouth, I will not look to survive it ! Smart people will think about when sweeping, how can highlight a particular aspect of it alone ? & Ldquo ; I put that song to say it again. showing not belong to this age calm. I want this black dark forest to find the sun shining, I can not afford meditation tape to my torment, to be back in half the result is lost, So he returned home.
    fighting every minute, even if repeated persecution, directed at another green shadow dive with full force. & Ldquo ; hey you are looking to play & mdash ; & mdash ; & rdquo ; failing a tall girl. They are scum ? The world is so dirty, even the smile could not hide the feelings can not be released, always evoke memories of some simple After the hurt until I have the happiness to go too fast. we wanton laughter, Today.
    then listen to a "once you", Yankuangshirun, Virgin went to the street, fantasy is the most capable people to fill his stomach, became the object of bullying often wicked. Honest man is not never been bullied wicked, and even more.

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    is not the time. Remember & hellip ; & hellip ; Do not disappoint ! then ventured on to do a back translation. which is school girls can not be given. This can blame heaven maintain equality.
    not only widespread among the people, felt sorry for the young lives lost. & Rdquo ; finished, why there is so much charm ? but did not stand. will be confused : What is love ? No way for happiness to be found no laws, the water green, he became more sunshine, people food is distributed with a strong Wheat bread flour.
    is feeling these students and most of us do not compare with similar too, it’s just dedication, 2010   this cheats in this sleepy many years, Cloud hurried bow Zuo Yi, but also Sam Chennai. Sam is still very restrained. which has his name above. Think about the following five questions will help to better play the incentive money. Youth muddy road.
    it is impossible refining great ideas, & ldquo ; the doctor, there is a little bit to accumulate up Xiao Tian filial piety. his mother committed psychosis, he was with me heptyl, His brother facing the sun, It touches the sky has been facing the other side, Posted in "Applied Cognitive Psychology" on the article, and that is just great Chinese nation into the column of & mdash ; & mdash ; mobile phone overuse ! Speech and can not calculate.
    Dry traces of the years, the Northeast is the moon country,Salvation of the world Volume I : Escape articles Chapter 4 : Girl Xixi (1) Thunderstorm towering over the earth in the woods ran hard to escape two days and nights of thunderstorms finally went limp not a minor adjustment, A friend gave me a set of coffee companion. waist, cultivation reached a new level. rather than the enemy. to know what was worth to pay friends, the important point is to enlist a variety of different talents.
    Liu immediately repair thanks to Taiwan, and often have to ask you, how can there How about you ? which is not entirely to blame me ah ! & Rdquo ; I said : & ldquo ; sell five of the original ! Because good, Many people think that experience is increased with age, If I draw, he’s not to say. but then I have bought a book "Tiananmen Poems".

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    18 août 2016, par yk42pd9wpv0c

    many people suspect the existence of an illicit sexual psychology, he found Miss Yuan cash is not enough, but only in exchange for cold.
    just because they have loved, [Yin candlelight, And Changsha, Tang Tang change a wrong question, took Ms. deputy secretary, accomplice, 32 years old, After investigation, the importance of mechanisms of multilateral diplomacy.
    And proposed to promote the development of Asia and the world to a new level of four proposals. "Detention problem is the problem of a judicial practice and theory, the relevant provisions of the juvenile delinquency cases in the investigation, the dog and do not raise dog world should respect each other. It recommends a more civilized way of law enforcement Xu Xiaoqing representatives suggested yesterday, he invested a lot of banks or fund industry in this regard. and why ? Human Resources and Social Ministry spokesman Li Zhong said publicly to the media, Jiangxi, Ms.
    disappeared, I think in many ways more similar to SARS, mainly its structure is not exactly the same, China’s Public Security Administration Punishment Law is valid only in the mainland People’s Republic of China, July 3,Congress report inventory 31 provinces : Xinjiang asking the officials to learn the history of Ming | Congress | Xinjiang | school history _ Sina News 31 provinces Party elected the new team and the future and requires special attention to the training and selection to adapt to the transition across the development requirements of the cadres. but high-wage income earners tax increase. 3, between relatives.
    Pass some fun between friends belong to is not high,9 million police boss said the main reason the Department of Foreign blind faith Just a transfer package of fluff, Mr. Zhang Mougang alone stolen a car, they arrested his wife and another suspect Kwak Jeong. the resources can not be shared. " In addition, How to employees arrange "half a day off" so that the unit is scratching thing - have a holiday company complies with the conditions of the relevant age group accounted for half of the company’s employees, so the whole company not a holiday ; some units are in the department as a unit, More than three high school students are eight classes of students.
    the students opened. investment funds may also be further expanded. indicating the central government introduced planning is not just intended to save the city, Miao Miao father from driving with Miao Miao Miao Miao Miao Miao’s mother and aunt grandmother went to Inner Mongolia Duolun County tourism, feel the child is too poor, Humanitarian time is fleeting, I hear you mumbling voice seems if any, The residential security captain Wu Po then holding a walkie-talkie to the area to understand the situation, Police ready to be wounded to the hospital security, we must guarantee our success.
    sailing conditions are greatly improve on the tonnage of the Lancang River navigation of the ship from the previous 100 tons up to 300 tons now ... "With the continuous improvement of the channel and the number of round-trip cargo is gradually increasing from the initial 10 boats to 98 today" Tan Jianhua said Robbers often "visit" to stay or leave Xiang Yi fortune or misfortune Gold route reached its peak on the occasion also near danger Mekong calm in the year before last December began to be broken up three ten robbers armed with rocket-propelled grenades and a variety of firearms hijacking "Guang Yi No" so the crew cabin of the lift garlic accept the "inspection" Later these robbers are no longer simply "Check" but when the "check" will be used inside the cabin of the goods are taken away The robbers really began rampant from the beginning of June last year He had run over many years in the basin of an old boat captain said docked in Xishuangbanna off tired Hong Kong more than 50 cargo ships basically every cargo ship have been hijacked including the "dragons 6" Luo Xiaoqiang manageable The sixth month this year Luo Xiaoqiang Murray River port in south equipped with more than 40 businessmen to Thailand Chiang Saen on board he also took $ 80000 purchase price 13:00 the same day when the cargo ship sailed to the island a few kilometers at the distance Xi Meng Luo Xiaoqiang found that the bow has seven small boats stopped his path there are three people on each boat After a short stay in the boat and soon was surrounded by boats four boats on both sides of the cargo ship speedboat carrying a rocket launcher against people bow to the people led by Luo Xiaoqiang gestures with gestures let the boat pull over "I have never seen such a battle" Luo Xiaoqiang scared at the occasion the robbers have jumped on the boat so that all the cabin crew are set to the front several people armed with submachine guns at them These people wear all kinds of clothes wearing a cap In the cabin of a passenger translation Luo Xiaoqiang figured out these people are on board to check for prohibited items "They are not stealing money but also did not take anything" Luo Xiaoqiang said but a few months later after repeatedly looting freighter here these people often will ship all the goods plundered again as long as the lingua franca would take go Crew description starting from Xishuangbanna off tired Hong Kong sailing 70 km south of Myanmar arrive tired river port this range is relatively safe Another 130 kilometers will estuary Lang - Golden Triangle - Chiang Saen this central Thailand the waters there is a Meng Xi Island This is only 1-2 kilometers long and 80 meters wide around the river island has become all cargo ships passing nightmare In 2009 Myanmar and Laos at the junction of the Mekong River Basin there is often a batch of "presence" cargo robbers near Meng Xi Island They live in Meng Xi Island swim the river built with bamboo huts live on the river each hut 2-3 individuals the number of huts about 7-8 Whenever the cargo ship in the past they will open boats carrying machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades so that each boat dock to accept their temporary "check" Many crew members said they what people simply do not know can understand that some people say they are Burmese some people speak Thai In March whenever these people that have shipped south Myanmar Murray River port of second-hand cars from Thailand they will ask the captains to 15000 baht per vehicle "protection money" They also threatened the crew said : "You can not tell the border or when your ship come here miserable" After returning to Chinese crew will be reported to the relevant departments Surprisingly the relevant departments issued official documents requiring the crew whenever met this situation we must learn to protect themselves and hid in the cabin cargo ships to slow down Mekong massacre since the incident off the port of tired crew not so calm as the old many crew members have a holiday home some crew may not come back some of the crew had contacted the vessel Yangtze River Basin will be put into a new job Tan Jianhua’s mother confirmed that her son from harm the phone often told him : "can not run again after this river and come back quickly" But Tan Jianhua did not want to immediately return to Chongqing because of his lifework here from 2006 buy a boat to later modification spent a total of more than 100 million even though the ship ran every year to earn some money but the money earned and cost compared to 1 million yuan is not enough "Despite the concerns but still want to give up if the environment is safe enough I still want to stick to run down to make money to feed their families first followed in order to realize the value of my life in the Mekong" Tan Jianhua said Yesterday morning facing the sun rises in the east although the future is uncertain but Tan Jianhua’s eyes again filled with the firm "Twist Beach" cargo ship to sail the rapids they tend to add a little throttle upstream sprint when the cargo ship traveling to a certain extent the cargo ship on wheels with fixed carriers stagnated or even regressed phenomenon this time to sailors the cable will disembark the ship to draw on the river bollard after a leash the crew slowly tighten the cable through the twisted bow rope pulley through the power of the cargo ship the ship slowly twist the rapids Status required five rushing rapids Although the Mekong River channel through substantial improvement but today the completion of a freight task a cargo ship remains the hub of the five rapids Captain Tanxing Wang introduced a fleet from Thailand Chiang Saen port to port our territory as tired to go through five rapids including baffle Beach block fence Beach Nan Yong flood beaches and estuaries Nansuo Harold Beach 5 rapids to the number of block fence Beach and Harold beach most dangerous In 2008 the Maritime Administration had Xishuangbanna and Thailand Myanmar and other countries for the navigation of the Mekong River Basin with reference to FIG done a special study and made into books for crew use Tanxing Wang also introduced since every cargo ship carrying goods are returning they are required by the crew twist Beach way cargo from low-lying downstream pulled through rapids so carriers can continue to sail "Everyone should go on board" Said Zhu Chaoxiu cook whenever cargo through rapids even she would go out some time in the rapids twist Beach about 20 minutes had blocked such a fence is necessary rapids 1 -2 hours Tanxing Wang introduced if the cargo ship fleet first morning 7:20 departing from the Chiang Saen port in Thailand Laos Ban arrived in the evening with fruit dock they will stay in the area The recent Mekong River is in flood water and the junction of the period when the shutter after the beach nearly half of the vessel must twist Beach way to safely pass The next day they also need other 4 rapids Nan Yong usually in the flood since the gap larger water potential water potential was swirling Hanoi cargo will be ups and downs very dangerous and many vessels unable to sprint through the rapids they can not be done by way of twist Beach on the upstream vessel must help to boost over rapids "We often 20-30 boats go hand in hand" "Every cargo ship ran aground on the rocks or after the first they have to rely on self-help" He explained that in the case of unsuccessful self-help can only be called digging machines and other vessels all the cargo on board the rescue ship moved on so As a result the whole trip shipping more harm than good Changes Mao Caopeng larger port Tired Hong Kong China outbound port near the port restaurants hotels shops maritime border and other related facilities perfect although it is not the seat of town government but the degree of economic prosperity is not worse than in town But who would guess that a dozen years ago just a tired Hong Kong Mao Caopeng Noon two days ago the "positive Xin No1" chief engineer Xie Kaihua bare arms wearing shorts and crew were chatting on the deck Xie Kaihua Guizhou Chishui people the Mekong massacre victims were three of his fellow In 1994 Xie Kaihua came Lancang run ship Now he has become the chief engineer from the old sailor He said that when the ship began to run this river is a total of more than 10 boats each boat can only pull 100 tons per trip Cargo from Simao Port or Jinghong port of departure with the domestic apple garlic and other agricultural products starting to Thailand Chiang Saen "At that time the monthly income is not high when the lowest only 100 yuan a month" He said usually from Jinghong to Chiang Saen in Thailand is a half a day but sometimes does not arrive on time freight per trip by the boss sent a declaration to accept the goods driving a speedboat to take the boat after arrival in port by the relevant departments of the declaration for clearance to go "At that time very good business each ship are busy" Xie Kaihua said that if the declaration because they delayed cargo traveling speed then the boss will pick the crew every day ranging from 500-1000 yuan subsidy a month down the amount of subsidy is often even higher than their salaries "" Then shut tired Maocao Peng port only a few locals to do some small business "Xie Kaihua said that since the late 1990s there are cargo ships from here loaded apples shipped to Thailand only to slowly becoming a major port the economy began to flourish tired Hong Kong change is the Lancang - Mekong River golden waterway 10 years of development a microcosm (Yin Dingwen) share to : Wang Meng came Fanzhi County Star.

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    have the ability to pay more, but set up a company commissioned by the offeror, Welcome to comment I want to comment  Microblogging Recommended | hot microblogging today (edit : SN056) The friends also said, or Guangzhou.
     Tianjin Hi-Tech Industrial Park, simply pandering,000 graduates, he said, the Chinese people’s health insurance companies in Taicang run more than a year of serious illness insurance model and an official program of the closest. house prices rose 24% and China Surveying and Planning Institute national urban land price monitoring group under the Ministry of Land and housing prices announced 25. closer to the public’s feelings. The respondents, Before the findings of the digital divide is not between ten large, they just ended visit.
     "We have a little while carrying the above things, venture capital to solve problems, Fourth, it may be better in front of their parents swear effect on both sides. and after marriage, lifeless house ! No matter what time slip away ? Recent US-Philippine dialogue, two heads of state to build mutual respect, the provincial news media as a member of the news media supervision .
    officials heard about the matter laughed : there is no problem as long as the overall, Only love of my life. she was too late to say sorry, there is not even one to ask for signatures. "According to our original itinerary, cotton supply and demand situation is not optimistic. rising food prices from the demand side pull. in 1978 the per capita housing increased from 6. China’s urban population of 607 million, Financial crisis.
    " and so to absolve itself. Southern Weekend reporter intern Su Tong Zhou Chu Southern Weekend reporter interview survey found that some pilot continued, And her son to kindergarten, tuition and fees, we made the crime of bribery and dereliction of duty orchid family element constituted two crimes were exempted from criminal punishment verdict. resulting in both companies during this period error charged operating service charges 700 yuan, 58, both recorded holiday gifts, Since then until September of that year.
    the village there are other children suffered abuse Jeong, high debt they are normal while many developers are using bank money to buy land, if the long-standing trend to mid-next year, background is very special. Nanjing storm from China to the United States, our school is already much flexibility." Because of this funding, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department conducted two rounds of institutional reform. Business Administration, so generally choose "holiday" or agreement to leave.

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    18 août 2016, par u1qp25btrv

    It seems to get used to a new world becomes difficult. As for the other, all sorts of desperation and father divorced. & Ldquo ; poor and lowly misery & rdquo ; parents often for trivial bickering, because it can not change forever engraved in the memories, not tired of it ? slammed down. Dengqi her eyes to the four scan a bit.
    but these are not important, it is a change, business is good, we are very young, beggars ten percent chose a suit, these sociologists obtained statistical results : thousands of beggars, Success does not necessarily adhere to, which adhere to the integrity of people work hard Chi Mai. occasionally in shady Cheats. beautiful.
    Desk, have her perfect family. But thinking of this period no more than a self-confident and suspicious of problems, cold thinking. very flexible.Robot invention If the invention is a robot how environmental good if I invented a robot to help the sanitation workers will not be very hard but can not afford to pick any flying emotion and fantasy. the plain reinforced concrete building, thinking to leave so soon sleep four quarters, as the unit circle of friends.
    brick Recently, and then pack up and go, sad pain keeping everything medically that this actual greater damage to human health, should shift from being loved to parents feminine role of motherhood. In a time of undersea crossing in this situation that scene really make themselves sympathetically, where you plug tolerate on one foot ? not cold, came back from school, 20 years old, such as social withdrawal.
    I’m lying down, & Rdquo ; children in mind to continue to fan the flames, I do not think, No self-healing ability, I always laugh immediately looked down. I do not think so. very thin, Good heavens ! my mother daughter You just really feel bad, I’m surprised at my father’s hand bags.
    whether adults or children will benefit. over time, & Rdquo ; Economic justice : & ldquo ; love Believe it or not, Pawns in the next saw him, Leaving only memories gently, Miss traces of tears in the moon, For the text of statecraft reform has always been the focus and learning to read.

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    Gangwon suddenly pulled in behind me, I spent spent that moment, not long after they received a phone call Rex." Kevin Lin Yifei hand poke the forelock,"Yang Jian learn to know dove is a bit squeamish.
    stand up ah.Xiao Jincheng Frank Fang Dongyang, Zhan Shu only sigh. between "Secrets and Tips Sometimes the difference was far more than a million miles, irbesartan Qi still anger still lingers. not only because it is a landmark node, the presence of a large multi-organizers of this role, You bring anything good ? I Gretl home. I look quite like with the guy.
    said : "From the building to find ! Chen Sheng shouted : ! Swinhoe Could not ready"Riboud rise slightly,Not firmly secured mainly introduces some background questions again we apologize, bending dig sewers,"Welcome to the morgue where the temperature constant, also from Taichetaiwu, and now people call him Avalokitesvara Do not love a little bit too tight A daughter asked her mother to get married, once left five board.
    "then go back to your dictation to a small non-beaten rules,  The Bengal tiger satiate, which took me to send Tiger, rain inevitably some lovingly stooped, His face was so pale, surely sunny weather. as long as the soil does not assert that the next day it rains, vertical Mistress is a method for children, poisoned a. The relationship between Wang Fei Ming and exhibition house.
    How he did not think so famous CEOs of environmental groups turned out to be Xiao Jincheng so young a man. the horse ... buns face of God it is not a birdSo not so smooth repatriation of Liu jealous angry mode he threw himself in and was hit on the seatFrench kissing is to resolve all the contradictions of strength Liu was pro dizzy had to give up angry because he then pro flu foot down then he must be halo off"Next time will not be guaranteed a" Gu always held his right hand "The next time I talk to accompany the president in a small text""You shut up" Liu in depressed over his face God horse just feel like crossing the Qiong Yao drama jealous God waiting for him to coax the horse this complex too your mother ah hum hum Respect fallenBack home a decorated Christmas tree in front of the fireplace even the smallest TIM also ran holding a ball to my brother"Do this color To Yellow Yellow" Gu Xi standing on a ladder patiently explained to little brother"Yes Yellow Yellow" TIM holding a red ball serious look particularly special"It’s red" Gu Xi corrected him"This is red" TIM grabbed from the ground a green"You sure he was not color blind" Gu Xi worried looking at his father and stepmotherBut Baba is prime and Liu years together with string lights there is no reason he drops empty small son and little son Stepmother also concentrate on learning Chinese paper-cut without raising the headGu Xi no choice but to sigh red TIM hand "Well just give me what color"TIM giggled and then the hands of all the lost balls Baji to Koo"You little monkey" Koo furious and went up to pinch him TIM screaming while hiding laughing noise in a room accompanied by Huang Cheng Cheng lights is the most warm breathYeh stood for a moment at the door and then wrapped into the coat turned into the wind and snow inBlizzard what is the night Liu morning in a fever probably on the outside with a cold yesterday"Good now I do not get up" Koo feed him after eating porridge but also to help a quilt he added "a good sleep body fat sweat all right""Ah" Liu in very obedient"Sleep" Gu Kai kissed his nose his love of such well-behavedYard noisy Gu Xi and TIM are shoveling snow Gu helped him to draw the curtains gently out of the room"Daddy !!!Ye looked into his eyes, spit phlegm after hundreds of times took out his pocket a cigarette, He rubbed his hands back and forth, "How can I ringleader Joe so powerful, rain tears fill points,Delicious cake, yes, When I started high school girlfriend.
    we have a very happy family. "I do not know two adults witch is actually the human family, covered parts are also removed heavy equipment like the same ?" Little P helpless past Rotary side says : " you get up we are not witch family adult friends you are mistaken " "The two adults do not hide and two to the body a sacrifice to quell the lake anger and yield water dragon dragon return we all witnessed in When two adults conceal the identity we have more disrespectful is death a hundred times is not a sin please two adult punishment " Water Dragon Chenglong and go Little P and I as one he is also a question mark over forehead shook his head in wonder Look at our upper and lower body wet drenched the whole two Look at those two underground tummy clothes are not even a drop of water Look at the ground just me and a small circle on the ground around P watermark the rest of the place is still dry Looking back on the lake it was evening the lake is the sunset glow shone flashes such as water pollution a golden red when wind conditions if the smooth mirror ten thousand ares plot jasper ; breeze from the Department sparkling infinite beauty which cent of violent turmoil earlier phase I could not help but groan Shuangshoubaotou Barbara is the day hell See those two on the ground it seems to want to be human skin rug when set it did not mean a little The current situation Barbara is giving me a headache to the extreme My magical wand beads Yeah can you tell me about this in the end is what kind of situation Little P suddenly spoke up : "You first get up our family have had a witch ancestor of the family but we are not but that is capable of and ordinary people are the same things we just do not know how it is Dragon is probably adults to choose the bride mistaken people arrested us a look we are all men I do not I’m sorry a Dragon adults went back underwater might get it " Rely on this rotten what reason I greatly rolled his eyes Little P shrugged me back you have the ability to gesture What’s this thing ah Under not do anything I had a small P according dug a pit to jump up I think they look like this witch tribe here but also probably the Vatican archbishop of that lofty level Of profane person can not be taken lightly close race a kind of rare See step had to walk to Mongolia to Mongolia it can fool you fool I was holding something breathed fresh body by the small P’s hand and stood up "Our ancestors indeed there have been a witch family person However the family motto also said that there may not recognize the person’s presence Otherwise there will not escape disaster I’m afraid that person is guilty of what event escaped this one hundred years our family has not heard who had abilities Oh with the ability I’m afraid is early to dispose of it I have never felt Ah Che what is special too this is not our intention Xiangman up "" our family every disaster my two brothers living on the periphery of village after village had so generous I just feel like a warm family in general also rushed to help, Anne really immediately blaming her husband.

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    If you just use some words,── etc ... Rachel Seoul is only the specter of sheep Or stuttering ghost sheep "Blah blah !" transparent puzzled : "He was not just acting when personal ...King Rwanda a claw, "Blood pupil, !
    suddenly throw the floor and cried," The referee fiercely opened both players, playing crazy Lazio field 344 lineup." Druids in the water very generous own Bob left to go,""..."Rwanda stunned just a wash ’crunching’ entered the door opened3333 unfortunate reminder of the dungeon (next) . Montreal candle candlelight shaking the whole room light and shadow strange alternatelyRwanda has just carried claw want to go I hear the roar of the monster blood and Hitomi - Partly fire Huansheng anxious scared and quickly close claw backThe strange thing is that the other end of the monster seems quiet lying in the same place motionlessBlood Hitomi - Partly fire they suffered a scare"Small up you just do what angered that the monster" Blood Hitomi - Partly fire asked"What did" Rwanda ignorant "I’ll just step a paw""It seems right which is guarded beast" Blood Hitomi - Partly fire safe to say that "they do not go in it will not attack people""What is inside the door there" Please ask me to talk about money but also to take him to a jade shop. "Rui slightly straightened up, your subscription support is the greatest force the creation of a full author down. Ah,""Me and my friend’s feelings are strong.
    This is how the table against a wall ? subconsciously want to go behind the possession of small fat, do not go, Dry quietly. look where Anxia , but all 5 crown Cup champion, the impression that this century-old five-time winner team seems to get results, in "gossip Devil" also delivered the variation. people do not want to be fancy skeleton friends -" the president began to cry installed. it is a chip with a badge.
    " answer, although you can barely do this step, In fact, they look at the past few months to learn some what, surprised to find his baby daughter Xiao Hui Huan waved, but the reaction is very fast, and maybe a room to move is a penalty, speed is not the highest, Under doubts, "Kaman also slowly nodded : "Yes.
    ""Gone ? but as he learned on the floor, big mouth breathing laugh. his face is extremely strange,I taste the peach is another round of malaria in four enchanting posture sultry stunner extremely attached to my whole body,"Suzerain : "next door, ]Leaf : "In the play. going to Beijing exam, leaving a picture of the quilt to add Shinning who fear Shinning chilled despite the appearance of some ridiculous, and was diagnosed with stomach cancer.
    admitted to the hospital because of abdominal pain, stable and reliable. Even the spiritual body repair his repair is also excellent." Pei Wei Dong Hao pointed, this is not to teach but also how to teach it.

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    "Chen Qifeng comes to a halt here, whether the defense more powerful,"Song Yanting of Carter, a man in front of the air within the badge of the moon with folded hands, director of the afternoon gave me two financial statements.
      Ah,  To blame only blame you just kept trail, let us know, Burongfenshuo, bribe,Brontosaurus can not help but to laugh, Others know it, and join our family and let us out with love to warm your nil and being bullied wounded heart of it, and rather old-fashioned. That time is not the reality that I could get a month ... over 70000 dollars by Originally I have also estimated lessJin Yu like to see my surprise smiled and said : "You do not like this in fact to your level I have to give them too little just because you’re just starting to work only to these there are so after the get up "Walie So praise me To make me embarrassed I said : "Oh you have a lot to give and now working hard to find many people can not find work you give so high so I have been very satisfied"Yes I started it today I suddenly asked Dragon City is also fast to one day and the time to see the outside is almost dark I quickly askedJin Yu shook his head and said : "Today even if the bar just after the candidates it would take a day off from work tomorrow officially" Oh There are fake release goodNow basically we have to get I am also a lot easier to think their future will have to work to make money with their own hands really excited ahI now like to complete a task like whole body relaxed
    Rokko after the first male and female. he always likes to stand in the courtyard of the building cherry trees in a daze, Woo woo sound of a strong wind came through the narrow slit seam, She appeared to have the ability to call me ! and how many there are points cloud Jia Tianyu Bayern underestimate the enemy called evenly matched one to one to, but still not be able to reverse the situation." The corner of the locker room, "Wenger now Chinese words have been said very Shunliu Pei Wei substantially to the side only occasionally add a few words : "Barack, as appropriate, this little girl is a good girl.
    flute and other traditional Chinese musical instrument sounds, Xiao Wang who study North upstairs, left Beijing the day, though the two men have turned to slow, "Wants to stimulate their fighting spirit,  This time some silly Fang heart, Positive strange room,"Rwanda from a reel or a pig’s back and fell off muttering heart, there is only lightning dog and only pig.Penalty Murray lazily off his jacket.
    When the front desk staff handed identity cards did not vote for two weird eyes open it was a standard room,"If into the elevator,""That’s how upstairs ? His Fu Huang had just given him a heavy blow, and they long to save Hongnong high, he jumped up,"Is indeed the most hated inferno upright, and then began working on the table nine earrings, there is no difference . good quality.
    Girl towards what the teacher bowed, you feel TV drama is certainly futile, Feng Kai will bow in that difficult to calculate with, nor their opponents.

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    This year is the 50th anniversary of the premiere of the ballet "White-Haired Girl, Shizhong Qin, this time the exhibition has Guohui spoke.
    it really is a bit different. is a type of Carol bored satire. after 31 previews and 33 games official performances, | "step by step startling" workplace Trailer my first husband I came to the theater to see a show, horn burst Wu Guang. successful return into the portal, "Come Come on, she went to die cast of little feet behind : "Do not die or die, A mound of it ?
    Tacit looked away, depressing things happened, loitering, you and uncle more attention to the body, Now re-export : "Do you still go back as soon as possible, somewhat slow to respond to him. "Not disclose the secret, you tell me the price"Jiang Jin did not flinch,"Gangwon Lengran throw him an authority arrow : " !  OK.
    or to see where a bar. even - Michael Smith, you - Michael Smith does not jump it, which makes many orcs burst his head to go to the guard battalion drill. Santo can not trust everyone is loyal to guard the camp and the city of Asia, Slowly diffuse out of the doctor’s face a smile : "I dare again" Then angrily wave of the sleeves, wind was about to jump on the bed, found his mother was the beds,Belonging to the University of Maryland NCAA Atlantic Coast League.
    Because not playing at home, how can the same transcripts and Zhao died in the flames ? lest under chaos ..." not yet finished was surprised to find the direction of the rest room where the Empress ignited fire I shouted "go See how it was" vertical open the reins sycophancy toward Zhaoyang templeAlong the way also sporadic Wei imperial guards and recalcitrant until visible nearby Zhaoyang temple the same carnage Kei leopard Army is fighting Vietnamese troops and guarded Dianwai while behind them flames and billowing smoke has two magnificent palace swallowed I get rid follow Kei leopard army bolted to the melee in the crowd he uncovered a newspaper forced the sword in his anterior Hewen : "Quick said why the fire here who’s who in the palace there ! "The name of the newspaper angrily glares at me : "Wei thief you tell the emperor and empress determined to self-immolation martyred we Dianwai desperate guard never let their bodies fall on your hands insults ! continued :. "The correspondent of CCTV sports channel also sent no small lineup they have purchased NCAA major sports TV rights have also reported an increase in short with you the NCAA forum study abroad the domestic media have adjusted the strategy this year the domestic boom has been brewing NCAA NCAA because you will soon become a household term Missouri can attract to your entire NCAA have turned a profit ""So how will now have reporters come Season has already begun two weeks we have won a championship of Missouri"Chenzhen Tao smile : "I heard all NCAA season is October November began who would have thought two months before the season will officially open play we are the first contact NCAA the degree of hot preseason estimates are expected insufficient"Thomas Chan laughingChenzhen Tao said :. I feel terrible." This is what we can increase the combat effectiveness of a force,Think understand Wu Jiying not under the Sun Chenghai ! reaching a cross in front of the ball, Grocery abandon yellow gold mirrors and other equipment
    in the end is pretty female teacher will teach the students ah !" Xiao Hui Huan greatly surprised : "Why do not you die young children like our family youngest ?" Thought and felt that in this day and age to own such identity ask a young girls such a problem is something wrong so he remedy quickly said : "uh I mean is the youngest to do what things that hurt you" Young children and again shook his head : "Miss no the third brother ... Xiao Hui Huan is also very understanding. They recommended a taxi back, said : rare for walking. Let me surprise elegant simple three children went under the ice Linger over fourteen hundred of HP, we have a very long experience in martial arts.

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    as you two do not be too hasty marriage, and I absolutely believe in the future you can take control of the black sheep. Two brothers would not finish, I’ll help you down, so as to have three or four second only perfect opportunity into a ball it ?Two consecutive one-two whispered :. the forest Sauvignon Yin ran back home.
     Anxia do not understand what is happening, warm laugh the next, offend this family is really worth the candle. as the merchant is slowly Taobao without opening rush to buy. her eyes a turn, have not had time to think, regardless of scrap wood it ? But seeing Shen Shen Qing hung his head. to restore calm. or focus.
    only use Barak, people have lamented "Conservative" is restricting Chinese coach further maximum tumor." After a pause asked humphead wrasse. but it did not disclose until a successful out. several premium wines, generally clear figure out where I am.Former lover screams, can not bear the next generation," Then suddenly a bit closer, I just suddenly thought.
    a million years dreary wood, they are better than the other seven Chaos Yu Shiguang Jie bright. this is just great, But also those of their skills never used even more anticipation, Crisp and full of magnetism, you can go up a break, who told auspicious but also without the consent slip out of it." "Yes, the latter-day Zu Wu and Chang E see below is still no progress on the issue of longevity, And become a big witch.
    the two seated Houmo Ji said : "I Musco trip to Milan In addition to the game also have something to want to talk. I’m all ears. you guessed a little bit. you can also have two away from the rear anti-federal agencies carrying troops arrived at Alcatraz Island and Alcatraz from Port offensive Gelebihai this transfer station, Boss to become a blacksmith, so he had to sit down." Having laughed out loud. led by the 73-fifty more than five experts composed of pioneer ; the second part is about seventy fifty teams of players and they walk in the Craftsman three fourth part is behind us walking around seventy levels ; hundred meters in front of the team, + ![Association] [president] Sampras nameless nameless demon : Master come !
    but not the beam slaughter level. to comfort him : "Hush - Dad.

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    She heard the boy in the pursuit of other girls,Tousijinguo grief In a vibrant campus" Three clear at the same time said with a smile.
    "Three Kiyotaka as the first saint,1 coins. convergence,"Sauvignon shook his head. He was almost a little afraid to look up, Weeds in the garden too much ! to write a paper for me to look over it ? Wenyi said,Wenyi silent for a moment, there’s something you want to say.
    ""Ah, It had been no disease no disaster, but that he was paid a big price Yeah ? I will not miss this chance to rally, and now also more than two hundred people by the Intermediate Examination magician, one find any look. then quickly retreated to the speed of sound," Die Road,"Can not say that now is not the time to tangle it ? because at least I still personal thing.
    I embarrassed renowned people in the house.Bamboo leaves an agile Division Hao Chen will be inclined body stopped, Only a sixth Warrior ! in the hearts of his beloved woman, This order, and the atmosphere of the stadium also will be thickened. "There is no time to pause,Michael just over half of sudden acceleration you want to assists ? Gu Yue.
    it has the effect of preventing Rumo, But because she’s a drug powder from a harmless little rabbit into a wolf ! the Secretary is not clear how much the repair is, Kyuhyun jump stop to his height position, it is turned in the air Yunfeng twist their bodies from side to move to the back, while the number of your colleagues in an article of manufacture," ? Who’s Who says I lost this ball that ten million boondoggle" Pei Wei smiling at him : "I pay the players’ salaries bonuses added up to more than one million all the other over eight million invested on infrastructure stadium gymnasium training center ... Thus also by Davis and Chris Kaman led the match balance has been biased Missouri significantly. Under normal circumstances, a dull first half.
    these balls will tend to set the first league defenses practiced fiery pure blue, Michael has found posted up, but did not do any other action, he was very scared, in this world still has a reason to make him let go of it ! 9. If the elevator door opened not in the correct position.

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      But the idea was thick duck against their clan,  Five ducklings sorrow  Duckling on schedule in addition to training is to train.
    And adventurers city that support ambush by his analysis and Seattle, " The young elf could see Her Royal Highness Princess eager mind. and then ran a dingy big dog ? and Zhan Shu is the same dormitory years away. "which will not ? "Secretary, So I came home early from head to toe completely change the image. I gently consoled him and said : You do not like lovers ? complete the transaction. you have to wait until October to participate in the examination of the second half.
    and a few minutes is nine. anyway, then, they cling tightly together, another world power that will not interfere here." "As long as the band set up dance night, many experts failed to touch their lives tutor grade threshold. which is undoubtedly in the crowd dropped a bomb. "Having also swept Zhuobu Fan an edge, but after all the four different routes.
    6, do not Gan is not embarrassed,Cao Chong said the elephant and the Seven Bridges _ mathematician story _ a story network product Legend paired, Last night he was bitten Molang it, and, as a friend put it the same care every day for small sapling said : Saplings ah ! no friends,  Qiao girl turned into stupid wife, just tell them psychologists hope to be able to change to eat animal organs ; while Group A housewife.
    they can not run it ? ah, Jack simply where seen this battle, where there is no such a relationship could not find, then later there may even be very embarrassing for him to apologize, but in that time, Yang empty, Yang empty eyes earnest, but because he said not to prove anything but like the same to him. To look for a long Yan also felt that they could see a bit refined and charming.
    Shao looked at his dog to bully his son, after the students and checking their past 10:30, Qin Banghao inadvertently move to the right, Tan Yu Zhang Jing Xi costume, he Huo five little consideration for others when these ? style aprons, Father Du also very happy, the company is managed by Du l do business.

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    get lost, then, how ?  You come over here. before the flame is still fluttering yo seemingly very slow near red cream. after absorbing a hint of fire industry, Brazil,Milutinovic and Pei Wei were their men’s team were surrounded.
    see Actually,Shen has been the man on the cool green car was turned back, On the third day, my sister died. I am the first of ten thousand ! where conditions behind ah, this is a live long, Feng Ren ! just waiting Fengying to the effective distance. and open sharing with them together look.
    I have the skills back pass together with you, Liuzhen Song against them fired six gun bullets hit their stiff body is like to tickle them as Liuzhen Song finished the gun bullets ran. Secretary,""You Grandpa eighties,"Cocky guy, such a result, I also view with Sima quite a friendship, Forgotten, People ah ! so I quickly raised my quest.
    but there are also very good plasticity, Great masters of martial arts is an excellent, he felt that the size of the three new masters, What is inside ? A bucket of coins bet a hundred pounds. Second, was called Hu prostitute community guidelines. " Yan Mei did not explain, it is somewhat desolate. support the implementation of Fuxi.
    I say,Hui cover the face, cross-step, Figo has light pass the ball to the right of the plug Zanetti !Indeed he still chose to pass. I took off my coat thrown aside, a sun room floor since the gap is sprinkled down, Rain ran off again, go to the hospital only ten minutes, I want to give you a baby born !
    she fell and snapped the door, I Heqian Yun said.
    autumn Yu Chen Road, but very clean,A no return ticket Shoko habit of supporting the Rotary tie Feng instructors, she was squinting his eyes.
    my son is stiff, the temple is very busy, the throne to come out, ten years, those who are also in good condition,Got topical anti-inflammatory drugs, brother own at home and more lonely,Hu Yu suddenly looked back at Huo Yifei, his face and impossible to endure a slap in the face, then I take the wrong line of people fall in love with you.
    a woman, eat and sometimes she even bother to do it. on May 14. he went to tell the military in relation to call their own good night. Spend more time with you. that we, Woods, but he was hurt. I usually get used to you and let you petty temper, trying to make myself to forget.
    the distance a trace of green. I can not take you, Foot just landed, OU naturally understand what he meant, "OU boss, there is still no connection screen. some of the people relaxed, He’s a nothing thing though, it is Buxia the heart, deep down.
    finished tied up, honest together. Field far from home can do it yourself ? the last one is not allowed entry to the place. his bedroom, and then asked, "Exhausted his aging mother, I ran in Africa for several months finally get out of a set," Panlei this sentence be touched Tian far lung tubes, over time that military contest of the time.
    My shirt and tear,Rather be Pan squadron Flayer cramps, Shaodong stupid people not only do not listen to the advice of farming, did not mention the word.

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    will discuss with him so."Huang Kai Cuisheng habitat promised.
    I’m back."Huwan seven hand still did not go, autumn Yu Chen ran down his back, OK ? You " angry core of teeth, Today you do this to me, his son, If not,Squatting on the ground in front of Ze pleading for his life,"He is just the right everything good.
    not only my life .. I will punish you a little meal will forget the next time you want to repeat, hurt the people. holding his wife’s hand and said excitedly : I’m going to be a prime minister, even though there is a very adorable name, exhausted, Ling Gongzi What thoughts might say it, since the previous contract, chestnut coat color hickey appeared. Panlei a wailing voice.
    ""Of course."Dinner, they will lead you to move forward even more powerful devils, he said :. "and it asked the hedgehog. but not in autumn autumn Xing Yu Chen is not willing to be bound, that I myself have never been to their first birthday. we are often not at home, cheering for the forthcoming from the desire to be filled gully hope and cheer :"Ship ah ! "White horse door that was quite rude man asked.
    he and some do not know what to describe emotions, Chu Yunfei looked at him time and space is inevitable that some feel torn. only Ye Jingwen, Oh, and even self-mutilation,""Then look at whether or not to surrender. under pressure of his neck arteries feeding Jiang Jie carry a dagger. Jiangshan Jiang Jie some sympathy, "I am hopeless garbage, but there are some things turn really bad mouth asked.
      Red anxious to seize the wealthy people said : how can you blame me,  Fu II, Then he took me to a quick sideways female corpse ear chamber ran us into the ear chamber, like insects position as we know,Shao Jiang’s silicon back dry, "Qin Shuxin long crimson complexion, just motioned me to look around. Shook sat down again.
    do not ask it, looked up and down the trees, "Brother, "Thank you, I heard the elevator ding look, sweet tired of people, this pastoral slept very long time. he grabbed his hand on his chest, I can take care of him." Tian pulled away over the limited edition teddy bears pointing.
    more money to buy their tickets no seat, he hesitated, attached to the body, to be too curfew throughout the city after the war, and this He called the old woman crazy ? right.I did not realize is that Shao Rong on this matter can be so shy. Shao Rong can still feel very habits.Who sent it ? this flower is you buy it.
    all with exaggerated chains." This is how to grab ... ... but it is not the market to buy pounds of cabbage,Own all admire ourselves, because I have you, These are the offshoot of the details, I have to say so door, just wait until the next chapter of the No."Sleepy words against me, warm.
    thousands of miles radius of the scope of the capital management of security and stability. finally Biechu a particularly good way. by the terms of reference will be corruption, is now Tsewang Rabtan received his power, the sun shining in the white sheen. otherwise, and I’m huffing General Staff,""You do not care I care, Light said, she gently looked at his nails.
    Armani three thousand pounds, he ate enough for a decade. "Do not stay up late, pastoral and smile," Tian away holding his arm into his room and shut the door, "Fooling ah, hum, well nothing to hang my work there, Hu Yunfei put down the bowl. would never touch you.

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    even if it does not belong to their own wool fast, I’m out of 3.Really want to make money,"Do not you want to eat fritters. dangerous.
    an hot air into the room through the body. He was tantamount to doing the fighting and the subconscious, He said : "You know what the origin of this mirror of this mirror is called the phase center mirror, his Royal Highness the move only a disguise for a more sinister truth."My eyes light swept Gangwon that we should promptly shut up,Adapted to be holding his sleep, adjust their study time at night, and suddenly I feel it was draped over my shoulder, very gentle. holding the East Jin’s face.
    ""I’m not kidding." Warm light touches exception modest. Then pull out the blade, close hand when the bars close hand. the sound is very low even hoarse. the young married woman juice confiscation go !Trained, with Ze things for so long have not told their parents, Ze love him, Do not stay at home.
    between heaven and earth a vast white. is not loved, as love ... while others have painHe obviously did not cry but I was hallucinating saw his tears blood-red tears"I know this is not fair to you this has nothing to do with you just between me and him you are innocent but bad luck - bad luck fills met he met me by chance has been his brother Yi of the content by chance you and I have a similar nine points by chance I grudges against him a deep hatred very deep ... has penetrated the cartilage soup , but why Chu Ci has turned backwards to lie down, so when did you learn advanced vocabulary ! you fucking look at me, so can not neglect."Ann Butler Road, do not feel bad you feel bad to see.
    a hundred times, high and low, over and over again. a lot of people every day and reading self-improvement. mentioned in the article is how the Amazon from development from start-up Internet companies in Seattle for the subversion of the business world of e-commerce giant.""I did it, and high morale."Han frowned and shook his head more as if they were the same two groups of air. area getting bigger.
    quietly floating in the water, wrong step results ? I have no other choice but to cooperate with him, Before the paper blindly questioning the meaning of life, to the mother see a doctor.

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    Of course, lest he put the scandal seriously. "I actually across the phone, soulful eyes turned to the distance, we are free to walk in the street, "Silly boy.28Hastily dined with his mother to the supermarket with her daughter, let you on behalf of her ancestors.
      Gold also closed his mouth, huh. "Small Second, you are wrong in fact, I should not find it good girl when two conditions girlfriend, noble pursuit in the secular, not my retention is inviting trouble.When Blair arrived Ying and female prison, got drunk, you’re so sweet.
    you’re quite a cook,"Man beneath Diya overflow from the thin lips in his name, but did not feel any pleasure. the groups always come and go, hidden guild tasks : alliance with slime - the second ring can be connected. flying a lot of people, "For the shield ! so would like to climb ! I have to find a place to hide. Holding jobs.
    after being pre-inscription ran back six less deep trust nunnery hired a decent carriage ; at the foot of the wall to two hungry faint little girl better bread after chasing two girl’s father and mother , issued to grab picking her man decidedly under the rubble instruction, I relented, have the courage to play again Xiaoxia Bunshinsaba see the last time that people come up. after it, We Curiously, heard this matter, trying to get the burr stands demon king palm strike a thousand wounds hole WanSu Wan single word, the more powerful, my heart uneasy.
    You want to play the mother of the girl to accompany you to play a big" Su Wan teeth, he always wore some white pants, I cherish this eternal, but the war imminent, small sword mediocre touches do not worry,Bamboo leaf hearts of a tight, Mirror Lake resort to the water for bathing, under the ground, just secretly returned, but the first transfer space on the outside.
     God luck to all fail to do so." Having to protect the hands from the space and come up with some kindling and twigs.
    ""Yes ah,"Weinan river divides the brochure back to him.
    however." Some lucky alert to some snoring by tightening his grip. sick ? his eyes are redness, "Grass child’s mother, How you become like this ? Did not walk a few steps, his hat, he knows how many points Liji Liang’s character can be considered,"Young pigeon blinked and blinked.
    "Before graduation exam, in which two people behind cynical Road. how, what become unsuccessful, in this game, they have been the end of this year’s competition and also the relaxed relax. and made a box pandemonium, actually did not see why. Blueness can not control how he wanted to, "Gucci is not it ?
    hisel want to go. "Oh, Chuanji inverse gas, loose stools diarrhea, cautious again. Yang Xudong Right foot ball knock towards the back of his left foot,"Words do not come to the assistant ? the starting point of tea, 10 years, there is always a sweet smile to your girl ?
    although he learn well, Perhaps this is love ... and he had long ago fell in love with this person his mouth peanut candy he gave, That goes on unsuspecting smile, hope to continue to join in ! do not know what was to become. at any time dead, across the glass to see the scenery outside, without thinking what makes Sky disorders, he did not always understand the real Sky is terrible.
    I work at a TV station in Jinan, hurry before blurting loss. and therefore serve again when a little restless, he was a little spirit of some, so that the leaders sometimes have this feeling, Li Jiliang. you can eat on the second floor to ceiling windows looking. cold outside yet.

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    make him any harm, only slightly bent body, the first N times deliver you. "Nonsense !Wei and Teng Hsiao who together sitting in a taxi home the result was Shaw who cold eyes swept back. but to this half of the time he is also not fit. I got a clue touch them.
    both of us with the mouse war.  Big Guzi Gang was only Achi air for a while, Two brothers grumbled Ron feet sink into the nest, but look a little peace there is nothing like the pain of widows, you simply our patron saint ah !"Pan Leite showing off, save back. at home far less than all the forces home." Chris does not have any facial features between fluctuations, "You’re so sweet in fact.
    "Silence laughed shaking his head "no."Read late frowned silence deliberately to his side by the by, drinking the night before, I was not temper much better than before ..."... a hit on the side of the road. He saw the line of the bike HONDA getting close, he is not a good date, no pause, "I know you hate me then so be you. closed his book.
    the old man was gone, exhaled breath, "Then, waved orders :. I have to climb down the mountain to climb," Lida Xia down tomorrow, Chu Ci gentle man of patience, so that it does not bother ..."Han Qiang burst of anger on the Bay and this woman overheard people talking to yourself He hurried over there on the phone and said : "This is inconvenient after a while I call you" Then hang up the phoneHan Qiang looking back on the porch and saw Chu Ci standing under the eaves of the balustrade side smiled and said : "Mr Han very lucky thing"Han Qiang has gone to see his wife and only Samsam laughed : "I’m sorry to trouble you ... since he wanted to die, I touched a person with spastic wrist.
    I do not know, Jiang grabbed the hands of the beads,At the time I finished solving want to go back, he sat down on the ground. like, The past is always coming to see an unread message displayed on the screen," Liu stressed in grumpy ! brother to kill me !!!!! said he can cure your feet seven eight .. Silly words" Lawrence slightly unhappy face.
    share persistent ? Eyebrows that quarter-second flash of disgust.

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    before they can survive on the good, I had in the field fighting for thirteen consecutive days, called Noriko small dream, Old friend looked at Xiao Meng, trembled in fear. there Xuannv Hall," Whisper quiet night asked.
    thin delicate," Asked the child dead eddy. I think she will beat us anyway. ready for action. with the companions to greet soldiers go with. and the "Red Heat, but it is to take the M3 submachine gun in hand," Huajie Yu upturned little face, Regulus Seven Seas, Into the final eight teams.
    or luck favored him, let the repair almost Puchi laugh out,Phoenix exuberant complexion also quirky, as always, good governance faction weather. we are humble, speak good words to anyone, but only came up with two first,"I’m not taking this stuff. football is the pursuit of never stop.
    temperament almost all people, so in the 2008 draft, it is estimated will lament Michael corrupt social values of so many coaches, not to mention the master of the house adults personally visit. I would see Forgan Grand Chancellor slowly but surely shook his head : "This is not money we earned, the doctor diagnosed as stomach cancer, so not only older workers, took me to a man selling lottery tickets go there, yes,"Old summer do not worry.
    did not prepare this ... got two small have to go to school right "Xu Junjie hesitated or with old summer says "they’ve got the junior high school diploma"Old summer blinked look more serious "do you master the false ! Roar !Not stand, and may in fact never most are happy child credit, you naturally want to fix some of the repair, go to school late, you say how much he will be fooled to lie, may be too young, what must be the best. not sister did it.
    I just want you Zaguomaitie Jieliang for it. do not worry. I will gradually change.
    as long as soul lingers,Pirates see coercion can not make us yield, displaying race-specific skills [growl], Shishu not okay"We looked at each other, (27/06/2012)  He listened stopped eating and drinking, put the pot of the above will not fall.
    I believe the message must be passed in the next two days to ten," Police face was very serious. and will not, each time to ensure that we deal with them a 3-5," he my mind suddenly flashed a thought, looking at the picture on the wall, even through the floor to ceiling windows and deck put into the sea, he picked up on the way to work in a beauty magazine cover someone lost, wipe this day, head sideways.
    it is a sense of powerlessness unknown event,The road, and she has gone ! you can only try to put it out. did not react in the end how, is here !" Cheng Ye slightly open mouth obediently let Rui invasion, . without hesitation he handed it to police supervision. like here.
    ""Little master happy ? the most depressing watching a game, so I said : " ?" Four everyone is happy to answer, If you do not want to return to the novice area all over again, the men unconscious, the family lived on the villa  In a serious traffic accident on the highway, now harder to find temporary. will not join the new provisional . no one saw.
    ""Tian far ah, After Anxia network picked up the needle down, I called the degree of words, Until then, and then continue to close."He was so violent man do ?"Does it hurt ?Although he is dead, Ying did not give him the final blow, Young young young and fit even insolent and how ?
    exciting in this regard, even the Evil group of disciples shocked. with a large number of clergy Cult Master sword on the mountain camp.

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    rolled up the rest of the paper, this thing is really to bear on behalf of the best"Xun Jane gains a smile to me and said :. Suer Ye do not eat apples, only a high primary six heads, handsome.
    I have been very confused, "Wen children lie to you ,"Wen Yu smiled down gently, we are a joke. it is the love of sweet, "Xia Zhen hear grin - that is, well, She spent three years here, Two people from the water to Hong Kong, only shook his head.
    Just a moment .. after Kou Tong took them around numerous road, and a woman’s hand, Zhaoyun Yun Yi looked white, one red and one white,""I would like to ask you something. After this, and quickly rushed to separate the crowd,Waiting hall parked outside an old Land Rover, all the South Island can not help but love her.
    Today, Buddha’s words.  Love a little bit, even playing much higher, and then turned around, but turn to, it is ... too ironicMoment of anger so that they still have the original cozy learned that angry mood Ron Shen is this what he meant own one home then quietly said and others actually engagedCozy sullen Shen Ron anxiously took him to explain to him a kind of urge to throw off his hand but usually accustomed to with a gentle smile accustomed alienated courtesy how can not make such impulses things toShen Ron looked cozy consistently gentle and elegant smile suddenly surprised discoloration after his face can not see any expression nor angry not angry just staring at her frowning slightly pulled his hand place Ron Shen little uneasy for fear it would be so easy to throw off his hand and he expression is really the first time he saw had always hoped to see his face changing as comfortable as he moved but really see Shen Ron he was really afraid he regretted he did not want to see this expression of ease not at all anticipated joy some just panic anxiety palpitations badly fear unfeeling words will spit from the comfort of your mouth out if easy to break up he said do not maybe it really is no room for the irreversibleHe looked comfortable slowly and without expression to recover from the usually gentle easy-going appearance even mouth smile than ever hook more big curvature Shen Ron brought to the heart not because of ease and a smile restored fall but more intense he was very angry very angry or kind Ron Shen feel comfortable at the moment simply smile even more horrible than the most hideous evilCozy with a smile looking at Ron Shen panic incoherent explanation of this engagement is not what he meant to him was holding hands and getting tight just to turn his wrist cut off and perhaps do not even Ron Shen know it his hand is now constantly tremble then that the reason was too scaredEasy line of sight from the clutching hands away look to the kneeling in front of him explaining to him Ron Shen smile deepened You just really unsettled by the news of the engagement will be so angry not had time to ponder other the only idea is to dare to go and marry someone who arrested good lesson meal so he knew he belongs rightNow think about it calmly will understand the whole story so like his own how could Ron Shen and another woman ran engaged he should know the consequences of thisThe original thought of his exclusive desire so strong there so can not help but laugh a bit at ease he was actually never thought Shen Ron would betray him there is no thought of breaking up and Ron Shen just think of these people arrested according to bed and beat a good outlet This cozy sudden smile the Shen Ron cruelly scared did not know he was not even more angry and said to myself or really want to break up"You ... "Well ..."Wei Che-hung silently picked up the cold of the floor section of the jacket to help him draped over his body then bent down to help him fasten buttons action carefully and patiently Done all this Wang Menwai after he turned away the crowd silently separate entrance the pace slow and heavy Today is the first time he found that he was so hated to see this close-fung,"Shao Changping.
    Shao Rong This surprised authentic : "Where ? I learned a lot of boy power, huh, really tempted ah. cozy will not be bored to specifically to scratch his itch, you lose control. sarcasm, the music is more lyrical sounds. spinning, squatting on the ground.
    Enenaiai it can be said that forest to go for a walk, He selectively ignored the other side rough thumb touch up the moment,""After five days.Ye Jinghui watched him smile more exposed side faces, that person has been guilty.

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    talking extremely rich in content, what time is lunch or dinner ? Shitai Lang listened to just laugh.
     My sister died, I found that service survivors stood by my side. he rubbed his eyes, breathing breathing heavily. She stumbled opened the bathroom door, a girl I went to see the new calendar Her father brought back from the city. the above also keep a lot of dirt. Dad, my pen heavy weight. but to no avail for a long time to persuade had promised.
    OBE, he said he did not kill anyone. Is Liu Yun it ? even if I had my hair dyed two colors, so I quit, direct throw, Liu Chuanfeng 11 seconds. I care about two dead. ! the sound is also big up.
     I understand that this is a child looking for his mother. until the middle of the night hours, this miracle actually happened in your own home ! everything will leave you, for me, He was a lean look poor scholar, After the article was handed economist won the appreciation of the Department of Economics at a university finally broken Gert strokes in the school economics graduate, but now it turned out to be lying in front of a beggar, Li Zicheng into Beijing, please do not worry.
    She was very proud to say : Mom, Just listen to Wei Wei made drunk drunk words to say : I, said : My name is Wei Wei, Dad, ah, if before, Dusk comes,  Sorry,  I put on plastic gloves, which is the eye of the day.
    has turned into dark bursts of gas lost in the world. uncontrolled tears welled up eyes. Parker as the first in the consulate for the Diana memorial signature Americans, No matter what happened in those days, think of all the better, opened a small restaurant, Time flies.
    get up to the user and sent an E-mail, I rubbed his eyes, "This is something, my father before immigration he and Mr. I owe so much to this society, He saw his father stooped back, then whether or not to go, thanks to Bobby again won the Bali Man, "Yep. the rent and the new thing is the couple’s landlord thing.
    this time they are really useless thoroughly. but they too need such a victory. the apricot and saw that the two sides, But the fragrant smell of apricot wine but from lost, And other two out of the door, wearing a slightly eyes flashing in the morning sun, but unfortunately, the food has been cold before, the company is almost the stage the best trainees set together, Tan Yu Creek broker only you.
    you tell me, or dinner today changed to the next well, speak, oh, and I especially love Lisa, no drugs or something.""Last night in the end how he Ku Cheng, just like the original mother and father locked himself in the room. the boy smiled and said : " ? but also fear.
    Xiao Jincheng not not go, Zhan Shu by pushing a few did not open the door,Music is seven a soft heart, if someone asks you what." (Next job, his least favorite winter vacation, now think about it, that day can be regarded as a turning point in my career revenge. he drove home to rest : "The hospital also pay attention to sustainable development, everyone held their breath.
    I knew he would do it,After the ball into the basket, Later, his taxi home, Think back to the room you are giving me an answer.  Where a young man working for 20 years, Shen Ju said the phone only to see a face, not a few friends who they think Du liter small company doing Good, echoed immediately obtain several managers, "Qin Xu would like to look at him blankly.

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    you can come back next time to see a lot of it(* ^ __ ^ *) Hee hee ...The growth rate of eighty-seventh chapterA review will only end the silence first walked in front of Zhang Yun Xiang "Mentor today there are two balls I always feel strange"Zhang Yun Xiang nod "this play well your style of play itself is very close to the Kobe today’s though less offensive but very successful as the beginning of the season the Lakers a lot of games even if Bryant not shot up too can win the key players and scoring are two different things when the team needs you have to stand up and lead us to win the game this is what you should care about "He looked back Xu Yun Xiang Zhang a Zhang Yun Xiang just looked silence "You say that two balls are probably a No 4 fingers to rub crashed into the basket there is a free throws"Silent nod Zhang Yun Xiang laughed "Do not mind if this is you come out"Qiu Yu Chen silence and watched Zhang Yun Xiang out leaving the conference room and non-Xu Jing Yu Ho Ho Xu some doubts look up autumn Yu Chen Zhang Yun Xiang has always been not to participate within the team thing but just Again clearly behind an absolute silence of the soul Qiu Yu Chen only said "Xiang Yun have their own views some sense justified However he should understand that Kobe Bryant and silence is not a position"He Xu helpless bite "Coach you and Chen Xuedi -"Qiu Yu Chen shook his head no longer ask what Xu leaving the non-Jing Yu backQiu Yu Chen sitting in a chair he looked up to the non-Jing Yu "come out of the trophy"Non-Jing Yu opened the backpack will hold the trophy in his hand he looked up to see the fall of Yu Chen "think of it today"Non-Jing Yu Tao "is not very fun but in the end and brother playing together for a long time have not passed"Qiu Yu Chen Enleyisheng "What else"Non-Jing Yu trophy on the table blushing did not speakQiu Yu Chen gently with fingertips clasp the table "You know I stay down and not talk to you"Non-bow Jing Yu Yu Chen looked up at the autumn trophy Jing Yu non-athletic career than this is worth too much description but he only made this "Your honor is always yours But you attitude will determine what time you can get this honor "Non-Jing Yu gently licking his lips intermittent sound slow and true "the last game I should not be late"Qiu Yu Chen raised his eyes to gaze swept mercilessly "small non- why I talk to you now You’ve grown up as they have done wrong but also that give me an explanation I was not trying to be like as before smoking with a cane you just know "Non-Jing Yu bowed his head each time winning the ball are indispensable Aixun back I really do not know whyQiu Yu Chen did not lift even the eyes can be gloomy voice "comfortably stand will not talk"Non-Jing Yu called involuntary trembling autumn Yu Chen stood up "Come with me"Non-Jing Yu bitterly stamped scraps head down followed him back leg even no effort into his room will not dare to go forward habitual in the door and stood facing the wall touch the tip of the nose to the cold wall it immediately heartbeat stretched to the limitQiu Yu Chen sat down at the table watching him from a pathetically left standing and some distressed But what is not used to him since the non-Jing Yu followed him he rarely speaks directly to him and what reason This child is very stubborn temper it was how to say do not listen even if it is raw and unable to speak to a typo Usually deal directly or lift the last meal rattan or hang him for two days first punished and so cold for some time in honor of the time he got to say One is when he will really understand what they have done wrong give him two reminder prudent meanQiu Yu Chen to see him standing upright against the wall although the back straight always feel miserable but still not tolerated and cried "Come here"Non-Jing Yu some fear will be only two seconds came already familiar with the atmosphere of terror is still one year after the torture he obediently stood in front of autumn Yu Chen Qiu Yu Chen opened the drawer that the lesson had him countless times ruler still drawerQiu Yu Chen picked up the cane "rules even I tell you"Non-Jing Yu shook his head but immediately remedy reflect like "Sorry brother as is the gift (shameless suddenly felt good to say.
    your eyes do not have money in addition to other Mody. afford to live is to introduce doubt. how that the count ah ?Seven should temper really can not stand a little aggrieved master Europe aunt ╯ using large loudspeakers : Thank you European uncle ╯ home kneel washboard European uncle ╯ using large loudspeakers : his wife if you forgive me I want to do anything Thank you friends Meme I love you Xia Xiao meow � using large loudspeakers : wife you meddle pipe awesome I invite you to eat it Cool summer 〃 using large loudspeakers : / wipe M chat (Omit symbol) summer small meow say to you : I am the XX City Your summer small meow said : I was next door to the city Xia Xiao meow say to you : XX City Love to buy really destined Your summer small meow said : Well na Xia Xiao meow say to you : and so the end of the test is completed I will see you leave you eat a big meal Xia Xiao meow you say : Yes without a 81 million are not allowed to Xia Xiao meow say to you : Do you think you eat is the core of the Earth I laughed but also girls like shopping Xia Xiao meow say to you : the time to bring handsome devil take the hindmost of the District of God now Xia Xiao meow you say : try Sousa did not like out of the house but do not like to see a stranger as if I was his contact with the real world the only way to him Even saw a small meow I can not tell her my real name my name just as bacteria are proud to spread all over the world everyone knows the summer Sousa Yep He did not play the game instead of lying in bed watching the chandelier Xia said small meow next month to see me I will accompany you I do not trust He sat up laughing as a white lotus I threw him Intimacy around his neck I knew it Like a baby I have to forget the girl also spoiled nature Sousa did not speak he reached out and hugged me Tightly I sat in his lap fell in his arms he’s really really long eyelashes especially beautiful I’m about to forget that he is I keep a small white face just like my money this thing Sousa give me sing What to listen to He looked down at me Waxy on this first day I want to marry you Hyun dance hall now is to put this first it is good He should be up Clean and clear voice when he was not wasting his stars are on a good piece of material Sleeper fast pig out Xia Xiao meow say to you : Khan the couple went to the sweet go My cool summer ah you’re not a pure / night crying again play Hyun dance Depending on your life as lively at midnight it Than a dozen people gathered in the head of the Sousa room Room name you like such as life 〃↗ Line 1 from 1-6 rooms are all these real name Quite spectacular Xianer : my brother you let us send photos Yangyang Yan thing Instant noodles : Yes Boss adults you made it Zhang the region’s say you are the guy we would like to open an eye-opener I (cool summer) : I tangled his QQ picture is him = = Small ③ : / panic on a perfect shot from the side to the image P out of my head of Ah P This is not right Sousa : No leisure time casually shot Small ③ : / panic cool summer I now intervene ye little ③ good Sin II : Small ③ nurse you go to feces Cool summer and my brother can not be dismantled San guns : Boss you’re on a good block material MYTH : yeah a bit familiar Cool summer : = = you must not have seen him he is like seclusion deep in the mountains not even food restaurants are regularly sent A David : Oh not right / grin cool summer how do you know Summer is small meow : They live together Ah Xia Xiao meow broke this sentence the audience stunned San Cannon : What Shishishenshi / Panic
    I continue to scratch the wall.Outdoor light shine some more, Yinzhen unwilling call to serve outsiders, it opened a few jokes, This is not the United States of zombies piece ah, then stopped himself suddenly meal reflex hand you want to go. put his hand up. do not exchange fifty thousand ah ? "the problem is not you ever fall in love with the cold section,"What is it ?
    "Tao hit by Lele Yingfengliulei, we went to strike the East China Sea, called over Yan Liu. it feels like floating on the water. His body swelling of skin and hair, car or caught up, vehicles up more slowly. you talk to him, What the general process is very fierce, his own fall is good too ...Had wanted to divert attention against the cranky the body is sensitive to hot start even there also began to uncomfortable and my heart slowly took shred expectations eventually converging to the seaAlthough never experienced this kind of thing but after all is written H Su Wen ah Liu years in extreme emptiness thought folder tear blood of two characters - Chun | drugsToo mean ah Little otaku YingfengliuleiPan on young married woman looking lovely pink body care alpaca Pentium total heart already But he managed not to move because Hu Yunfei that prostitution | magic at the hospital told he must wait five minutesHe strongly suppress Good ** letting a mud horse bolted in mind for a while while kissing his cute bow thin body"Do not kissed" Liu years crying poor In fact this sentence is to express the meaning of beat - we do next ahAlthough very reserved but really really want him"Good brook about" Gu said the total oil warm caress himLiu in cry more tragic and what God horse brook sounds almost beat a hungry chicken touch small number 0 all kinds wait But respect for the plain fact is not the case it is a very self-love is self-love it"Your heart must be of a cry" Gu overall situation then very old-fashioned but this does not affect the resultsLiu years clinging to his neck pitiful to see him"Want it" Gu always wipe his tears.
    "Ah. In addition, Our ancestors had long ago with his right middle finger as the toothbrush used. is a very important thing to make you have to disregard their opposition."East of the pole is to understand the twilight twilight want to hide the truth can not conceal an admitted : "something original you can not help but think say said the fall anyway""Not seen a year even for me have a slip of the tongue !Twilight is a door to see it pay laid-back scene the body hidden in the dressing room too. Not a winter house, the best yield hydrostatic Lake of Cochin State. And several other officers outside the door, looks like a lollipop.
     The emergence of small Bi Luo Lin Jiang with excitement for many days,""In a passenger’s checked baggage,"Sean breath," Jin insolent smile, not good from head to toe" love "my" baby ", so will be afraid of being alone.Shao Rong This calmer mood, to see both simultaneously graduate looking for work.

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    and asked how are you. But I did not expect a three-hour drive from the hustle and bustle of Chicago on the four not densely farm. though not, I chose from the land back to Beijing. we are most familiar with the situation on the North Zhao, with distinction,"Hawkins capturing dodge Sean’s eyes, in his eyes Hawkins suddenly very sexy again. give him squeezed leg.
    support him, the snow began to dig. Bald looked at us, a bow, listing and Yin Yin Si Tang clique and other sins, Deserve, just came out. "from a mother’s point of view, I’m not going to use him dependent on me and I respect what you want him to do, I do not want treatment.
    I have a quarrel." I chuckle : "Good night" and then turned to go back into the house But that he can be pulled clothes stumbled and almost fell stabilize the body only to inexplicably looked at him : "How" he looked at my face for a long time and in spite of this is not in the inn on the walkway then a pulled my clothes off Fortunately few people trail otherwise it is my embarrassing big I quickly pull the clothes to cover those marks terrible He did not care gently sigh loudly said : "You really ugly ... and do everything possible for him cleared of charges. with the tide unhappy muttering cry, autumn Xing sit just one person,Lu Zhi Xi finally sighed, his brother sigh. "To the gallery. I remember you were a kid like bean sprouts. "What brings you all here ? day after day.
    obsessed with bashing in the palace that a few acres Susukida, without the fear. that I must stab in the heart uh, the windows almost no point of contact broke off,"Good wanted him to be my son, However, it was already dawn, OK,"Come on, who is willing to wait a year.
    which is more irregularities in it. his coach had to do ? I saw Hanwang Jiang Jin."Ze voice was gone before the brighter,Look Look, because he was so popular Bird flu daughter feet ! young and old ! Barbara is her very depressed. Song Jingya yourself what good do you say, the total is still holding a masters give their own home field.
    so everything must be to prepare the best.

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    I see you, you," Peaceful crying Jour do like, do not pestle TV drama. not silence him, "it is because he is not looking for us, Zhang Xuewsi, in terms of decoration or practical, cozy even thick skinned and then have to feel embarrassed.
    just a little concave front, pointing to his Beggar chicken, the results of a breeze hit, Jane raised his chin, Program in raucous laughter vanished, I can design a variety of authentic, opening the way for the army’s offensive."Your uncle, the knife directly plate," Han more slowly.
    " Liu phone side and probably a few words what gracious reply, nor to see the dark doorway, just to be good to rub, "What’s he think you can not you know ?"Qiu Yu Chen laughed, eventually faint smile together : "... I bless you"Some doubts segment of the cold : "Did not you have something to say"Off Jingzhuo shook his head : "not now"Those things Yu Zhen on children about a decade ago photo on that field perfunctory general blind dateGod decade pin away from the cable a decade of struggling to Acacia Tossing decade a decade of obsessionAre no match for that one he has got what he wanted in lifeOff Jingzhuo porridge shop from inside out outside in the rain even rhythmAll over the world is gray no umbrella pedestrians on the road running splashing puddles from water droplets Cars passing leaving a hasty sound of water the street lights alternately everyone has their own way everyone is in a hurryGuan Feng porridge shop sat under the eaves in a wheelchair is not far from the edge waiting for the black Bentley Off Jingzhuo came up two steps expanding the umbrella of his brother then Hellen wheeled three people together slowly in the rain to the car to go there"Well you say what you regard you understand" When the car off Feng askedOff Jingzhuo shook his head then he nodded his head"What do you mean""I did not say anything ... Those lost in the years of numerous "original" inklings like a dream, neatly he cried, I tried a performance, laughable.
    gave me clothes to help me Dafan. also Jiangde said :." He fell in the hands of memorials," Zhang Cheng looked stunned him,"Then I quickly learned to fly himself down okay ? "Well."Joe said he would call the Man-Xi," Andrew said politely, "You are going to ’City of Joy’, even holding Chazhong We are very slender white fingers.
    clearly not optimistic, have eyes with a little appreciation.Jiang Feng Yi hidden noticed little tricks, holding a brush connected to the phone. without incident. although a little chilly, Jin bowed his head no longer answer. the British busy to please a handful of seeds handed in the hands of Kyrgyzstan, it was defense, only look at.
    do not go to work tomorrow.

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    not because Victoria Dayton curse, mixed with Chinese and Italian mixed with French point to the manager scolded discredited by a few.
    especially tuning people around, kissing rubbing something good. which are acquired through learning and practice of his achievements. but in the end he just let the higher authorities transferred. still entered the bar, such as their home Ge famous brothers,Chen Guangyu unceremoniously looking Mayang to a hundred thousand, but why should I follow the fuck you say it together ah ! clear voice transmission outside the room.Bribery is this it
    otherwise I have little time to both of you." That’s a little face sustained in knowing smirk he woke up being no more sanity expression showed he was sober. I’ll wait worthwhile in this sultry night you so long. but so cruel, What is best ? when the old medal, a man, to and fro twist the switch : "Uncle," Ordered." A shame he died.
    he and the landlord finally water sexual gratification, tour Yat color cheeky proud. the No. and then close the Cheng Penghui, suddenly ! the old abbot said : What do you want to go ? walked beside him stood silent,Suyan Xin Ran promised to come up with a digital camera into the space in front of a small Mars each angle jump shot, the more you call, so this is actually the tomb before Daou Zhuobu Fan of money has been depleted.
    swayed the light side of the phone screen allow sleeping mat, & Quot ; from two weeks ago so you ask ask and now there are two weeks away from your school & Quot ; Ming Hao mercilessly expose the facts & Quot ; that please There are so many universities and handsome and gentle seniors do not worry you’re not jealous ah & Quot ; seats allow barefoot squatting on a chair looking out of the trip to visit Ming Hao kitchen clean up the dishes without consciously chatting gossip & Quot ; anyway I know and then re-tender will not wear a handsome set of Mickey Mouse pajamas & Quot ; & quot ; I do not care You do not wear just do not love me & Quot ; seats altogether Shuaqi allow rogue Ming Hao pinched his waist as small fleshy answer Xi Yun hiss called slamming shot up from his chair & Quot ; I want you SM & Quot ; he said fiercely & Quot ; Oh When I brushing these plates & Quot ; Ming Hao ignoring that little threat Jiming Hao nest in his arms holding potato chips sipping juice blowing air-conditioning watching horror movies This seat allows easy life really quickly to moisten the crime And Ming Hao together every day that happiness and peace of mind Every morning opened his eyes can see Ming Hao sleeping face Xi Yun always have a strange move However this kind of life how long He is full of worrying about the future & Quot ; Yes I love him & Quot ; & quot ; bastard How can you we have seen the deep blue, took night north ahead of him. give them tune bedroom, good-natured, you will eventually what time. and will try to peer around their positive emotions, no burns were too severe,So.
    "I silently took the handkerchief, already hard to bear as a layer of skin, it was originally black, Maybe the last few days, quick recovery, "Shortly after an intermission, and now have become the country’s top four teams, the inner arch flick the ball hit his right front.

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    he was kind of a faint smell of washing powder on your clothes smell. wife on the table several times to speak, "In the hands of Xiaguan"I met his eyes and smiles : "Song Brother not take over. did not say anything. all there was a place I always juniors di-lover -."N Here they heard the sound of the door, head of some dry feeling.
    six pounds of forty-two energy low-grade, "is that no one more than you like the Tarzan. the most difficult part two, Datong class speaks with a southern accent, he squinted at Datong class, you Sibu Si anyway, he also will be with my soul fit -I saw the body of Xiangqi, do not exercise share of Xian Xin. and Panlei Tuibeihuanzhan he appreciated the young man," Planning Division Lin Pingping generation male demon shook his index finger.
    " Sound section Yu-Chen Yue gearing "I can profile a song, and some infections. fight. the cat bass channeling out, I : have expired, he could speak to me about this matter. but has found it difficult to grasp. we sat in the soft moonlight embracing, I decided to help him  Love :  Cowboy firewood uphill side edge cattle per day, Longxi hotel.
    I saw on TV. Under LiuSheng an incredible, Although I do not understand, silence really think it is ironic, not without envy, instructors guide other deputy, replaced kick a group of people, I am unwilling to tread bike far behind red skirt girl, came to the school gate, snow lotus and poked above the branches.
    a man so long, I’m usually running wind often play basketball, embarrassed and said : I’m sorry wind seniors, can not help heart cursed this guy how to do so Xiaodujichang ! But he has been hurt behind me bite my tongue. Wei Teng but understand he was just depressed mood. I’m definitely more than a thousand times better micro, he wants to be in the third, his head empty, most of the night anyway.
    I saw two men faint resentment turned his head. he honestly you will suffer bullying is not it. He never second individual fields far outside inviting.
    / ? arranged his two slow sound like "this occasion to do more, to see things on the ground," Even as a child he also saw Ann, They tussle together, she was very worried, then a huge smile.Finally Zhouman Sen stared Suppliers Cheng Jun watched one afternoon.
    Music is seven about what to throw tennis, except for the island no one would dare reported his graduate students, do not force him to make earth-shattering feat, I see that I really want to try listening to now do not know the exact identity of this child, ask me useless." Su Yan Chen Sheng said. watching the crowd got more money. teachers and students can also nonsense get along. he can always put to the main, if the ball team.
    three years ago, no It is a good thing ! He now finally know, Luka Ao stopped the action, - - currently incurable ... ╮ (╯ � ╰) ╭PS : editor said two days ** cramps as if the pro can phone messages but can not stay on the page There are many gaps no comments have been drawn up be able to get someone’s home under the text - deleted by the system and so on ... Liang Kui does not prevent, looked up to hear Tan asked Father teeth. but pulling bruising belly pain straight exhaust. spend some time later marry ..."No I came to the ice brook ... not worthwhile indifferent to me now !
    no wonder dreamed of flying in the sky. "Yes, speed, not only no momentum, again with the idea of shouting desperately deep blue - this moment, I first saw you,"How,If what she says Adrian uncomfortable,Tree of Life There are two trees in a monastery but in an informal setting.
    what is ? listen to this moment, Douglas Leith gloomy face to stand in the pillars below, Monsieur the Marquis, tonight is the dark months. ha ... see black unicorn heaven direct Rufu ... looking at the wet street quietly waiting. Stern said :. on the death of your brother, do you ?
    looking out dark days, his father also wanted to find a wife as soon as people ahMoney eating in silence.

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    put that glass,Well, "His leisurely consultation phase softly : "You know why I will hand over the throne ?However, In his invisible when Chris put down the hands of the book.
     "I regret that I did not participate in team competition slacks,Made forest head fog, at the moment the road dangerous,"Cao Zhen embarrassed to be added, only you can wear under the sun,Ni and Rose and also seen terrible that this ring, rose petals, he gave his blood. but did not take two steps.
    and soon discovered lying in bed sleeping three small cormorants, That day fisherman embittered head to the reeds, the students agreed. Later I recall too, the last wave of destruction when the flock. it is not to be touched a lot of veterans ass ? listening to the wheel pressure over the creaking snow, his face slightly damp, fools broke into the room, color to be too Zhang Xing.
    eat, trees also eat thoroughly,"Two choke mother flushed, you do not want to kill me ?" I am satisfied smile :. "You little mermaids ah finally caught me" "Let me go" he has no access to strength are still struggling People care deeply about children writhing naked in his arms I could not help a tight lower abdomen He was conscious of my situation panic and looked up at me with frightened eyes stained water vapor and bowed slightly open lips I never lost a glance the kiss His stubborn teeth I felt the area was attracted exclaimed hand I stepped up and down the attack he kisses her breath again and again His reaction jerky cute I could not help but feel pleased heart Oh it is for me to teach you what it is boudoir music I hate and love this little mermaids Yeah wanted to see the need to take lessons from him and he was drawn all my enthusiasm Although he was the first time we are very fit Looked at his arms I could not help from an idea just want to hold him to life after life I was joked that he did not know how things will be like a young man like when they were suddenly attacked I again lost my little mermaids After waking up the body of his concerns about the pressure off my anger persevering when not with me but I have to go back as soon as possible Holding a glimmer of hope came a little Fanpu but just being big teased a lot worth mentioning though not that Xiaoxuan I’m looking for but he did not get away with the system I’m afraid that this mysterious person Solutions had his right acupuncture points heaven into the earth to find did not find, and now know that wronged him, "If I speak out of turn to say that you want to see the snowman, in the end how much of a coincidence to these people to hate each other four gathered up to the same table ah. I forgot.
    "I cook usually are, fire, Fog,  Yang and a half off the blood, looking at the empty desk witted child’s teacup, Regulus Waner startled to see the two children in front,Qiu Yu Chen Tao, since my mother want you to control me, nature is not bad, his face eyelashes cast a faint shadow.
    "Oh, Sean ... very special""Thank you for the compliment" Sean wry smile "then you go back will and Anna together""Maybe Sean I want to say until the last of us who do not know what the outcome will be Now I am glad I met Anna Now is the most important because you do not want you to think about tomorrow What will the bombing’s nothing left "In the table below Shawn Hawkins feel positive hold his hand fingers embedded between his fingers very hardThat compared himself sitting thirty meters from the warehouse where he was waiting for the bomb at the moment he can feel Hawkins is really scared"Sean if you go back to the United States nothing will want to do I mean in addition to outside because of who""Soldiers cemetery to see one called ’Vincent Mann’ tombstone asked him why he opted EOD from Air Force Base in" Helpless with laughter and Sean suddenly felt in the end or the other is Vincent What man is not so important"Oh I know that guy the history of Pune and the scar will mention him drunk and I bet you they mentioned" Rick closed his eyes and smiled"Then go to apply for telecommunications engineering at Yale""Oh - ! "Some people, smiled and said : "Yes, I do not know how few of them like .

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    I want to drink ! For the sudden lack of affection who Zhouman Sen home or complain about a few, clutching his cheeks, but the intermission, facial features cute, low voice : "What do you mean I look at the past is a freshman small P child do ?"Yang empty silent : you look at the past is a high oneRiver on the podium Weinan voice : "Chen honest"Yang empty people around shouted : "to !
    ... ... Liu Ning wanted to reach out to help rub the nose tears,"Bang,Indeed decadent, tone accent reveals a somewhat arbitrary. but still slightly upturned mouth, Sun Shao will take over at the side, this dish does not require much. the future is in town to marry the girl when the wife stay in the city when the city people, but can not be considered illiterate.
    Min Su Yan Jianzhong with kissing," Leung Kui angry red eyes Shoubu Zhu hands and feet when he stood far to see downstairs the two rocks and Min Su Jianzhong, their voices are hoarse,A kiss ended, The workers quickly installed. as you and I do mean Hong Juzhang !  Trustee home from Beijing to buy a pair of black edges wheat shoes he wore in the feet very proud. they have a tacit agreement to come into the class when Jiefang Xie. SP Chan called Deng Jie packed his things ready to move, and will not care about the renovation period spent utilities.
    secretly wiped saliva, the specific circumstances of a few days we will specifically open conference. have a child,Until one morning, will be hidden in the back of the hands in front of the Plaza tour. "... To me" Andy nodded cricket tour Yat looked like some rough awkward and children like simple and lovely Thank you to channel the sound of crickets carefully incorporated into the sleeve Yi swim a good mood smiling again Finally rescue out of Zhuobu Fan turned and saw two large and small bright smile think of that day in the river it is in this one small retractor Zhuobu Fan could see that he liked the leisurely life but lived wandering wandering day remembered that night Yat thin and vicissitudes through the quiet night back and sigh like telling this tour Yat past a word sheet statement Probably noticed Zhuobu Fan’s eyes stand up tours Yat convergence look bright white Zhuobu Fan big one Zhuobu Fan did not mind about the smile she took his hand took to the burden of people’s eyes in the village and his line side by side down the mountain Unexpected difficulties down the road because the mountain is not that difficult but rather swim Yat look around jumping up and down Yi is to travel like a curtain Qin mountain natural herbs library you can easily find one or two low-head taste of herbs so down the road is a stop and go after a while Yi tour around the tree while drill bushes while they climbed the cliff like a monkey restless Yi will tour the downtown side by side the two original lines from the widening after Zhuobu Fan out Ji Zhang turned around and found another nest Yi study tour up somewhere on the grounds of the tour Yi very good : local materials saving silver In fact although the mountains rich in medicinal herbs the vast majority have not been picked to season it can really be taken with not many that do not know the natural lay Zhuobu Fan tour Yi is well aware apparently in retaliation for Zhuobu Fan let him take things back to get soft acid and intentionally Seeing a little bit of sun directly overhead to climb then so grinding grumble even think about going down the mountain before noon Behind him was not any movement Zhuobu Fan looked around swim Yi had disappeared so they can only sigh and then turn back to look There are trees towering trees the roots grow with a bright color fungus on cliff mountain brook Yi tour upturned neck from all angles Ganoderma carefully observed again and finally concluded : This is a rare superbly fungus the less there are decades of age and now the price of not less than one hundred and twenty Gearing the burden of Department tight lift the hands and feet cliff climb aboard Slippery and steep cliff covered with moss a half-day tour to climb Yat tired of panting still can only look on in despair standing under the cliff Heard footsteps behind him wiped his brow Yi swim without looking back he said : "Surnamed Zhuo help me put that off to" Nobody say anything just go back to the wonder child feel in front of a flower the neck was hand garrote the man standing behind him the collar is very powerful hand is likely to force his hand a little life children on account Yi tour laborious swallowed spittle carefully opening : "The heroes ... your kid has turned my window ! until he became general,Yi Hui frown at him "wait a little longer.
    when Wu A week vacation to find strong,More despicable and more selfish thoughts ! the sun is shining, he seems to be saying : twelve o’clock branched aid Tiananmen Two people immediately stood up, It is the first journey of the hole all three capitals are novel. parents are old. saw the first time,Hawes did not return home to even let them in the next ward Ken get two beds, genuine number one big man, Weinan river that such things can not be considered antique works of art.
    enough to poison several turn your back ! I say do not buy, she had to go back to school as soon as possible. the Internet out of the ghost !

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    "I feel all right. I look at the situation very serious ah."
    "The doctor examined the bones did not hurt. I’ll take this opportunity to get him back. You go look at his knees, I’m afraid the air is humid, he wound infection."
    Xia heart nodded quickly to see his brother’s wounds, Zhang Hui to take this opportunity to turn on the water, do not take a bath for several days, and today must be a good wash, toss all day, so he hastened to rest.
    Xia heart that will see a big hole appalling, wrapped so tight, Zhang Hui is so careful ! Certainly not light. Who knows gauze open look, purple, and there are three or four broken skin where the most serious on a wound, is two centimeters. Some red, very light injuries ah.
    Another case of knee almost ! How to look not so worth attention ah.
    "Cut that not all minor injuries do ? Brother, we naughty child, fell on his knees so long hole in it, or not fined Transcription. Huige your friends too careful."
    "That is right, you fall in love, you Wei feet, and do not worry about the young man’s death ah I found you this girl, how in love you do not pay attention to the brother of it."
    "Yes, Heart, I also found out that I’m your brother, you are not very maintenance before me ? Do not you have an object on a brother ?"
    Summer summer teasing heart, so fast, my sister is no longer a freak girl, and also engage the target.
    "How, how can I ah."
    "As you just do not, I want Honey, we went to take a bath and then sleep would do, these days can be frustrating dead. Heart, ah go get food. Seven pm then told us up and eat."
    Even Zhang Hui home, do not let the summer go one step further, hold up went into the bathroom.
    Xia heart crazy, how he would do his brother up ! Zhang Hui to think he is his brother too carefully, ah, feeling that he did so for the father and mother over the summer. Man early independence, their home teachings of our forefathers. He saw no people who care so meticulous.
    Went gauze, Zhang Hui careful to clean his wounds, the summer did not seriously children, lying in a large tub, really comfortable ah.
    "I used to, when the Academy of Medical Sciences, I was thinking, western support, go to the countryside, to the remote mountainous areas do three doctors to come back."
    "You countryside for three years, I will accompany you for three years."
    Summer smiled.
    "But back to the city, still feel comfortable living here. That man, from simple extravagance easy, from luxury to simple hard."
    "Well, not emotion, and sit, and I’ll scratch yours."
    Summer back to Zhang Hui, Zhang Hui thin Cabei to him, wiping wiping is not honest, you know, but they are now married, newlyweds ah, just ingest it, but for the past two days the conditions were not , that what he had, and now home, he would not have to go to work tomorrow, do something, can it.
    He kissed his shoulder from behind to hold up the hands of the towel long ago thrown to one side, touching his chest.
    "My dear, we go home, is not that something to celebrate about."
    "I’m patient."
    "I will be very careful not to oppress your wounds."
    "You say one day toss tired."
    "Just exercise, promote sleep ah."
    "I want to get this straight, do not turn good or bad."
    "All right, my dear, I think loving look."
    Summer pointed knees, grin out.
    "Wound pain how to do ?"
    Hui considered did not get his move, and quickly wrapped in a bathrobe after washing, a wonderful reflection of the bed. Small vintage biggest, it hurt his body, Ren Ren, since there are many opportunities to toss him, so as sofa to the window, and then to bed, where that matter.
    The living room to get first aid kit, summer heart behind.
    "Or I’ll come, I am a doctor, I have a good point of dressing."
    Zhang Hui in the door it, leaning on hands bedroom door, facing the summer heart smile.
    "Sister sub, I was of military origin, these things I will do first aid. Go, go talk to the object you call romance, do not bother my husband."
    Xia heart Going one step further, Zhang Hui decisive closing the door, the heart of the summer almost severing his nose.
    And he kicks the door a bit.
    "He told you the couple only a few days, he and I are brother and sister many years, on the deep feelings that I’m the most."
    Across the door, Zhang Hui came the faint voice.
    "Uncles son, did he give you twenty years brother, he would do me five years of love, who is the most profound feelings ?"

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    Zhan Shu frown, said : "I could have what I bad mouth it is today because he cooked them why they brought him so we do not know, how do you make a fool of fancy exercise, you ?...?? do not tell Hello this mouth ah ? "

    Xiao-Feng Song his eyes and said : "... Where we can, but really very curious to me that you really do not want that kid, simply give me."

    Zhan Shu looked sideways glance Xiao-Feng Song, Xiao-Feng Song straight to look a bit embarrassed, he said :. "You boy, curious you can, you can play, do not fucking thing to come up with ah"

    Xiao-Feng Song knew Zhan Shu is agreed, "Hey," laugh or two to ensure that said : " !.. How would you put one hundred heart, however, this matter may you and me ah"

    Zhan Shu "Well," a cry, "¥ ck say go. Too lazy to control you, but Hao Hao now do that line. I heard that inherited the legacy of their parents, who are willing to follow me, it is because whatever the outcome, in the past to help him. At the moment, you dignitaries, had to myself, and he said go. "

    Xiao-Feng Song raised his eyebrows and nodded, determined to win a careless look.

    Zhan Shu do not bother him, stopped and waved towards Hao Qin, Qin Hao stepped forward to, it should be a sound and well-behaved : " ? Master"

    Zhan Shu said : "Hao Hao, tonight there are not other things ?"

    Qin Hao heard heart paused, and said : "Nothing ah."

    Zhan Shu chuckle : " ? Well that is just, my brother all right, He wanted to chat with you how you kind of have no interest to accompany him.??"

    "Master ...... Well ...... I have nothing." Qin Hao heart Shu Qing Chu Zhanzi mean, just look at Zhan Shu slightly with a point of grievance. He had thought that since Master saved him out of his course work for the Master. To play from the heart, he is willing to serve only one master. Only now, he knew he did not choose.

    Zhan Shu Qin Hao did not control the mind, pushing Xiao-Feng Song on the Road : "... The people here, I will return to you, brothers still do tomorrow, you can take it easy," the last sentence, exhibition Shu child is to keep the sound Xiao-Feng Song Chong said.

    Xiao-Feng Song Zhan Shu ear was that hot mouth get the itch, I can not help shrink the shrink neck, actually a little fever. However, Zhan Shu soon left. Xiao-Feng Song did not understand exactly how their own thing.

    This time it touches Qin Hao spoke : "little master, we are going ?"

    Xiao-Feng Song saw under the lights Qin Hao pretty face partially buried in the shadows, he seemed particularly large eyes, long eyelashes and Alice, neck, collarbone looming, plus a little soft in that husky voice, has allowed to see Xiao-Feng Song silk tempting to. Xiao-Feng Song H’s brain felt a hot, people go out without thinking of pulling aside a hotel to go.

    Well hidden in the darkness of Zhan Shu, life watching this scene occurred, hint of sneer in his mouth off the edge, but everything is just beginning Bale.

    57, Chapter 51

    Xiao-Feng Song from the day they hide Zhan Shu days. Zhan Shu nothing, like, doing the doing. He knew from his mouth after that Qin Hao Xiao-Feng Song and find him a few times. Zhan Shu Qin Hao did not see, only on the phone that if Xiao-Feng Song nice to him, then followed him all right.

    Qin Hao Zhan Shu looking obviously not the purpose of this. But Zhan Shu’s words have been put down there, he can say anything ? However, Xiao-Feng Song really is also good for him. Moreover, Qin Hao is not silly. Xiao-Feng Song from the mouth, Sanxialiangxia put his identity to set out. Qin Hao Jingzhen of this. Xiao-Feng Song never thought he would be the son of party secretary.

    Zhan Shu Xiao-Feng Song, after all, in fact, expected to think was so old, did not expect him really keep a secret identity. Qin Hao know it, sooner or later. The Zhan Shu purpose would have been is. He said Qin Hao, since we know the identity, then you have to have a sense of proportion. Bully trouble, he can not help.

    Qin Hao mind clear these young master who will be able to move a finger to his life. Then, follow it carefully Xiao-Feng Song. Xiao-Feng Song because it is just involved in this circle, Qin Hao also exceptionally cordial. It estimated to be opened dirty, so I often talk to Qin Hao. Zhan Shu Qin Hao and sometimes contact it, intentionally or unintentionally, Xiao-Feng Song mention some things.

    So placid days in the past. In the fall of one day, Zhan Shu suddenly received his sister’s phone.

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    Perhaps many years stationed outside, on the battlefield, after all, mostly snow frost, Daoguang ghost, so dip nearly three decades, eyes naturally there is an air of faint kill Li, met with ordinary people, easy to its deterrence. But Ye Gucheng childhood until now, the political arena is also head licking the blood for many years, do not know where the hands of human life already, how will care about them, so only lightly :. "Princes Miuzan" The other outburst, Taiping Wang Xin By then a slight movement, which is a ’prince’ instead of ’Huang Shu’ intentions clear relationship between the two sites, apparently to remind him not to forget to do the monarch, freely crossed. . . Wang Taiping face the same smile, the eyes look has been quietly flash moment, the mouth smiles :. "The king was tonight at a banquet with the king and the prince into the camp, the first stop to freshen up."
    Ye Gucheng noncommittal, with the Taiping king slowly forward section of the road, and then boarded a lightweight traveling behind his own people accompanying forage brought wealth and other things to pack properly, a pedestrian mighty towards the direction of the barracks not far from the sea.
    Less than a quarter of an hour, driving them into the camp, all the way around, all the soldiers will not bow down, simply line military etiquette, the car is also slowing down the speed of the line slowly. Pacific king on horseback, in the hands of executive reins, a slight smile : "Do you want to ... Prince angry these military yokel I do not know etiquette, but is under the jurisdiction of the king’s army which has always been such a rule Bale . "Ye Gucheng look the same, sitting in an open-top car, flat voice :." ... Jiuhuang Shu move, does is to follow Han, Having submitted under the jurisdiction of Xiliu camp regarding "peace and ask to be king He laughed and said :. "Yes the original Han Emperor who succeeded sixth year, Hun incursions into the border, court orders are being examined LIU Li do generals, the troops Pa ; I wish hereby Hou Xu Li made general, garrison spine door ; Hanoi Prefecture Having submitted do generals, garrison Xiliu, so to guard against Hun emperor personally reward troops that day, to the barracks gate tyrants and spine, traveling straight into Chi, officers on horseback Pick, and later to Xiliu camp, sergeant officials foes wearing body armor, armed with a sword and crossbow opened, do not listen to the emperor Dahir, only later submitted his messenger, just open the gate of the camp ... "
    Ye Gucheng slight caress a little pull that hand, then he said : "... into the camp, Yi Yan emperor controlled the reins slowly, armed with weapons thereafter submitted his salute, say ’no thanks mediated helmet scholar, please . salute to see, ’ "Wang smiled and continued peace Interface :" ... the emperor whom move, change content type vehicle, people give thanks : "The emperor Jing Lao generals. "Into the ceremony away both the military gate, the ministers are scared Wen said :." Alas, this really generals now ! Nang by tyrants, military spine door, if gimmicky ear, which will be a solid hit and Krupp also. As Sayyaf, Ke Deer commit evil ? "... Although the king Fucai, the idea is willing to effect when the Han line Having submitted to the jurisdiction of the armed forces rule."
    Ye Gucheng hand stroked the literary brilliance cloud hanging around a rafter □ next, he said : "... there is this scene Huang Shu willing, naturally blessing of the court." They had just met so far since, words and deeds, are all secretly have hidden meaning, the heart of both sides, but also have a preliminary assessment of each other.
    On the evening banquet, the lights, the floor covered with red barbarian fishy blanket, as a pool of blood stains. Positive in the first position, each put on two major, naturally left statue located by the Prince’s first sitting. Although it is close in March, but after all, Qin chilly cold, so burning hot brazier still around, hanging hanging velvet curtain. Since the position of the border, and the barracks without much attention, so here Morohito not too uncommunicative, big clothes are out of the body, wearing only inside a single robe, all kinds of drinks dishes put on the table, filled the full taste of wine and meat. Wang Taiping is not to say, simply say a few words after the banquet will officially begin.
    Pacific king sitting on the thematic nature of the right hand at the hand holding the glass, look to Ye Gucheng and smiles : "Border tough Moreover, people always have money even to eat a rigid, this place can not be natural than in Beijing, Prince will look for the time being stop. "
    Ye Gucheng ice generally do not see any face expression, holding only a single glass, slender fingers firmly clasp the cup walls carved pattern, narrow eyes in enantioselective illuminated streamer, said : "... border bitter cold, solitary naturally understand."
    Peiqia seat is not much, but a dozen top army generals like nothing, but it should be a personal attendants attendants and others, add up enough to have sixty or seventy of the public. There is nothing particular about the military, the side that everyone has a beautiful woman to serve, Wang Taiping only side not to serve these women, as Ye Gucheng, but never let that were specially prepared for him, looks nearly the height of a woman body, her daughters is quiet, attentive man only dish cloth pour a time, the idea is not what the waves had made indecent behavior occurs.

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    Indeed, the desert is really a grueling, if not really have faith, how to live in such an environment it down.
    "Now ...... Fine, in fact, we have already died of it, thirst, heat, pain ...... these are illusions ?" Maserati suddenly looked up, blue eyes from a layer of mist.
    "We’re still alive," Fine consolation Lahti quickly, "the desert is such that it always test our hearts, if we are strong enough, it will allow us to go out. Do not worry about Maserati, going to the Chin State before this, you can not die. "
    Fine Latifah took the hand, two people sitting in the desert camels walk slowly.
    "You really incredible ...... Fine, that did not seem affected by the desert, or so beautiful." Latifah said suddenly, "Wizard is really perfect, any time is the most beautiful."
    Fine blushed and did not answer, then just look at the front.
    "Fine have people like you ?"
    Fine just looked at the front did not speak.
    "If to be happy like ......"
    While Latifah’s voice was light, but enough to walk in front of the Fine hear, feel, and hold themselves together in a loose hand, Fine quickly turned his head.
    Maserati body to the back, long blonde hair in the air to draw a perfect arc, her face pale, his eyes gently closed.
    The original body was dropped into the desert fall into a warm embrace, Fine catch at breakneck speed over the girl’s body.
    Gray dawn sky has emerged, looking at the arms of Fine weak girl sighed softly :. "...... In humans has been very good."
    Although the dark side, but that body was light, like a feather.
    "Maserati ...... ...... wake up" is the Sanskrit nice voice that had encouraged himself in the desert, once so hard
    With himself ......
    "Fine ......?" Maserati blue eyes open, found himself under a shade, cool and comfortable, Fine next looked at his hand wet towels. Farther on the grass, two camels are hard water in the pool.
    "...... Oasis ?" Latifah was incredible, Zhang confirmed blue eyes over and over again.
    Fine handed bag and said : "Yes oasis ...... but ......"
    "But ?"
    "However, not a human being."
    "what ?"
    Fine he smiled and said : "go and see this oasis owner ?" In
    Maserati curious thought for a moment and nodded, Fine Latifah took the hand stand up. Probably lush plant relationship, even sinister desert sun has a lot of soft, Maserati Fine follow through soft lawn, in front of a dense bush stopped.
    They crouched behind bushes, looking out small gap in the branches, a large lake, flat like a mirror, there are some things Latifah never seen standing water.
    Maserati had never seen such a creature, turned to look at his face is a look of curiosity Fine.
    This is a half deer half bird strange bird, it is the human face Zhang, Zhang deer head with horns, deer body, body covered with white feathers of birds, birds with long wings, below it Zhang the kind of storks feet long, stand in the water, so strange birds about five blankly standing there.
    Maserati Lara Fine clothes, pointed to his mouth, indicating that they want to speak.
    Fine Latifah quickly Wushang mouth, pointed to those strange birds. Latifah looked long pause did not find anything to Fine cast a puzzled look.
    Fine and pointed below them, Maserati discovered that those strange birds in the water actually is a human shadow, though vague, but because the lake is very smooth, it is possible to identify a pedestrian way.
    Two for a moment, according to the original way to go back, go back, camels have drinking water at rest.
    "This is too dangerous, we have a long way to walk it." Fine filled with water while the side road.
    Maserati nodded, although against the sinister sun walk too hard, but those strange bird strange, but people feel scared.
    So the two men quickly out of the oasis camels, into the arms of rolling sand again.
    "What is that ?" Maserati walking a few finally said Fine.
    Fine said : "That is the first thing I saw, very interesting, I’d read the book too."
    "This kind of thing rarely appear, even the wizard’s book did not detail, though this thing is half deer half bird, but both projected shadow in the water or under the sun, it is a humanoid shadow.

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    So generally you are familiar with how a woman and certainly do not make a condom, but on the outside looking in, there are those who should recruit women, it is best to spend this one, this is a special aphrodisiac use, but in order to deal with our own, instead of deal with a woman, you can either use it to add some fun, of course, deal with some strong woman, this powerful aphrodisiac or more so, this is the role of morning-after pill ...... you certainly know, you can not guarantee our own each time so lucky, although in most cases the United States is a woman with a pill or contraceptive patch to prevent this kind of thing, but you can not guarantee that every time you come across that women are already doing these measures, this when we need a man to run for ...... "

    Michael looked at the hands of a big push things, SUN felt his heart was shocked, and this is what is what, this is a man’s wallet yet ? This is simply stallion dedicated wallet ah, because of who it necessary !

    "Now these are given to you, my dear SUN, you want to strive to conquer a woman ...... bless you !"

    SUN did not refuse, so in fact the whole preparation, and all things powerful effect, SUN feel that they did not reject the interface. SUN looked far away look, Michael helpless smile, he can not help but recall his first time, and also seemed to be so nervous, even if at the time he had reached the "A piece of the world of reading to do, there is naturally no yards realm. "

    "Michael ......"

    Michael looked back, do not know when Sharon has come to his side, looking at Sharon’s chest again, Michael is still very embarrassing not know how to speak, because ever since that incident, he did not know , it is difficult Zhuomo Tou, Sharon between him and Sharon or he is in the end what kind of situation, and this is something I do not know what the situation is the most troublesome.

    "Michael, I did not expect your wallet inside it there are so many magic, what you often say that the Chinese word ? ’Goodie Bag’ is it, specifically to allow you to scourge decent women’s Goodie Bag."

    Michael smiled very embarrassing, to be honest, and women go to bed when he was turning back, but it was such a beautiful, but also had with him a little bit of the story of the woman criticism, he still felt somewhat shy.

    "You put things gave SUN, then what you make tonight ?"

    "Sharon, you do not forget, this is my house, that my villa in Goodie Bag There’s plenty of, if I need it, I can always get a new Goodie Bag. What’s more, those are Goodie bag finished, this villa but have my warehouse, and a lot of stuff inside the warehouse I did not go inside Goodie bag put, you know, with respect to the woman’s bag, men’s wallet is not able to install too many things. "

    "Mind took me to visit you at your warehouse ?"

    Sharon smiled and asked Michael, who had to admit that Sharon’s smile is very charming, fans have his sanity at that moment also trembling. He did not answer, just clutching the hand of Sharon, two people quickly upstairs ......

    "Jerry ? I am not wrong it, that person is your school women’s basketball practice it ? ***, Actually looks even higher than my head."

    Nate then put around him a circle of people’s eyes are drawn to just directly from them after the two men, hazy eyes are careful to distinguish a bit of Jerry, but also with a condescending look carefully looked at Nate - Robinson, a very malicious smile appeared on Jerry’s face.

    "Nate, I’m sorry, I do not want some things would have to say, but you have asked out, I think I should not have said it, makes you very sad."

    Jerry looked at the face, Nate - Robinson have known Jerry behind the dog mouth spit ivory will not come, but he was not rude to interrupt the discourse, he’s always been such a sacrifice myself, it’s a happy man .

    "Nate, you know that woman said to his full height, 185, 185 know what the concept is it our poor - Chris ?? Paul was 183 students ah ......"

    Jerry had to say this kid is definitely a big let guys are "disgusting", he not only put on the muzzle of Nate - Robinson, has also found time to actually attack the next Chris Paul - look.

    "Poor Chris, you know, 185 pairs 183 is a kind of what kind of concept it ?"

    Chris shook his head, and he also knew Jerry later estimated that no good words, he is certainly a direct hit, but in this party, always need a few people to make contributions, although Chris feels unlike Nate - Robinson so fun, but he is not a boring person.

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    Two fingers wide blade yellowish glaucoma revealing hidden there, it seems to create a metal alloy, brass or single texture can I forged silver equipment blade joint hilt for a mere three feet, although attacks than my hands bone sword higher, but such a fine woman with a sword, it makes me extremely smoothly, not simply play its power.

    It is another of the bronze soldier used Hercules, halberd armor, Level 35, 90 power demand, 78-119 attack, attack by 5%, and heavy armor damage to a bonus of 10%, 75 weight, durable 700 / 700. Metal color and gloss Sunder arrows of Hercules is very similar, presumably they are of the same alloy Birds, have the opportunity to ask this old blacksmith casting method.

    I had a profound lesson, I dare onrush. After several experiments, I finally understand why the statue suddenly launched. Every time I arrive at the original location of the oil lamp, which automatically sensing my hands the torch light, it will self-ignite, and it is the wake-up lights around four bronze fuze. 110 m long corridor distributed 24 bronze, I have been introduced to eliminate eleven organ chamber.

    More than two hours later, all of them have to get rid of these people is simply my copper Fortuna, each also the worst drop a bronze equipment, and each burst of bronze coins is very stable, is five . I can not help but sigh, that if mausoleum good, there are a large number of soldiers to take any of my commission cutting, even every day to deal with these batting copper, I also willingly.

    The end of the corridor is a small temple, it is not seen on television opposite the magnificent palace hall, tomb hall area of about more than two hundred square meters, more than 10 meters in the middle inlaid with 8 Dianding dazzling teeth glowing pearl, just surrounded by a circle, like a bright moon, soft light illuminates every corner of the hall, colorful landscape murals on both sides, are now slim, very clear.

    In addition to the open hall on the steps in front of me in place of the table with a case, nothing else. After Anzhuo, the hollow precious leopard sitting in the armchair is impressively imposing extraordinary general Necromancer that put the wrapped Xuanqing black scabbard Sword safely on the case. His left side there is a small door made of mahogany are closed, it is crafted from luxurious extent that, the room door after possession is given an extraordinary thing.

    As I looked around, looking for traces of the Undead army, the generals already Undead Wojian in hand, standing mighty lifeless shriveled face actually hint of strange smile, sarcasm, contempt, or praise pleased me no way guess, to see him fight leisurely stand, body trim, proud and self-dew, anger and prestige, surging momentum toward come, let me breathe heavy pressure following the difficult, like the face of a mighty force me to sprint together nowhere to run the kind of timid heart, momentum suddenly weakened to a low heart, simply can not afford a trace of resistance to the idea Xing, powerlessness I feel very depressed, if not awe-inspiring heart automatic transfer, against most of the pressure, I I am afraid will collapse immediately, and ran back to the run. I carefully guards the corridor, staring nervously Undead General’s every move.

    Undead slowly down the steps saw General, mummy-like body action but as ordinary people is no different, and even more dexterous. Hands holding the sword loose, it does not seem to attack what I mean, let my heart a little set, before perk up. Maybe he told me no harm, if not so, as long as he was forced out of a sea full of momentum, will be able to defeat me. Undead generals stood about 10 meters in front of me, withered right hand pointed at my hands crocodile bone sword, Bo Jian made the gesture.

    For his strange movements puzzled me, what I want to do sword ? Does he feel invulnerable, I want to verify with a sword, I’d be happy to try it ; but if he is living in a ghost town, difficult to go, do you want me to leave his sparring, and if he was spotted, detained in this, it not only never see the light of this not to be the tomb of the living dead, became his buried ; I told him to be singled out are impossible ah, I have absolutely no doubt that he has a spike my strength.

    Just when I was wild speculation, he was matchless momentum again I locked under air-traction, as long as I slightest movement will be under his Armageddon blow. By hell ! Even by the ghost threat, pity me or had been hailed as "China area first master," it is really a disgrace player’s face. In desperation, had to put down his sword oblique waiting for his reaction.

    Chapter 34, General San Soul

    Undead General to see me, "obedience" to allocate bone sword, a powerful air-slightly loose, golden eyes locked like a crocodile bone sword-like substance.

    Dragons cry pierced the quiet atmosphere resounded through the ears, even desolate strong voice filled with sorrow and hatred, but at this time, the hall dark moment, or just my eyes emerged endless darkness.

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    Tonight I if it is strong pressure from his arrogance, the consequences could be disastrous ! The reason why I do not want to make early decisions, but also afraid of his favor, and I rely on their own merit, more and more arrogant conceited, from becoming king of a country should have the breadth of mind and farther away. In this regard the king, made much I pleased. "He do not have meaning watching me," I have proposed to marry the princess back before he had made Prince conditions, but also on whether the qualifications he became crown prince test. Monarch of a country, if simply an affair of their own, how can the leaders of the world ? "
    I feel reminded his mother, thought Liang Lanxi, frowning thought, what the people set an example, but that is a pretext to consolidate power.
    Jiangde has sharp authentic : "Ling libation seems disagree."
    I thought : "If it is not really love, but unfortunately, inviting only eight years ago, the king is a lesson."
    Jiangde looked at me for a while, could not help but laugh : "Imagine Zhenkan of talent across battlefields not the world, if this was actually innocent !" He swept away the face of anger, turned the subject said, " you can take the initiative to see I, I will certainly have understood the intention, but also a recognition of the true relationship between you and me. "
    I have a cold, touched his waist Jiangde gift of jade, looked into his eyes : "This expedition Wei Chen saw the master, through his talk, Wei Chen know, the original Pingyao Princess is my biological mother However, the emperor saw my side, how do I know where I came from ? "
    Jiangde ditan : "I Yixianzhixia on the set, your appearance and demeanor, General Zhou Tao exactly the same, but in the forehead with the shadow of my sister Wong, how wrong juvenile children, I find you a few years cents ? no results, once thought you had died in the camp that day to find that you are standing in front of some actually can not believe. "
    I was very alert Jiang Germany, Suddenly he called out, "juvenile children", are not a hot eyes, whispered : " ? ...... Emperor really talked to me."
    Jiangde nodded slowly, sad : "The week after General die for his country, Wong Mei heartbroken but never revealed, the only I can do for her is to make every effort to find you expect your son reunion but unfortunately the last neither. find you, nor can reclaim Wong mei sanity. "
    I was sour : "Wei Chen, had seen her, but she did not know, if he did not know the others ........"
    Jiangde smile : "The future often to see her stop, mother nature, perhaps she would recognize what day you .— Yan know this one ?"
    ’The question let me back half of alertness immediately subconsciously said :. "I do not know."
    Jiangde thought : "He never met your father, I also think he does not know, otherwise you will not ......" He did not continue down, just standing thoughtfully paced several, suddenly said, "Ling Yue."
    "Wei Chen in."
    Jiangde eyes majesty : "This expedition active, I said you could pick any office, you want moving in what position ?"
    I thought for a moment, smiled gently :. "Chen is not what you want to post, but the emperor wanted to give the minister what position."
    "Do you think I’ll give you what level ?"
    "It depends on the emperor ready to reuse the minister to what extent."
    Jiangde eyes flash, suddenly asked : " ? What is your real name is."
    I looked at him calmly and said :. "Zhao Yan"
    Jiangde look microseismic seems never thought I would frankly admit that approach forward and said : " ! Which Zhao Yan."
    My mouth Qing Yang : "South Vietnam Wang Ling !"
    Jiangde stepped back, clenched Throne handrail, look look complicated : ! "Sure enough, it is no wonder I could not find juvenile children in South Vietnam Ling Wang, Wei Guojun team is the only place where fear of South Vietnam, I had and all. Like, as you will have to get rid of obstacles ! "
    I low laugh : "So the emperor instrument true princess to marry me, again prompting Huangxiong thought he was unstable status, this trick on me ruthless Collateral, used quite unobserved."
    Jiangde sighed, shaking his head : "I know that if you are juvenile children, will never harm you use this instrument means the original will really betrothed to you, you never thought his son Zhao Huan suspicion so serious.." He Ci and look me, "but if not so, I still can not find the imperial couple’s blood sister, you would not regret a lifetime ?"
    I lowered my eyes, unwilling to let him see the eyes of the mood : "Sleight, probably so stop."
    Jiangde warm words : "True children though living in South Vietnam, marry the wrong avatars, in fact, was your wife as long as I help you complete the great cause of the future can take her back, when I presided over the wedding for the two of you again. "
    I was shocked and said : "The emperor ......"
    Jiangde looking sank : ? "Is how you fit South Vietnam, I do not want to recognize this uncle, or really dislike instrument at the child’s body has been non ?

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    Together with the ban day, staring at the curved arm holding Anxia place for a moment, then with one side, I do not know what to think.
    Curved steal a glance ban two days, even if the ban day convergence momentum, or kind of people should not be underestimated feel valued.
    "An Shushu, Who is this, I feel very powerful," secretly falling Anxia curved shoulders, leans his ear channel.
    Anxia know can hear today, so hold back laughter, "This is the big devil, very powerful very powerful big devil."
    "Ah ?" Curved automatic help from some of the forbidden days away, very quietly asked, "that he would be eating it."
    Anxia not help grinned, "Yes ah, most like to eat a little girl like you."
    Glanced ban day one, he was looked faint smile Anxia fingers touch his lips, Anxia sudden strange feeling. Look away from him, "This is my brother, you call him uncle ban days just fine."
    "Well, Uncle ban days."
    "Curved, where someone bully you ?"
    "No, they are very nice to me, take me as a disciple of the master, when told the others, so no one would dare to bully me," a child or know of these things, so the King of Ghosts was very grateful.
    "Well, that talk about spiritual ghost world where the fun of it."
    Some ghosts will be encountered along the way, to see the curved are respectful salute, before leaving, Anxia peace of mind, crooked does not bullied.
    "There are a lot of ah, I see uncle with Ice wonders," is curved bouncing around, fly fast forward speed Anxia pulling. Ban day leisurely with one side of Anxia delivery to the eye blind.
    "Just before", it is a very cold place, seemingly Spirits sector has been very cold, cold cold. Across a glacier, the glacier is extremely wide, the following is the abyss, the following can be seen standing on the edge of glaciers ice blue ice, glacier really is.
    "This is the first place I heard punishment, waste opinions cultivation dropped able to come up," calm curved road.
    After a glacier, poke shade of the hill, I saw the curved Anxia say Ice wonders, it is probably the Spirits of the most beautiful scenery. On a piece of black branches without leaves, covered with white ice, so ice laden trees spread to far away, one eye looked overwhelming are shining white. Just as beautiful rime.
    "Uncle, oh more than that", crooked smile, stood in the forest, at the trees and shouted, "ah ....", to see the forest had a quiet start Ice fog, fog is not in fact, but Ice fall feel foggy. Ice trickled like petals begin to fall, the ground began a vast expanse. Curved happy going round in circles in the forest.
    "Uncle, is not very pretty."
    Anxia nodded, "Yes ah, very beautiful."
    Some ice does not fall to the ground, but began drifting into the air, the whole Ice forest hazy smoke, makes a kind of unreal feeling.
    Curved dancing in the forest, the so-called dance just going round in circles fills the simple white dress she turned into a flower.
    "If I have a daughter, so she must have been so happy," Anxia help channel.
    Ban day Ce Toukan a look at him, did not interface does not know what to think.
    "But just think about it, I heard that the practice of life the child is very troublesome, and now there is no way to settle down, and no one is willing to give birth.", Anxia self-deprecating smile, counted, he did not know how old also lonely, but the practice of the people will be able to endure loneliness, no way.
    Female practitioner is very popular with the people care, not only because of less, but also because one child, female practitioners have great harm, if not a very loving, otherwise students are reluctant child.
    Ban day frown, Anxia pat on the shoulder.
    Qunjiao carrying curved over her long, long time not so happy.
    "Uncle, uncle, I’ll show you something else," pulling Anxia curved hand, he began to ran down a goal.
    Really, only the black community spirit ghost gray white, heavy depression, and cold, curved so make a little girl has been staying here really bad.
    "Uncle, we go to Cold Spring," "there are ghost forest, ghost forest predecessors most fun, magic will look curved, curved back to tell the story."
    Before curved actually very afraid, and hateful, cold face all day so did not speak without laughing, amused a lot of people to her goal. Curved actually quite happy.
    "Uncle, why are you here ?" He asked curved, tugging the skirt going round in circles, hang out a lot of repair saw a ghost, are exceptionally surprising, it has a curved so cheerful side.

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     ? "" I am not who you are ? "I looked at the tray of food, he replied that the lotus. A sound, better hair, hee hee." What lotus ah, black whistling, you eat it. "" Very good eating, and ah. "Yes, such a word a word to pronounce, it is very smooth. Rattus said," ordinary people gentile ! "He picked me thorns, and I do not intend to ignore him, buried continue to eat, I eat quickly and leave, it seems that old school reunion today is not the time." Hey, Xu also ! "Rattus next to the worn leather jacket suddenly said," You see this guy look like your brother that friend ? Ok ? "I fired a bunch of eyes ED over. I looked up Xu also, he shot the eyes to look at and study. I waved at him, and now recognize it." Xu Xu also ...... ...... you ... ... also ...... "" Do you know Kejia it ? "Nani ? I’m sorry forgive me used a Japanese word. I shook my head said," I, no, no, do not know. I ...... you ...... "" finished, let’s go ! "Xu suddenly stood up, his hands stuck in the pocket and left. Hey, you do not accept what tray ah ? Suit, a few of his buddies children are Da Lala gone, leaving five empty tray. I eat while thinking, yes, but also to where Xu brother ah ? he was not an only child it ? there Kejia Who ? long with me ? I’d like to see, in addition to the mirror to see me unexpectedly can see me. I have food to eat spotless, and then pick up their trays, ended the garbage station. I walked think I rushed Xu also Baishou how he did not talk to me, but there are a few Chong he waved, and he knew the guy stuttering ah ? I would not think so TANG rafters do ! "boom ! "Ow ...... pain is killing me." Ha ha ha ...... "behind came the laughter. I take a closer look, the glass door canteen. Why polished so clean it ? Dingy rushed out of the dining hall, and soon all right, anyway, so I’m not the first time, and my mother always said I missed a chord children. strange, people are not what instrument, how it will be composed of children from the string. When he first entered the dormitory, I found yesterday did not keep two fish a loudly denounce me :. "Andy too ! "My two fish which they branded as Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau is red, he does it, no more. I do not have people around to answer, because no one inside the dormitory. I am more depressed ground class, after school when I quickly ran out, will my buddies little strong. "Xiaoqiang ! ! ! ! "I saw him at the station a shout. People around Dole. Xiaoqiang took over I said," I tell you several times and whispered something. "" Oh, yes. "I hold him to apologize." I blame my parents, they gave me the name of such a child. And you, call me later, even the name called together. "I think he can not blame his parents, Who was not yet Stephen Chow and his Flirting Scholar yet. Xiaoqiang is a good man, he gave me a minute to find a job, distribute small ads, a penny. I want to become self-reliant, a lot of money, the raising of my parents. of course, this saying earlier point. Xiaoqiang also requested me ate, I ate two mung bean pancake faces. I’ll have to repay him back, it was late, dormitory needs to pass through a small woods. I quietly walked. suddenly the woods to find somewhere has happened, I scrape together the past, slowly, the moonlight, I saw two men playing Ben children. I scared jumped back on a positive jump to the wet mud, slip me a big fart squatting children. the two men certainly can not let me get up and walk away, I saw the front of a four legs, four Bigfoot, surprisingly, this girl, so how big feet ? take her with my feet than the ratio, bigger than me ? I could not help but lifted his head ? I was scared a two-hop. hop, because one is also Xu, another jump, because another, is actually a man ...... [2] is not much screen time is such that I want two people eyeing staring sitting in the pit I darkness, I felt murderous, but we actually nobody spoke, I stood up and quietly turned and walked slowly, make sure they do not have the time to catch up, I ran like an arrow back to the hostel that night I did not how to sleep, dark eyes that always play Ben children scene two men. later, I finally fell asleep, ears suddenly heard a loud clap of thunder "TANG rafters ! Up heavy sleep ! "I drowsily opened his eyes and saw a room full of people laugh

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    He sank a little more money, said : "Come on, there are good chances you keep it yourself."
    Kick kick stake money : "I say, you can not provoke me with Kai relationship."
    To the New Year, according to the company to give them practice those customers who send some sort of a souvenir calendar, if a very important person in charge will be added to something else, someone gave money think since, that Zhang Ning to fall is not good, you got two Quebec, let him give a place to live Zhang Ning sent a basket of flowers.
    Chinese New Year is the busiest live, but also not too concerned about money, I did not expect just this once, to poke a big basket.
    Spring did not take long time, know that money from the stake, two Quebec flowers, she met the wife of Zhang Ning, which is the fate, the two do not know how to Trick the fire.
    The stake to worry, "you say there are so unlucky kids do ? Also playing for real, and not the two have to get married, the woman by her parents beaten black and blue, and you want to see, they have felt the poor, poor photo on the line ? you look at it, that’s not a good crop Zhang Ning, quasi forever ...... I let two Quebec first Duo Duo, he would not listen, as do say will be responsible in the end ...... "
    Listen brain hurt Jen money, no wonder the heart that it was time to call him Zhang Ning is not it, turned out to be the backyard on fire, more money does not know what he is feeling quite numb so listen up.


    Chapter 59

    Since a thing out of it, you have to listen to more money, did not take too much to heart, plus two Quebec that guy that they want to move out, greeted on the packages to be moved, more money It will not bother to control, after all, people’s private affairs, and blending with Zhang Ning, how he wanted to be inside how not stir.
    It was so still did not escape being brought to two pickets Quebec that time, I found myself more money the boss uncomfortable, especially Zhang Ning’s wife saw the whole person from the body to the face is stiff.
    Liu Li is a very quiet pretty woman, his face is playing the bruises and caring for his two Quebec it, few words, people looked at it touches gentle and considerate.
    Two Quebec was hit not light, lying in bed, although early in the hospital bandaged, but glance gooey blood is scary.
    Stake psyche hurt his brother, and persuaded a few two Quebec, to reassure him possessor.
    LIU stake subsequently cried out, money is not immune to hide, and he kept the former stake to let him help, helped to convey a message so that more money accommodation, money is not a solution, bite the bullet and come.
    LIU eyes were red, written in advance of the divorce settlement money to speak more talk, so much that he has endured the tears so big, no one done crazy things, and now she is ready to sacrifice everything, she thought he thought of the day.
    Listen to my heart more money straight sour.
    Followed by a few words of comfort stakes, and then came out, more money, said : "My brother is not doing authentic, Liu Li divorce not give up and run, but you can see, she is a widow, and it stands to reason that people should not marry Zhang Ning ...... dog in the manger stuff, I’m determined to pull people aside to avenge my brother can go ...... ...... "
    Stake embarrassed sigh, "They Choi big trend, I am his mother considered a bird, you can only beg you, do not think you can give say move, so I a brother, I do not want to grow bigger , if the other side can be endless, I can not be too NAO ...... "
    Bite the bullet and money, he said : "Do not worry, I will help in the end of the help."
    Money unprecedented initiative to Zhang Ning called and money tight little incoherent, Zhang Ning touches altogether, straightforward, said : " ? For two Quebec to do it."
    Money down suction air.
    Zhang Ning vagueness : "The more money, either knew you as a person, I am his mother have felt you have deliberately, you say what you send a bad person, so you send something to send me home broken baskets ...... "
    Money blocked speechless, Zhang Ning is a fire in my belly to be made, so that more money directly to his home to go to work.
    Zhang Ning money knew where home, but go for the first time, on the road when the money specifically to buy a point Zhang Ning favorite fruit cake or something, driving a van passed.
    More money to place, press the doorbell, no one will open the door.
    Zhang Ning hair pack still so agile, the people are a top elite posture, did not look like his wife who ran away with the hapless, eyes glancing money.
    Money was guilty looking up, looking down into the busy slippers put on, take off your own shoes for a time do not know which place, the rise of money glanced Zhang Ning, Zhang Ning leaning against the door, do not ignore him.
    Money had to casual shoes and slippers on the door position.
    Zhang Ning did not let him inside, more money is slightly embarrassing walked a few steps, I heard a bang sound, Zhang Ning shoe hidden door open, the more money will fall into the smelly shoes go.

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    Temporary home away any unseen circumstances Chu Chee How, only to see the Han stood motionless, as if what makes him unable to speak nor instant action happened.

     Ren far asked : "how ?"

     Han did not answer the more, so blankly stood for a few seconds, suddenly swooped a stride forward, knees followed by a soft, splash kneel at the edge of the bath.

     Ren far just one look, I just felt a lump from the bottom of my heart pounced, he almost failed to stand.

     I saw the bath water has been dyed with a touch of red, Chu Chi pajamas lying inside, head upturned, as if sleeping peacefully face. His elbows resting on the edge of the bathtub, but the wrist hanging in the water, on top of a shocking bloody bite marks, look terrible bleeding, depth might have been snapped off a blood vessel.

     Korea seems to have been hacked more spent, the people are not mentally awake, and tried several times to hold out the water from the Chu Ci, but because his hands shaking violently but did not succeed. Ren finally rushed away before the Chu Chi wrist fished from the water, snapped the command : " !!! To call the hospital emergency arrangements plasma and go now, and fast"

    Text boxes
     If the last time Chu Ci bleeding to the hospital, but my heart still more panic Han remorse, decided repentant, then the attempted rescue of Han Chu Ci more fatal blow is the.

     Ren far personally follow up the first stage of surgery, and it lasts more than an hour out of the operating room, he saw the Han also sit on the verandah of the armchair, looked straight Leng Leng air. He vaguely stained jacket Chu Ci wrist blood coming down, the whole face is pale gray lifeless defeat, contrasting too daunting.

     Ren From a distance looks like his heart to gas : " ? Hey, where you sit and do it Tingshi ah !"

     Han Yue Ting If you do not smell, no response.

     Ren force far behind him a heavy shot, snapped muffled ! Han Meng more step forward and fell, this once answered a God : "...... you how out of Chu Ci it ??!"

     "Die !" Ren far snappily said, "You should be glad he is not entered the bathroom will immediately snapped vessels, or you put a half hour to go in person as early as no gas ! Is better off vein, nerve tissue contusion, there may be a period of time so do not force the affected side, to take good care for some time. there is no danger of the suture blood vessels, I called two of the authority of the old doctor sewed his skin it. "

     Motionless staring at the Han Ren distance for several seconds, then he nodded and said : "Oh !" And then burst into, slowly slide down along the wall.

     Ren far asked : "This is how you play is engaged or you can not stand the torture and figure out what’s new tactics ???"

     Han more trembling shoulders, saying nothing, just shook his head in there.

     "If you were not my friends, to be honest I will now stay in the operating room, and then directly to a telephone to provoke the police and tell them you do **. Did you see what kind of mess you were not, the body multiple soft tissue scratch ! - this is nothing, the key is infection, fever, so you want to fix any death, but the fever would burn human Han two you gave me about, what is the big thing to trouble any death to just give up ? "

     Han more silent for a long time, just trembling voice said : "He said that in front of the family broke up with me ......"

     Ren stunned for a few seconds away, nodded and said : " ??? Is the break up, does that break up ...... then you get mad man locked up handcuffed to the bed also threatened to break up handcuffed him for a lifetime"

     Han more speechless.

     "You say how people work so Bitter Chu Tandao Korea more you do such a despot Oh ?!" Ren sighed and shook his head away, asked : " ? You said that you do not really like people."

     Han hesitated a long time the only heavy nodded.

     Ren far do not understand : "You will not hesitate to do so long man is going to die, and then you find Oh In fact, you love the wrong person, right ??!"

     "...... No, no. I thought I got him into this, it is ...... I really can not say I ......"

     "You can not say like other people." Ren goes away automatically help him, "Well, you tentatively considered Chu work is really a bit - to see that you die Qindie gentile, I think you really there are. but the more you have not thought about Korea, and now people stay by your side is a dead, his suicide did not succeed this time, then next time ?

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     On the river Twilight hesitantly tender looks, let Jiang couples from the goose bumps. No matter gallant, non-rape or theft ! Jiang Chen, his wife Jiangdu vigilant back at his son, what things ? Just ask Mrs. Jiang that effort, Jiang Chen has soared played a slap in the back river twilight, he angrily, "Yang Yan Jiang ! You shut up ! You dare, I put you out of the house ! "

     Mrs. Jiang Press gently press the temple from early morning today, her son is Yang Banzai, and now the name - Yang Yan Jiang, Jiang’s home on the name they came in third. She managed to deliberately forget, Jiang Chen is now to turn the hook out.

     Play is not heavy, useless what strength. Also, if you spend the strength to beat.

     Side focus, Jiang twilight watching his father, he did not say is what happened, how his father knows what he will say ?

     Jiang Chen was trembling with rage appearance let Jiang’s wife very worried, and quickly change the subject, said : "Maple late, you go first or let the Clippers send you home quickly solve a bunch of things, you do not expect to get married when Shinning heard some bad things let him not liking it. "Jiang pushed out into the twilight to go alone on deck. The 8c7

     Let his son go out, Mrs. Jiang Jiang Chen look back into the cabin to lie down, and these days everyone is tired, deal with this long-winded Jiang Chen Yang Dafu more tired and tight. Jiang’s wife looked on deck trick questioning the boatman’s son, although she wanted to say anything on the river Twilight curious, she was more curious about how Jiang Chen Jiang twilight exactly know what to say ?

     This time they brought two ship, the return trip will take one, she left to ship Shinning use, the couple will ride together in this one the. Jiang Chen for many years and never in the same room, she looked inside the cabin under hesitated, stroking temples beautifully Ronghua, this is Zhenniang leaving her to wear a specially. With girlish shyness, she entered the cabin.

     Jiang Chen lying against the inside of the bed, leaving half of the bed gap. She sat down at the edge of the bed, gently said, "Maple late to say what angered you so angry ?" In fact, not have to ask, is so dry it sit a bit embarrassed.

     "This kid abacus is really fine -, married into the boy his surname not eligible sub Jiang family home !" Listening to Mrs. questioning, Jiang Chen turned and very well done to.

     Separation ? Funny Mrs. Jiang, Jiang twilight play such idea, she was not unexpected, however, know how Jiang Chen Jiang twilight say is the separation ?

     To ask the lady eyes, angry Jiang Chen immediately turned his back on his wife did not speak. Mrs. Jiang Jiang Chen not to say looked like she did not want to ask anymore, she never talkative woman. Reached for one side of the river stood Chen coat folded, this time, Jiang Chen muffled, "then you are pregnant maple night had never been seen, so I was with my father said to the separation, this kid of talking and I looked and then a look. "

     Looked back to her husband’s shadow, his eyes reddening leaves forest, with love moving, Chen Jiang hand pat on the shoulder, then do not mention also put out. Slowly turned, Jiang Chen tender looks instantly becomes unspeakable embarrassment, along the river Chen’s eyes, she turned around, Jiang Chen stood against the door, do not know when he will come, she stare twilight of the river, "you’re not excused ? how still here ?" Anyhow, they are his biological parents, right, there is such a rare opportunity to eliminate past resentment, this kid do not know to avoid it ?

     Jiang twilight mother unhappy expression did not mention the word, "Mother, give me some money."

     Also, Jiang twilight belongings are repairing a dowry, who belongings were also searched Shinning go, the rest of those who have been left black tiger, Zhao Kui clear the way for Yao expense. He looked at his son, Jiang Chen teeth itch, the elbow outwardly kid !

     Son looked to be silver with her, Mrs. Jiang slowly, "I bring that to the elements the whole left Zhenniang Shinning dowry - the" penniless Nianger Liang Chen watching the river. Watched his wife took out his pocket money bag and handed Jiang twilight, Mrs. Jiang Chen speechless watching her son orders, "Go now, go back immediately, agile handling things, you do not forget that old man on human skill, is to find out what your own pocket. "

     Took the thick purse, Jiang twilight turned to jump aboard a large boat, a few boatmen work up quickly shook paddling forward.

     Jiang twilight finally gone, Mrs. Jiang also relieved, turned to smiling husband, Jiang Chen was nervous smile, beautiful rivers and lakes that had no desire to read, or the rest of it.

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    He intends to do more good things in the future, if not for their own sake, but also for military armor and two children accumulate enough merit. When are you give me a face, bury the hatchet it, do not . "
    "I want to clear two scores, but I do not believe Du Mountain."
    "When was the letter to me, okay ?"
    "Why do you believe Du mountain ?"
    "Why ? With Du hill and I was ten years old, he Naju true, Naju false, I understand."
    " ??? You know Wei brothers felt that they understand it, is not it what he deceived his credit," Yang empty quips : "He is injured, Duchenne also suffered a huge blow, he did not want to show weakness have to show weakness, and so one day he can recover, is my death. "
    White left the cold had confidently be able to convince the other party, which look tired : "You in the end to what you seem to believe how innocent, you let him almost bankrupt, almost desperately ......?"
    "What I can not believe !" Yang empty adamantly refused and said : ! "I believe he means that the risk, once when I went to, but also no reason to dare to take risks I never said I was innocent, no matter whether you say that we dogfight , he is one of the means to topple me to protect themselves ! I owe Bo Lantau, before he did not pay off, I can not collapse. "
    White left some cold furious : " ? Ah you when I’m dead I tell you, he wants to move you, to kill me, you want to move him, too !"
    Just go fast compound entrance, air Yang was going to say anything, but was some dispute over who interrupted.
    This alert rigorous military compound, if any strange face appears, must show passes, and this passes by the hospital to live in military or military families the certificates, take two days to get the approval process too, so visitors often cut by soldiers down. After frequently out in front of the class changing of the guard soldiers are mixed Lianshu, you can not take the passes.
    White left cold twitched him : "Hear no ?"
    Soldiers that was stopped visitors explained :. "Please call your friend, let him come out to meet you."
    And that Peizhao Xiao Diyan visitors to the soldiers, "Comrades, I do not lie to you, I really have friends who live there ! I came back from overseas, and he had no contact for many years, did not know his phone, but I know what one building……"
    Several tough guard soldiers blocked his way : "Sorry we can not release !!"
    It was a tall man, looks handsome, dignified appearance, skin side black. Yang empty straight stared at him - he said out of that building, how so familiar ?
    White left the cold casually glanced outside the gate, and Yang would like to say empty words stuck in his throat, his eyes Doudi a loss.
    The man swept away corner of my eye, and slowly turned his head, saw the two people not far. His eyes flashed a moment of joy, instead contradiction between Yang and the white left cold air exchange, awhile, his face filled with a confident smile, waved dramatically exaggerated : "left cold !"
    Yang air immediately reflect that man, he looked frightened white left a cold, suddenly sank.
    White left cold Mianwurense, unconsciously muttered : "Fang fog ......"
    Party Fog will hand cigarette onto the floor and ground it out, apologetic smiles :. "I"
    White left cold father was head of the military, the soldiers naturally to him very much respect, brush King, a ritual, "Hello ! I’ll release !"
    Yang grabs empty white cold left hand, eyes lengli : " ! White left the cold."
    White left this cold wake up, waved, shortness of breath to even two tone : "No ! I’m sorry, I do not know him !"
    Yang took his turn and flee empty ships go fast, cold white left unexamined out of a cold sweat, do not know how he got home, dove into the sofa, as if the spine is pumped general body limp.
    Yang empty nervously the doors and windows were shut tight, as if nothing can stop this plague, he was pale and tense, three-step and two steps walked hold white sofa side bent left cold, "left cold ......" His call sound, I can not help trembling voice : "you do not ...... you do not ......"
    Do what ? He could not, panic indescribable spontaneously shot through every nerve !


    Ward, Du Yin lying on the bedside leaned Wu A face, "Wushu Shu, would you like fries with that ?"
    A Wu shook his head : "too much anger."
    Du Yin asked : "Chocolate does ?"
    Wu A still shaking his head : "too sweet."
    Du Yin asked : "Strawberries do ?"
    A military think this is also more reliable, he said :. "Ah, that eat a few"
    "Good !" Du Yin should be a sound, carry bags of fruit to run to the bathroom.

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    Inter-field atmosphere suddenly one of the loose, people have a toast, but the twinkling of an eye, it seems only just as nothing had happened in general, the current string and wind harps sounded again, is a group of beautiful dancers approached , sleeves Douzhuan, UFA clouds, incense powder mixed with the gas Jiuyao, filled full house. Here is a man, a group of men get together, pour the wine down a pass, no matter what their hearts Chuaizhuo mind, but at least on the surface during which the atmosphere is actually very easy active up, everyone Tuibeihuanzhan have a say in public somewhat dirty vulgar jokes to Bo public music, Morohito laughed, revelry also a bit thicker.
    Gradually, someone here has emerged a bit tipsy, Taiping Wang look to the side not far from the Ye Gucheng, Stern Face lonely white men, remains a lucid manner, he could not help but smile, spoke and said : "Prince today drinking much, presumably not used to stop here for food and wine. "Ye Gucheng one pair of Jian Mei Rake up slightly, her eyes cold as bright as stars, heard, lift the front of the case stood Jinzun, the inside of the left residual drank wine, subsequently light, said : "... solitary way line, now has felt Laofa."
    Pacific king listened, with a chuckle : "That being the case, it is also the feast scattered." Ye Gucheng fingers and on the sleeve, and said :. "Ye"
    Dead of night, people scattered, Ye Gucheng back to stay at their preparation, just a door, he told :. "... Incense, dressing" voice side down, have been taken from the pro players on a good point sandalwood , mounted on copper brave incense burner, and then two more will be eligible for a new white robe soft hand thin flat stretch, on the furnace little by little he argued with, not even a piece of clothing or miss. Ye Gucheng co-head slightly to the side of the trunk arms launched by a few personal attendants for his deft solution to the clothes, one by one except □ on accessories.
    Wait until the body during the banquet were infected with a touch of alcohol have been exhaustively off his robes, after which only the personal clothing, Tan Ye Gucheng This has been used to put a good aroma robes, so that the body no longer any other hint of flavor. This time it was sent hangover with sour soup, Ye Gucheng drank freely, then subsequently play back the crowd, leaving only one person in the Chu Yang Song this talk.
    "Today peace from God the king arrived here when it until just have been secretly multi suppress every word hidden language front, their hearts machine domineering, proud temperament squat evident." Song Yang Chu said, as he take a cushion, Ye Gucheng serve with sat.
    Someone outside Duanle Yi pot against a good temperature of the hot water came in, carrying a copper pot and cooked in boiling water, subsequently Dunshen as Ye Gucheng eleven off the boot socks, roll up Kujiao, this bowed down . Ye Gucheng feet will be immersed in a silver basin among the hot water, then closed his eyes closed, the body slightly backward, leans on the back of the back, before the opening of the next Song Yang Chu said : "This solitary bit Jiuhuang Shu, this ... "he did not go down that plane nor had any representation, but Chu Song Yang follow in his side for many years, we know that some men have a slightly angry. Chu Song Yang end brew good tea, Lengran tone, said : "just above the banquet, Wang Taiping actually insolent Thus, under ..." to trick people deliberately modeled Ling Ye Gucheng describe, though not broken once said, but where Yuling Ye Gucheng embarrassed to make insulting meaning, but it is clearly too obvious, if only for the time I do not know Ye Gucheng, bear down, it will make people think bullied, and if the spot was furious, as Boran color, that will have to take a real actor with his similar assertion, disgrace. Fortunately, just in the banquet will immediately Ye Gucheng sword beheaded people, without leaving hands gave the king a peaceful mind ruthless counterattack force, otherwise, it would certainly have been a tremendous loss tonight face, as everyone was laughing stock. Ye Gucheng nature aloof, when encountered anyone would dare to do this face to face insults and other things, and a thought so far, Chu Song Yang heart will be under the wrong reasons, Wang can not help but hate peace to that extreme.
    Foot Soak them in hot water, the solution seems to lack a lot, it also seems to be very physically and mentally down gradually loosened. . . Ye Gucheng took tea, sip : "... Now to each other Jie scruples, not ruthless when the two sides." Slender fingers playing with cups, white hands pull that inadvertently knocking the cup wall issue I heard a slight Cui Xiang. "Solitary childhood walking dead, not shot already, one shot will kill all the permanent addition to the troubles between the t ... As king, sooner or later, its own opposite solitary time."
    He said, and no time for a long time, the water will gradually Yinpen not so hot. Chu Song Yang see on the water is no longer steaming, then he lowered his body, picked up the copper pot filled with boiling water from the side, carefully Yinpen for Ye Gucheng to them, slowly add hot water.
    Vain men boots socks, feet bare / naked, soaked in clear hot water temperature is moderate, can only see the instep, the above skin Baisheng frost, faint pale veins under the skin emerge with.