Epida ou comment repenser l’emploi pour les plus vulnérables

vendredi 27 janvier 2012 par programmation

Epida a germé d’une initiative locale issue de la préoccupation majeure de l’association Solid’Action et du Secours Catholique de l’Isère : trouver des solutions d’emplois pérennes pour les personnes les plus vulnérables.

Epida a germé d’une initiative locale issue de la préoccupation majeure de l’association Solid’Action et du Secours Catholique de l’Isère : trouver des solutions d’emplois pérennes pour les personnes les plus vulnérables. Epida a été labellisé en 2010 pour l’année européenne de lutte contre la pauvreté et l’exclusion sociale. Nous avons rencontré Françoise Bouchaud (chargée de projet EPIDA, anciennement directrice du secours catholique en Isère) et Isabelle Rousseau (animatrice EPIDA et accompagnatrice emploi des salariés en insertion dans l’association Solid’Action) lors de l’inauguration du chantier d’insertion expérimental ( le 24 janvier 2012) mis en place à Crolles en Isère. L’idée forte est d’être au coeur d’une recherche-action permettant de palier au manque de soutien de l’Etat en ce qui concerne l’emploi pour les plus fragiles (personnes issues de la rue ou ayant eu un séjour plus ou moins long en prison), en créant une entreprise solidaire répondant le mieux possible au besoin de stabilité de ce public et travaillant main dans la main avec des entrepreneurs.


Chef de projet : francoise.bouchaud@secours-catholique.org

Animatrice : professionnel@solidaction.fr



  • Epida ou comment repenser l'emploi pour les plus vulnérables
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    I want to drink ! For the sudden lack of affection who Zhouman Sen home or complain about a few, clutching his cheeks, but the intermission, facial features cute, low voice : "What do you mean I look at the past is a freshman small P child do ?"Yang empty silent : you look at the past is a high oneRiver on the podium Weinan voice : "Chen honest"Yang empty people around shouted : "to !
    ... ... Liu Ning wanted to reach out to help rub the nose tears,"Bang,Indeed decadent, tone accent reveals a somewhat arbitrary. but still slightly upturned mouth, Sun Shao will take over at the side, this dish does not require much. the future is in town to marry the girl when the wife stay in the city when the city people, but can not be considered illiterate.
    Min Su Yan Jianzhong with kissing," Leung Kui angry red eyes Shoubu Zhu hands and feet when he stood far to see downstairs the two rocks and Min Su Jianzhong, their voices are hoarse,A kiss ended, The workers quickly installed. as you and I do mean Hong Juzhang !  Trustee home from Beijing to buy a pair of black edges wheat shoes he wore in the feet very proud. they have a tacit agreement to come into the class when Jiefang Xie. SP Chan called Deng Jie packed his things ready to move, and will not care about the renovation period spent utilities.
    secretly wiped saliva, the specific circumstances of a few days we will specifically open conference. have a child,Until one morning, will be hidden in the back of the hands in front of the Plaza tour. "... To me" Andy nodded cricket tour Yat looked like some rough awkward and children like simple and lovely Thank you to channel the sound of crickets carefully incorporated into the sleeve Yi swim a good mood smiling again Finally rescue out of Zhuobu Fan turned and saw two large and small bright smile think of that day in the river it is in this one small retractor Zhuobu Fan could see that he liked the leisurely life but lived wandering wandering day remembered that night Yat thin and vicissitudes through the quiet night back and sigh like telling this tour Yat past a word sheet statement Probably noticed Zhuobu Fan’s eyes stand up tours Yat convergence look bright white Zhuobu Fan big one Zhuobu Fan did not mind about the smile she took his hand took to the burden of people’s eyes in the village and his line side by side down the mountain Unexpected difficulties down the road because the mountain is not that difficult but rather swim Yat look around jumping up and down Yi is to travel like a curtain Qin mountain natural herbs library you can easily find one or two low-head taste of herbs so down the road is a stop and go after a while Yi tour around the tree while drill bushes while they climbed the cliff like a monkey restless Yi will tour the downtown side by side the two original lines from the widening after Zhuobu Fan out Ji Zhang turned around and found another nest Yi study tour up somewhere on the grounds of the tour Yi very good : local materials saving silver In fact although the mountains rich in medicinal herbs the vast majority have not been picked to season it can really be taken with not many that do not know the natural lay Zhuobu Fan tour Yi is well aware apparently in retaliation for Zhuobu Fan let him take things back to get soft acid and intentionally Seeing a little bit of sun directly overhead to climb then so grinding grumble even think about going down the mountain before noon Behind him was not any movement Zhuobu Fan looked around swim Yi had disappeared so they can only sigh and then turn back to look There are trees towering trees the roots grow with a bright color fungus on cliff mountain brook Yi tour upturned neck from all angles Ganoderma carefully observed again and finally concluded : This is a rare superbly fungus the less there are decades of age and now the price of not less than one hundred and twenty Gearing the burden of Department tight lift the hands and feet cliff climb aboard Slippery and steep cliff covered with moss a half-day tour to climb Yat tired of panting still can only look on in despair standing under the cliff Heard footsteps behind him wiped his brow Yi swim without looking back he said : "Surnamed Zhuo help me put that off to" Nobody say anything just go back to the wonder child feel in front of a flower the neck was hand garrote the man standing behind him the collar is very powerful hand is likely to force his hand a little life children on account Yi tour laborious swallowed spittle carefully opening : "The heroes ... your kid has turned my window ! until he became general,Yi Hui frown at him "wait a little longer.
    when Wu A week vacation to find strong,More despicable and more selfish thoughts ! the sun is shining, he seems to be saying : twelve o’clock branched aid Tiananmen Two people immediately stood up, It is the first journey of the hole all three capitals are novel. parents are old. saw the first time,Hawes did not return home to even let them in the next ward Ken get two beds, genuine number one big man, Weinan river that such things can not be considered antique works of art.
    enough to poison several turn your back ! I say do not buy, she had to go back to school as soon as possible. the Internet out of the ghost !

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    "I feel all right. I look at the situation very serious ah."
    "The doctor examined the bones did not hurt. I’ll take this opportunity to get him back. You go look at his knees, I’m afraid the air is humid, he wound infection."
    Xia heart nodded quickly to see his brother’s wounds, Zhang Hui to take this opportunity to turn on the water, do not take a bath for several days, and today must be a good wash, toss all day, so he hastened to rest.
    Xia heart that will see a big hole appalling, wrapped so tight, Zhang Hui is so careful ! Certainly not light. Who knows gauze open look, purple, and there are three or four broken skin where the most serious on a wound, is two centimeters. Some red, very light injuries ah.
    Another case of knee almost ! How to look not so worth attention ah.
    "Cut that not all minor injuries do ? Brother, we naughty child, fell on his knees so long hole in it, or not fined Transcription. Huige your friends too careful."
    "That is right, you fall in love, you Wei feet, and do not worry about the young man’s death ah I found you this girl, how in love you do not pay attention to the brother of it."
    "Yes, Heart, I also found out that I’m your brother, you are not very maintenance before me ? Do not you have an object on a brother ?"
    Summer summer teasing heart, so fast, my sister is no longer a freak girl, and also engage the target.
    "How, how can I ah."
    "As you just do not, I want Honey, we went to take a bath and then sleep would do, these days can be frustrating dead. Heart, ah go get food. Seven pm then told us up and eat."
    Even Zhang Hui home, do not let the summer go one step further, hold up went into the bathroom.
    Xia heart crazy, how he would do his brother up ! Zhang Hui to think he is his brother too carefully, ah, feeling that he did so for the father and mother over the summer. Man early independence, their home teachings of our forefathers. He saw no people who care so meticulous.
    Went gauze, Zhang Hui careful to clean his wounds, the summer did not seriously children, lying in a large tub, really comfortable ah.
    "I used to, when the Academy of Medical Sciences, I was thinking, western support, go to the countryside, to the remote mountainous areas do three doctors to come back."
    "You countryside for three years, I will accompany you for three years."
    Summer smiled.
    "But back to the city, still feel comfortable living here. That man, from simple extravagance easy, from luxury to simple hard."
    "Well, not emotion, and sit, and I’ll scratch yours."
    Summer back to Zhang Hui, Zhang Hui thin Cabei to him, wiping wiping is not honest, you know, but they are now married, newlyweds ah, just ingest it, but for the past two days the conditions were not , that what he had, and now home, he would not have to go to work tomorrow, do something, can it.
    He kissed his shoulder from behind to hold up the hands of the towel long ago thrown to one side, touching his chest.
    "My dear, we go home, is not that something to celebrate about."
    "I’m patient."
    "I will be very careful not to oppress your wounds."
    "You say one day toss tired."
    "Just exercise, promote sleep ah."
    "I want to get this straight, do not turn good or bad."
    "All right, my dear, I think loving look."
    Summer pointed knees, grin out.
    "Wound pain how to do ?"
    Hui considered did not get his move, and quickly wrapped in a bathrobe after washing, a wonderful reflection of the bed. Small vintage biggest, it hurt his body, Ren Ren, since there are many opportunities to toss him, so as sofa to the window, and then to bed, where that matter.
    The living room to get first aid kit, summer heart behind.
    "Or I’ll come, I am a doctor, I have a good point of dressing."
    Zhang Hui in the door it, leaning on hands bedroom door, facing the summer heart smile.
    "Sister sub, I was of military origin, these things I will do first aid. Go, go talk to the object you call romance, do not bother my husband."
    Xia heart Going one step further, Zhang Hui decisive closing the door, the heart of the summer almost severing his nose.
    And he kicks the door a bit.
    "He told you the couple only a few days, he and I are brother and sister many years, on the deep feelings that I’m the most."
    Across the door, Zhang Hui came the faint voice.
    "Uncles son, did he give you twenty years brother, he would do me five years of love, who is the most profound feelings ?"

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    Zhan Shu frown, said : "I could have what I bad mouth it is today because he cooked them why they brought him so we do not know, how do you make a fool of fancy exercise, you ?...?? do not tell Hello this mouth ah ? "

    Xiao-Feng Song his eyes and said : "... Where we can, but really very curious to me that you really do not want that kid, simply give me."

    Zhan Shu looked sideways glance Xiao-Feng Song, Xiao-Feng Song straight to look a bit embarrassed, he said :. "You boy, curious you can, you can play, do not fucking thing to come up with ah"

    Xiao-Feng Song knew Zhan Shu is agreed, "Hey," laugh or two to ensure that said : " !.. How would you put one hundred heart, however, this matter may you and me ah"

    Zhan Shu "Well," a cry, "¥ ck say go. Too lazy to control you, but Hao Hao now do that line. I heard that inherited the legacy of their parents, who are willing to follow me, it is because whatever the outcome, in the past to help him. At the moment, you dignitaries, had to myself, and he said go. "

    Xiao-Feng Song raised his eyebrows and nodded, determined to win a careless look.

    Zhan Shu do not bother him, stopped and waved towards Hao Qin, Qin Hao stepped forward to, it should be a sound and well-behaved : " ? Master"

    Zhan Shu said : "Hao Hao, tonight there are not other things ?"

    Qin Hao heard heart paused, and said : "Nothing ah."

    Zhan Shu chuckle : " ? Well that is just, my brother all right, He wanted to chat with you how you kind of have no interest to accompany him.??"

    "Master ...... Well ...... I have nothing." Qin Hao heart Shu Qing Chu Zhanzi mean, just look at Zhan Shu slightly with a point of grievance. He had thought that since Master saved him out of his course work for the Master. To play from the heart, he is willing to serve only one master. Only now, he knew he did not choose.

    Zhan Shu Qin Hao did not control the mind, pushing Xiao-Feng Song on the Road : "... The people here, I will return to you, brothers still do tomorrow, you can take it easy," the last sentence, exhibition Shu child is to keep the sound Xiao-Feng Song Chong said.

    Xiao-Feng Song Zhan Shu ear was that hot mouth get the itch, I can not help shrink the shrink neck, actually a little fever. However, Zhan Shu soon left. Xiao-Feng Song did not understand exactly how their own thing.

    This time it touches Qin Hao spoke : "little master, we are going ?"

    Xiao-Feng Song saw under the lights Qin Hao pretty face partially buried in the shadows, he seemed particularly large eyes, long eyelashes and Alice, neck, collarbone looming, plus a little soft in that husky voice, has allowed to see Xiao-Feng Song silk tempting to. Xiao-Feng Song H’s brain felt a hot, people go out without thinking of pulling aside a hotel to go.

    Well hidden in the darkness of Zhan Shu, life watching this scene occurred, hint of sneer in his mouth off the edge, but everything is just beginning Bale.

    57, Chapter 51

    Xiao-Feng Song from the day they hide Zhan Shu days. Zhan Shu nothing, like, doing the doing. He knew from his mouth after that Qin Hao Xiao-Feng Song and find him a few times. Zhan Shu Qin Hao did not see, only on the phone that if Xiao-Feng Song nice to him, then followed him all right.

    Qin Hao Zhan Shu looking obviously not the purpose of this. But Zhan Shu’s words have been put down there, he can say anything ? However, Xiao-Feng Song really is also good for him. Moreover, Qin Hao is not silly. Xiao-Feng Song from the mouth, Sanxialiangxia put his identity to set out. Qin Hao Jingzhen of this. Xiao-Feng Song never thought he would be the son of party secretary.

    Zhan Shu Xiao-Feng Song, after all, in fact, expected to think was so old, did not expect him really keep a secret identity. Qin Hao know it, sooner or later. The Zhan Shu purpose would have been is. He said Qin Hao, since we know the identity, then you have to have a sense of proportion. Bully trouble, he can not help.

    Qin Hao mind clear these young master who will be able to move a finger to his life. Then, follow it carefully Xiao-Feng Song. Xiao-Feng Song because it is just involved in this circle, Qin Hao also exceptionally cordial. It estimated to be opened dirty, so I often talk to Qin Hao. Zhan Shu Qin Hao and sometimes contact it, intentionally or unintentionally, Xiao-Feng Song mention some things.

    So placid days in the past. In the fall of one day, Zhan Shu suddenly received his sister’s phone.

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    Perhaps many years stationed outside, on the battlefield, after all, mostly snow frost, Daoguang ghost, so dip nearly three decades, eyes naturally there is an air of faint kill Li, met with ordinary people, easy to its deterrence. But Ye Gucheng childhood until now, the political arena is also head licking the blood for many years, do not know where the hands of human life already, how will care about them, so only lightly :. "Princes Miuzan" The other outburst, Taiping Wang Xin By then a slight movement, which is a ’prince’ instead of ’Huang Shu’ intentions clear relationship between the two sites, apparently to remind him not to forget to do the monarch, freely crossed. . . Wang Taiping face the same smile, the eyes look has been quietly flash moment, the mouth smiles :. "The king was tonight at a banquet with the king and the prince into the camp, the first stop to freshen up."
    Ye Gucheng noncommittal, with the Taiping king slowly forward section of the road, and then boarded a lightweight traveling behind his own people accompanying forage brought wealth and other things to pack properly, a pedestrian mighty towards the direction of the barracks not far from the sea.
    Less than a quarter of an hour, driving them into the camp, all the way around, all the soldiers will not bow down, simply line military etiquette, the car is also slowing down the speed of the line slowly. Pacific king on horseback, in the hands of executive reins, a slight smile : "Do you want to ... Prince angry these military yokel I do not know etiquette, but is under the jurisdiction of the king’s army which has always been such a rule Bale . "Ye Gucheng look the same, sitting in an open-top car, flat voice :." ... Jiuhuang Shu move, does is to follow Han, Having submitted under the jurisdiction of Xiliu camp regarding "peace and ask to be king He laughed and said :. "Yes the original Han Emperor who succeeded sixth year, Hun incursions into the border, court orders are being examined LIU Li do generals, the troops Pa ; I wish hereby Hou Xu Li made general, garrison spine door ; Hanoi Prefecture Having submitted do generals, garrison Xiliu, so to guard against Hun emperor personally reward troops that day, to the barracks gate tyrants and spine, traveling straight into Chi, officers on horseback Pick, and later to Xiliu camp, sergeant officials foes wearing body armor, armed with a sword and crossbow opened, do not listen to the emperor Dahir, only later submitted his messenger, just open the gate of the camp ... "
    Ye Gucheng slight caress a little pull that hand, then he said : "... into the camp, Yi Yan emperor controlled the reins slowly, armed with weapons thereafter submitted his salute, say ’no thanks mediated helmet scholar, please . salute to see, ’ "Wang smiled and continued peace Interface :" ... the emperor whom move, change content type vehicle, people give thanks : "The emperor Jing Lao generals. "Into the ceremony away both the military gate, the ministers are scared Wen said :." Alas, this really generals now ! Nang by tyrants, military spine door, if gimmicky ear, which will be a solid hit and Krupp also. As Sayyaf, Ke Deer commit evil ? "... Although the king Fucai, the idea is willing to effect when the Han line Having submitted to the jurisdiction of the armed forces rule."
    Ye Gucheng hand stroked the literary brilliance cloud hanging around a rafter □ next, he said : "... there is this scene Huang Shu willing, naturally blessing of the court." They had just met so far since, words and deeds, are all secretly have hidden meaning, the heart of both sides, but also have a preliminary assessment of each other.
    On the evening banquet, the lights, the floor covered with red barbarian fishy blanket, as a pool of blood stains. Positive in the first position, each put on two major, naturally left statue located by the Prince’s first sitting. Although it is close in March, but after all, Qin chilly cold, so burning hot brazier still around, hanging hanging velvet curtain. Since the position of the border, and the barracks without much attention, so here Morohito not too uncommunicative, big clothes are out of the body, wearing only inside a single robe, all kinds of drinks dishes put on the table, filled the full taste of wine and meat. Wang Taiping is not to say, simply say a few words after the banquet will officially begin.
    Pacific king sitting on the thematic nature of the right hand at the hand holding the glass, look to Ye Gucheng and smiles : "Border tough Moreover, people always have money even to eat a rigid, this place can not be natural than in Beijing, Prince will look for the time being stop. "
    Ye Gucheng ice generally do not see any face expression, holding only a single glass, slender fingers firmly clasp the cup walls carved pattern, narrow eyes in enantioselective illuminated streamer, said : "... border bitter cold, solitary naturally understand."
    Peiqia seat is not much, but a dozen top army generals like nothing, but it should be a personal attendants attendants and others, add up enough to have sixty or seventy of the public. There is nothing particular about the military, the side that everyone has a beautiful woman to serve, Wang Taiping only side not to serve these women, as Ye Gucheng, but never let that were specially prepared for him, looks nearly the height of a woman body, her daughters is quiet, attentive man only dish cloth pour a time, the idea is not what the waves had made indecent behavior occurs.

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    Indeed, the desert is really a grueling, if not really have faith, how to live in such an environment it down.
    "Now ...... Fine, in fact, we have already died of it, thirst, heat, pain ...... these are illusions ?" Maserati suddenly looked up, blue eyes from a layer of mist.
    "We’re still alive," Fine consolation Lahti quickly, "the desert is such that it always test our hearts, if we are strong enough, it will allow us to go out. Do not worry about Maserati, going to the Chin State before this, you can not die. "
    Fine Latifah took the hand, two people sitting in the desert camels walk slowly.
    "You really incredible ...... Fine, that did not seem affected by the desert, or so beautiful." Latifah said suddenly, "Wizard is really perfect, any time is the most beautiful."
    Fine blushed and did not answer, then just look at the front.
    "Fine have people like you ?"
    Fine just looked at the front did not speak.
    "If to be happy like ......"
    While Latifah’s voice was light, but enough to walk in front of the Fine hear, feel, and hold themselves together in a loose hand, Fine quickly turned his head.
    Maserati body to the back, long blonde hair in the air to draw a perfect arc, her face pale, his eyes gently closed.
    The original body was dropped into the desert fall into a warm embrace, Fine catch at breakneck speed over the girl’s body.
    Gray dawn sky has emerged, looking at the arms of Fine weak girl sighed softly :. "...... In humans has been very good."
    Although the dark side, but that body was light, like a feather.
    "Maserati ...... ...... wake up" is the Sanskrit nice voice that had encouraged himself in the desert, once so hard
    With himself ......
    "Fine ......?" Maserati blue eyes open, found himself under a shade, cool and comfortable, Fine next looked at his hand wet towels. Farther on the grass, two camels are hard water in the pool.
    "...... Oasis ?" Latifah was incredible, Zhang confirmed blue eyes over and over again.
    Fine handed bag and said : "Yes oasis ...... but ......"
    "But ?"
    "However, not a human being."
    "what ?"
    Fine he smiled and said : "go and see this oasis owner ?" In
    Maserati curious thought for a moment and nodded, Fine Latifah took the hand stand up. Probably lush plant relationship, even sinister desert sun has a lot of soft, Maserati Fine follow through soft lawn, in front of a dense bush stopped.
    They crouched behind bushes, looking out small gap in the branches, a large lake, flat like a mirror, there are some things Latifah never seen standing water.
    Maserati had never seen such a creature, turned to look at his face is a look of curiosity Fine.
    This is a half deer half bird strange bird, it is the human face Zhang, Zhang deer head with horns, deer body, body covered with white feathers of birds, birds with long wings, below it Zhang the kind of storks feet long, stand in the water, so strange birds about five blankly standing there.
    Maserati Lara Fine clothes, pointed to his mouth, indicating that they want to speak.
    Fine Latifah quickly Wushang mouth, pointed to those strange birds. Latifah looked long pause did not find anything to Fine cast a puzzled look.
    Fine and pointed below them, Maserati discovered that those strange birds in the water actually is a human shadow, though vague, but because the lake is very smooth, it is possible to identify a pedestrian way.
    Two for a moment, according to the original way to go back, go back, camels have drinking water at rest.
    "This is too dangerous, we have a long way to walk it." Fine filled with water while the side road.
    Maserati nodded, although against the sinister sun walk too hard, but those strange bird strange, but people feel scared.
    So the two men quickly out of the oasis camels, into the arms of rolling sand again.
    "What is that ?" Maserati walking a few finally said Fine.
    Fine said : "That is the first thing I saw, very interesting, I’d read the book too."
    "This kind of thing rarely appear, even the wizard’s book did not detail, though this thing is half deer half bird, but both projected shadow in the water or under the sun, it is a humanoid shadow.

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    So generally you are familiar with how a woman and certainly do not make a condom, but on the outside looking in, there are those who should recruit women, it is best to spend this one, this is a special aphrodisiac use, but in order to deal with our own, instead of deal with a woman, you can either use it to add some fun, of course, deal with some strong woman, this powerful aphrodisiac or more so, this is the role of morning-after pill ...... you certainly know, you can not guarantee our own each time so lucky, although in most cases the United States is a woman with a pill or contraceptive patch to prevent this kind of thing, but you can not guarantee that every time you come across that women are already doing these measures, this when we need a man to run for ...... "

    Michael looked at the hands of a big push things, SUN felt his heart was shocked, and this is what is what, this is a man’s wallet yet ? This is simply stallion dedicated wallet ah, because of who it necessary !

    "Now these are given to you, my dear SUN, you want to strive to conquer a woman ...... bless you !"

    SUN did not refuse, so in fact the whole preparation, and all things powerful effect, SUN feel that they did not reject the interface. SUN looked far away look, Michael helpless smile, he can not help but recall his first time, and also seemed to be so nervous, even if at the time he had reached the "A piece of the world of reading to do, there is naturally no yards realm. "

    "Michael ......"

    Michael looked back, do not know when Sharon has come to his side, looking at Sharon’s chest again, Michael is still very embarrassing not know how to speak, because ever since that incident, he did not know , it is difficult Zhuomo Tou, Sharon between him and Sharon or he is in the end what kind of situation, and this is something I do not know what the situation is the most troublesome.

    "Michael, I did not expect your wallet inside it there are so many magic, what you often say that the Chinese word ? ’Goodie Bag’ is it, specifically to allow you to scourge decent women’s Goodie Bag."

    Michael smiled very embarrassing, to be honest, and women go to bed when he was turning back, but it was such a beautiful, but also had with him a little bit of the story of the woman criticism, he still felt somewhat shy.

    "You put things gave SUN, then what you make tonight ?"

    "Sharon, you do not forget, this is my house, that my villa in Goodie Bag There’s plenty of, if I need it, I can always get a new Goodie Bag. What’s more, those are Goodie bag finished, this villa but have my warehouse, and a lot of stuff inside the warehouse I did not go inside Goodie bag put, you know, with respect to the woman’s bag, men’s wallet is not able to install too many things. "

    "Mind took me to visit you at your warehouse ?"

    Sharon smiled and asked Michael, who had to admit that Sharon’s smile is very charming, fans have his sanity at that moment also trembling. He did not answer, just clutching the hand of Sharon, two people quickly upstairs ......

    "Jerry ? I am not wrong it, that person is your school women’s basketball practice it ? ***, Actually looks even higher than my head."

    Nate then put around him a circle of people’s eyes are drawn to just directly from them after the two men, hazy eyes are careful to distinguish a bit of Jerry, but also with a condescending look carefully looked at Nate - Robinson, a very malicious smile appeared on Jerry’s face.

    "Nate, I’m sorry, I do not want some things would have to say, but you have asked out, I think I should not have said it, makes you very sad."

    Jerry looked at the face, Nate - Robinson have known Jerry behind the dog mouth spit ivory will not come, but he was not rude to interrupt the discourse, he’s always been such a sacrifice myself, it’s a happy man .

    "Nate, you know that woman said to his full height, 185, 185 know what the concept is it our poor - Chris ?? Paul was 183 students ah ......"

    Jerry had to say this kid is definitely a big let guys are "disgusting", he not only put on the muzzle of Nate - Robinson, has also found time to actually attack the next Chris Paul - look.

    "Poor Chris, you know, 185 pairs 183 is a kind of what kind of concept it ?"

    Chris shook his head, and he also knew Jerry later estimated that no good words, he is certainly a direct hit, but in this party, always need a few people to make contributions, although Chris feels unlike Nate - Robinson so fun, but he is not a boring person.

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    Two fingers wide blade yellowish glaucoma revealing hidden there, it seems to create a metal alloy, brass or single texture can I forged silver equipment blade joint hilt for a mere three feet, although attacks than my hands bone sword higher, but such a fine woman with a sword, it makes me extremely smoothly, not simply play its power.

    It is another of the bronze soldier used Hercules, halberd armor, Level 35, 90 power demand, 78-119 attack, attack by 5%, and heavy armor damage to a bonus of 10%, 75 weight, durable 700 / 700. Metal color and gloss Sunder arrows of Hercules is very similar, presumably they are of the same alloy Birds, have the opportunity to ask this old blacksmith casting method.

    I had a profound lesson, I dare onrush. After several experiments, I finally understand why the statue suddenly launched. Every time I arrive at the original location of the oil lamp, which automatically sensing my hands the torch light, it will self-ignite, and it is the wake-up lights around four bronze fuze. 110 m long corridor distributed 24 bronze, I have been introduced to eliminate eleven organ chamber.

    More than two hours later, all of them have to get rid of these people is simply my copper Fortuna, each also the worst drop a bronze equipment, and each burst of bronze coins is very stable, is five . I can not help but sigh, that if mausoleum good, there are a large number of soldiers to take any of my commission cutting, even every day to deal with these batting copper, I also willingly.

    The end of the corridor is a small temple, it is not seen on television opposite the magnificent palace hall, tomb hall area of about more than two hundred square meters, more than 10 meters in the middle inlaid with 8 Dianding dazzling teeth glowing pearl, just surrounded by a circle, like a bright moon, soft light illuminates every corner of the hall, colorful landscape murals on both sides, are now slim, very clear.

    In addition to the open hall on the steps in front of me in place of the table with a case, nothing else. After Anzhuo, the hollow precious leopard sitting in the armchair is impressively imposing extraordinary general Necromancer that put the wrapped Xuanqing black scabbard Sword safely on the case. His left side there is a small door made of mahogany are closed, it is crafted from luxurious extent that, the room door after possession is given an extraordinary thing.

    As I looked around, looking for traces of the Undead army, the generals already Undead Wojian in hand, standing mighty lifeless shriveled face actually hint of strange smile, sarcasm, contempt, or praise pleased me no way guess, to see him fight leisurely stand, body trim, proud and self-dew, anger and prestige, surging momentum toward come, let me breathe heavy pressure following the difficult, like the face of a mighty force me to sprint together nowhere to run the kind of timid heart, momentum suddenly weakened to a low heart, simply can not afford a trace of resistance to the idea Xing, powerlessness I feel very depressed, if not awe-inspiring heart automatic transfer, against most of the pressure, I I am afraid will collapse immediately, and ran back to the run. I carefully guards the corridor, staring nervously Undead General’s every move.

    Undead slowly down the steps saw General, mummy-like body action but as ordinary people is no different, and even more dexterous. Hands holding the sword loose, it does not seem to attack what I mean, let my heart a little set, before perk up. Maybe he told me no harm, if not so, as long as he was forced out of a sea full of momentum, will be able to defeat me. Undead generals stood about 10 meters in front of me, withered right hand pointed at my hands crocodile bone sword, Bo Jian made the gesture.

    For his strange movements puzzled me, what I want to do sword ? Does he feel invulnerable, I want to verify with a sword, I’d be happy to try it ; but if he is living in a ghost town, difficult to go, do you want me to leave his sparring, and if he was spotted, detained in this, it not only never see the light of this not to be the tomb of the living dead, became his buried ; I told him to be singled out are impossible ah, I have absolutely no doubt that he has a spike my strength.

    Just when I was wild speculation, he was matchless momentum again I locked under air-traction, as long as I slightest movement will be under his Armageddon blow. By hell ! Even by the ghost threat, pity me or had been hailed as "China area first master," it is really a disgrace player’s face. In desperation, had to put down his sword oblique waiting for his reaction.

    Chapter 34, General San Soul

    Undead General to see me, "obedience" to allocate bone sword, a powerful air-slightly loose, golden eyes locked like a crocodile bone sword-like substance.

    Dragons cry pierced the quiet atmosphere resounded through the ears, even desolate strong voice filled with sorrow and hatred, but at this time, the hall dark moment, or just my eyes emerged endless darkness.

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    Tonight I if it is strong pressure from his arrogance, the consequences could be disastrous ! The reason why I do not want to make early decisions, but also afraid of his favor, and I rely on their own merit, more and more arrogant conceited, from becoming king of a country should have the breadth of mind and farther away. In this regard the king, made much I pleased. "He do not have meaning watching me," I have proposed to marry the princess back before he had made Prince conditions, but also on whether the qualifications he became crown prince test. Monarch of a country, if simply an affair of their own, how can the leaders of the world ? "
    I feel reminded his mother, thought Liang Lanxi, frowning thought, what the people set an example, but that is a pretext to consolidate power.
    Jiangde has sharp authentic : "Ling libation seems disagree."
    I thought : "If it is not really love, but unfortunately, inviting only eight years ago, the king is a lesson."
    Jiangde looked at me for a while, could not help but laugh : "Imagine Zhenkan of talent across battlefields not the world, if this was actually innocent !" He swept away the face of anger, turned the subject said, " you can take the initiative to see I, I will certainly have understood the intention, but also a recognition of the true relationship between you and me. "
    I have a cold, touched his waist Jiangde gift of jade, looked into his eyes : "This expedition Wei Chen saw the master, through his talk, Wei Chen know, the original Pingyao Princess is my biological mother However, the emperor saw my side, how do I know where I came from ? "
    Jiangde ditan : "I Yixianzhixia on the set, your appearance and demeanor, General Zhou Tao exactly the same, but in the forehead with the shadow of my sister Wong, how wrong juvenile children, I find you a few years cents ? no results, once thought you had died in the camp that day to find that you are standing in front of some actually can not believe. "
    I was very alert Jiang Germany, Suddenly he called out, "juvenile children", are not a hot eyes, whispered : " ? ...... Emperor really talked to me."
    Jiangde nodded slowly, sad : "The week after General die for his country, Wong Mei heartbroken but never revealed, the only I can do for her is to make every effort to find you expect your son reunion but unfortunately the last neither. find you, nor can reclaim Wong mei sanity. "
    I was sour : "Wei Chen, had seen her, but she did not know, if he did not know the others ........"
    Jiangde smile : "The future often to see her stop, mother nature, perhaps she would recognize what day you .— Yan know this one ?"
    ’The question let me back half of alertness immediately subconsciously said :. "I do not know."
    Jiangde thought : "He never met your father, I also think he does not know, otherwise you will not ......" He did not continue down, just standing thoughtfully paced several, suddenly said, "Ling Yue."
    "Wei Chen in."
    Jiangde eyes majesty : "This expedition active, I said you could pick any office, you want moving in what position ?"
    I thought for a moment, smiled gently :. "Chen is not what you want to post, but the emperor wanted to give the minister what position."
    "Do you think I’ll give you what level ?"
    "It depends on the emperor ready to reuse the minister to what extent."
    Jiangde eyes flash, suddenly asked : " ? What is your real name is."
    I looked at him calmly and said :. "Zhao Yan"
    Jiangde look microseismic seems never thought I would frankly admit that approach forward and said : " ! Which Zhao Yan."
    My mouth Qing Yang : "South Vietnam Wang Ling !"
    Jiangde stepped back, clenched Throne handrail, look look complicated : ! "Sure enough, it is no wonder I could not find juvenile children in South Vietnam Ling Wang, Wei Guojun team is the only place where fear of South Vietnam, I had and all. Like, as you will have to get rid of obstacles ! "
    I low laugh : "So the emperor instrument true princess to marry me, again prompting Huangxiong thought he was unstable status, this trick on me ruthless Collateral, used quite unobserved."
    Jiangde sighed, shaking his head : "I know that if you are juvenile children, will never harm you use this instrument means the original will really betrothed to you, you never thought his son Zhao Huan suspicion so serious.." He Ci and look me, "but if not so, I still can not find the imperial couple’s blood sister, you would not regret a lifetime ?"
    I lowered my eyes, unwilling to let him see the eyes of the mood : "Sleight, probably so stop."
    Jiangde warm words : "True children though living in South Vietnam, marry the wrong avatars, in fact, was your wife as long as I help you complete the great cause of the future can take her back, when I presided over the wedding for the two of you again. "
    I was shocked and said : "The emperor ......"
    Jiangde looking sank : ? "Is how you fit South Vietnam, I do not want to recognize this uncle, or really dislike instrument at the child’s body has been non ?

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    Together with the ban day, staring at the curved arm holding Anxia place for a moment, then with one side, I do not know what to think.
    Curved steal a glance ban two days, even if the ban day convergence momentum, or kind of people should not be underestimated feel valued.
    "An Shushu, Who is this, I feel very powerful," secretly falling Anxia curved shoulders, leans his ear channel.
    Anxia know can hear today, so hold back laughter, "This is the big devil, very powerful very powerful big devil."
    "Ah ?" Curved automatic help from some of the forbidden days away, very quietly asked, "that he would be eating it."
    Anxia not help grinned, "Yes ah, most like to eat a little girl like you."
    Glanced ban day one, he was looked faint smile Anxia fingers touch his lips, Anxia sudden strange feeling. Look away from him, "This is my brother, you call him uncle ban days just fine."
    "Well, Uncle ban days."
    "Curved, where someone bully you ?"
    "No, they are very nice to me, take me as a disciple of the master, when told the others, so no one would dare to bully me," a child or know of these things, so the King of Ghosts was very grateful.
    "Well, that talk about spiritual ghost world where the fun of it."
    Some ghosts will be encountered along the way, to see the curved are respectful salute, before leaving, Anxia peace of mind, crooked does not bullied.
    "There are a lot of ah, I see uncle with Ice wonders," is curved bouncing around, fly fast forward speed Anxia pulling. Ban day leisurely with one side of Anxia delivery to the eye blind.
    "Just before", it is a very cold place, seemingly Spirits sector has been very cold, cold cold. Across a glacier, the glacier is extremely wide, the following is the abyss, the following can be seen standing on the edge of glaciers ice blue ice, glacier really is.
    "This is the first place I heard punishment, waste opinions cultivation dropped able to come up," calm curved road.
    After a glacier, poke shade of the hill, I saw the curved Anxia say Ice wonders, it is probably the Spirits of the most beautiful scenery. On a piece of black branches without leaves, covered with white ice, so ice laden trees spread to far away, one eye looked overwhelming are shining white. Just as beautiful rime.
    "Uncle, oh more than that", crooked smile, stood in the forest, at the trees and shouted, "ah ....", to see the forest had a quiet start Ice fog, fog is not in fact, but Ice fall feel foggy. Ice trickled like petals begin to fall, the ground began a vast expanse. Curved happy going round in circles in the forest.
    "Uncle, is not very pretty."
    Anxia nodded, "Yes ah, very beautiful."
    Some ice does not fall to the ground, but began drifting into the air, the whole Ice forest hazy smoke, makes a kind of unreal feeling.
    Curved dancing in the forest, the so-called dance just going round in circles fills the simple white dress she turned into a flower.
    "If I have a daughter, so she must have been so happy," Anxia help channel.
    Ban day Ce Toukan a look at him, did not interface does not know what to think.
    "But just think about it, I heard that the practice of life the child is very troublesome, and now there is no way to settle down, and no one is willing to give birth.", Anxia self-deprecating smile, counted, he did not know how old also lonely, but the practice of the people will be able to endure loneliness, no way.
    Female practitioner is very popular with the people care, not only because of less, but also because one child, female practitioners have great harm, if not a very loving, otherwise students are reluctant child.
    Ban day frown, Anxia pat on the shoulder.
    Qunjiao carrying curved over her long, long time not so happy.
    "Uncle, uncle, I’ll show you something else," pulling Anxia curved hand, he began to ran down a goal.
    Really, only the black community spirit ghost gray white, heavy depression, and cold, curved so make a little girl has been staying here really bad.
    "Uncle, we go to Cold Spring," "there are ghost forest, ghost forest predecessors most fun, magic will look curved, curved back to tell the story."
    Before curved actually very afraid, and hateful, cold face all day so did not speak without laughing, amused a lot of people to her goal. Curved actually quite happy.
    "Uncle, why are you here ?" He asked curved, tugging the skirt going round in circles, hang out a lot of repair saw a ghost, are exceptionally surprising, it has a curved so cheerful side.

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     ? "" I am not who you are ? "I looked at the tray of food, he replied that the lotus. A sound, better hair, hee hee." What lotus ah, black whistling, you eat it. "" Very good eating, and ah. "Yes, such a word a word to pronounce, it is very smooth. Rattus said," ordinary people gentile ! "He picked me thorns, and I do not intend to ignore him, buried continue to eat, I eat quickly and leave, it seems that old school reunion today is not the time." Hey, Xu also ! "Rattus next to the worn leather jacket suddenly said," You see this guy look like your brother that friend ? Ok ? "I fired a bunch of eyes ED over. I looked up Xu also, he shot the eyes to look at and study. I waved at him, and now recognize it." Xu Xu also ...... ...... you ... ... also ...... "" Do you know Kejia it ? "Nani ? I’m sorry forgive me used a Japanese word. I shook my head said," I, no, no, do not know. I ...... you ...... "" finished, let’s go ! "Xu suddenly stood up, his hands stuck in the pocket and left. Hey, you do not accept what tray ah ? Suit, a few of his buddies children are Da Lala gone, leaving five empty tray. I eat while thinking, yes, but also to where Xu brother ah ? he was not an only child it ? there Kejia Who ? long with me ? I’d like to see, in addition to the mirror to see me unexpectedly can see me. I have food to eat spotless, and then pick up their trays, ended the garbage station. I walked think I rushed Xu also Baishou how he did not talk to me, but there are a few Chong he waved, and he knew the guy stuttering ah ? I would not think so TANG rafters do ! "boom ! "Ow ...... pain is killing me." Ha ha ha ...... "behind came the laughter. I take a closer look, the glass door canteen. Why polished so clean it ? Dingy rushed out of the dining hall, and soon all right, anyway, so I’m not the first time, and my mother always said I missed a chord children. strange, people are not what instrument, how it will be composed of children from the string. When he first entered the dormitory, I found yesterday did not keep two fish a loudly denounce me :. "Andy too ! "My two fish which they branded as Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau is red, he does it, no more. I do not have people around to answer, because no one inside the dormitory. I am more depressed ground class, after school when I quickly ran out, will my buddies little strong. "Xiaoqiang ! ! ! ! "I saw him at the station a shout. People around Dole. Xiaoqiang took over I said," I tell you several times and whispered something. "" Oh, yes. "I hold him to apologize." I blame my parents, they gave me the name of such a child. And you, call me later, even the name called together. "I think he can not blame his parents, Who was not yet Stephen Chow and his Flirting Scholar yet. Xiaoqiang is a good man, he gave me a minute to find a job, distribute small ads, a penny. I want to become self-reliant, a lot of money, the raising of my parents. of course, this saying earlier point. Xiaoqiang also requested me ate, I ate two mung bean pancake faces. I’ll have to repay him back, it was late, dormitory needs to pass through a small woods. I quietly walked. suddenly the woods to find somewhere has happened, I scrape together the past, slowly, the moonlight, I saw two men playing Ben children. I scared jumped back on a positive jump to the wet mud, slip me a big fart squatting children. the two men certainly can not let me get up and walk away, I saw the front of a four legs, four Bigfoot, surprisingly, this girl, so how big feet ? take her with my feet than the ratio, bigger than me ? I could not help but lifted his head ? I was scared a two-hop. hop, because one is also Xu, another jump, because another, is actually a man ...... [2] is not much screen time is such that I want two people eyeing staring sitting in the pit I darkness, I felt murderous, but we actually nobody spoke, I stood up and quietly turned and walked slowly, make sure they do not have the time to catch up, I ran like an arrow back to the hostel that night I did not how to sleep, dark eyes that always play Ben children scene two men. later, I finally fell asleep, ears suddenly heard a loud clap of thunder "TANG rafters ! Up heavy sleep ! "I drowsily opened his eyes and saw a room full of people laugh

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    He sank a little more money, said : "Come on, there are good chances you keep it yourself."
    Kick kick stake money : "I say, you can not provoke me with Kai relationship."
    To the New Year, according to the company to give them practice those customers who send some sort of a souvenir calendar, if a very important person in charge will be added to something else, someone gave money think since, that Zhang Ning to fall is not good, you got two Quebec, let him give a place to live Zhang Ning sent a basket of flowers.
    Chinese New Year is the busiest live, but also not too concerned about money, I did not expect just this once, to poke a big basket.
    Spring did not take long time, know that money from the stake, two Quebec flowers, she met the wife of Zhang Ning, which is the fate, the two do not know how to Trick the fire.
    The stake to worry, "you say there are so unlucky kids do ? Also playing for real, and not the two have to get married, the woman by her parents beaten black and blue, and you want to see, they have felt the poor, poor photo on the line ? you look at it, that’s not a good crop Zhang Ning, quasi forever ...... I let two Quebec first Duo Duo, he would not listen, as do say will be responsible in the end ...... "
    Listen brain hurt Jen money, no wonder the heart that it was time to call him Zhang Ning is not it, turned out to be the backyard on fire, more money does not know what he is feeling quite numb so listen up.


    Chapter 59

    Since a thing out of it, you have to listen to more money, did not take too much to heart, plus two Quebec that guy that they want to move out, greeted on the packages to be moved, more money It will not bother to control, after all, people’s private affairs, and blending with Zhang Ning, how he wanted to be inside how not stir.
    It was so still did not escape being brought to two pickets Quebec that time, I found myself more money the boss uncomfortable, especially Zhang Ning’s wife saw the whole person from the body to the face is stiff.
    Liu Li is a very quiet pretty woman, his face is playing the bruises and caring for his two Quebec it, few words, people looked at it touches gentle and considerate.
    Two Quebec was hit not light, lying in bed, although early in the hospital bandaged, but glance gooey blood is scary.
    Stake psyche hurt his brother, and persuaded a few two Quebec, to reassure him possessor.
    LIU stake subsequently cried out, money is not immune to hide, and he kept the former stake to let him help, helped to convey a message so that more money accommodation, money is not a solution, bite the bullet and come.
    LIU eyes were red, written in advance of the divorce settlement money to speak more talk, so much that he has endured the tears so big, no one done crazy things, and now she is ready to sacrifice everything, she thought he thought of the day.
    Listen to my heart more money straight sour.
    Followed by a few words of comfort stakes, and then came out, more money, said : "My brother is not doing authentic, Liu Li divorce not give up and run, but you can see, she is a widow, and it stands to reason that people should not marry Zhang Ning ...... dog in the manger stuff, I’m determined to pull people aside to avenge my brother can go ...... ...... "
    Stake embarrassed sigh, "They Choi big trend, I am his mother considered a bird, you can only beg you, do not think you can give say move, so I a brother, I do not want to grow bigger , if the other side can be endless, I can not be too NAO ...... "
    Bite the bullet and money, he said : "Do not worry, I will help in the end of the help."
    Money unprecedented initiative to Zhang Ning called and money tight little incoherent, Zhang Ning touches altogether, straightforward, said : " ? For two Quebec to do it."
    Money down suction air.
    Zhang Ning vagueness : "The more money, either knew you as a person, I am his mother have felt you have deliberately, you say what you send a bad person, so you send something to send me home broken baskets ...... "
    Money blocked speechless, Zhang Ning is a fire in my belly to be made, so that more money directly to his home to go to work.
    Zhang Ning money knew where home, but go for the first time, on the road when the money specifically to buy a point Zhang Ning favorite fruit cake or something, driving a van passed.
    More money to place, press the doorbell, no one will open the door.
    Zhang Ning hair pack still so agile, the people are a top elite posture, did not look like his wife who ran away with the hapless, eyes glancing money.
    Money was guilty looking up, looking down into the busy slippers put on, take off your own shoes for a time do not know which place, the rise of money glanced Zhang Ning, Zhang Ning leaning against the door, do not ignore him.
    Money had to casual shoes and slippers on the door position.
    Zhang Ning did not let him inside, more money is slightly embarrassing walked a few steps, I heard a bang sound, Zhang Ning shoe hidden door open, the more money will fall into the smelly shoes go.

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    Temporary home away any unseen circumstances Chu Chee How, only to see the Han stood motionless, as if what makes him unable to speak nor instant action happened.

     Ren far asked : "how ?"

     Han did not answer the more, so blankly stood for a few seconds, suddenly swooped a stride forward, knees followed by a soft, splash kneel at the edge of the bath.

     Ren far just one look, I just felt a lump from the bottom of my heart pounced, he almost failed to stand.

     I saw the bath water has been dyed with a touch of red, Chu Chi pajamas lying inside, head upturned, as if sleeping peacefully face. His elbows resting on the edge of the bathtub, but the wrist hanging in the water, on top of a shocking bloody bite marks, look terrible bleeding, depth might have been snapped off a blood vessel.

     Korea seems to have been hacked more spent, the people are not mentally awake, and tried several times to hold out the water from the Chu Ci, but because his hands shaking violently but did not succeed. Ren finally rushed away before the Chu Chi wrist fished from the water, snapped the command : " !!! To call the hospital emergency arrangements plasma and go now, and fast"

    Text boxes
     If the last time Chu Ci bleeding to the hospital, but my heart still more panic Han remorse, decided repentant, then the attempted rescue of Han Chu Ci more fatal blow is the.

     Ren far personally follow up the first stage of surgery, and it lasts more than an hour out of the operating room, he saw the Han also sit on the verandah of the armchair, looked straight Leng Leng air. He vaguely stained jacket Chu Ci wrist blood coming down, the whole face is pale gray lifeless defeat, contrasting too daunting.

     Ren From a distance looks like his heart to gas : " ? Hey, where you sit and do it Tingshi ah !"

     Han Yue Ting If you do not smell, no response.

     Ren force far behind him a heavy shot, snapped muffled ! Han Meng more step forward and fell, this once answered a God : "...... you how out of Chu Ci it ??!"

     "Die !" Ren far snappily said, "You should be glad he is not entered the bathroom will immediately snapped vessels, or you put a half hour to go in person as early as no gas ! Is better off vein, nerve tissue contusion, there may be a period of time so do not force the affected side, to take good care for some time. there is no danger of the suture blood vessels, I called two of the authority of the old doctor sewed his skin it. "

     Motionless staring at the Han Ren distance for several seconds, then he nodded and said : "Oh !" And then burst into, slowly slide down along the wall.

     Ren far asked : "This is how you play is engaged or you can not stand the torture and figure out what’s new tactics ???"

     Han more trembling shoulders, saying nothing, just shook his head in there.

     "If you were not my friends, to be honest I will now stay in the operating room, and then directly to a telephone to provoke the police and tell them you do **. Did you see what kind of mess you were not, the body multiple soft tissue scratch ! - this is nothing, the key is infection, fever, so you want to fix any death, but the fever would burn human Han two you gave me about, what is the big thing to trouble any death to just give up ? "

     Han more silent for a long time, just trembling voice said : "He said that in front of the family broke up with me ......"

     Ren stunned for a few seconds away, nodded and said : " ??? Is the break up, does that break up ...... then you get mad man locked up handcuffed to the bed also threatened to break up handcuffed him for a lifetime"

     Han more speechless.

     "You say how people work so Bitter Chu Tandao Korea more you do such a despot Oh ?!" Ren sighed and shook his head away, asked : " ? You said that you do not really like people."

     Han hesitated a long time the only heavy nodded.

     Ren far do not understand : "You will not hesitate to do so long man is going to die, and then you find Oh In fact, you love the wrong person, right ??!"

     "...... No, no. I thought I got him into this, it is ...... I really can not say I ......"

     "You can not say like other people." Ren goes away automatically help him, "Well, you tentatively considered Chu work is really a bit - to see that you die Qindie gentile, I think you really there are. but the more you have not thought about Korea, and now people stay by your side is a dead, his suicide did not succeed this time, then next time ?

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     On the river Twilight hesitantly tender looks, let Jiang couples from the goose bumps. No matter gallant, non-rape or theft ! Jiang Chen, his wife Jiangdu vigilant back at his son, what things ? Just ask Mrs. Jiang that effort, Jiang Chen has soared played a slap in the back river twilight, he angrily, "Yang Yan Jiang ! You shut up ! You dare, I put you out of the house ! "

     Mrs. Jiang Press gently press the temple from early morning today, her son is Yang Banzai, and now the name - Yang Yan Jiang, Jiang’s home on the name they came in third. She managed to deliberately forget, Jiang Chen is now to turn the hook out.

     Play is not heavy, useless what strength. Also, if you spend the strength to beat.

     Side focus, Jiang twilight watching his father, he did not say is what happened, how his father knows what he will say ?

     Jiang Chen was trembling with rage appearance let Jiang’s wife very worried, and quickly change the subject, said : "Maple late, you go first or let the Clippers send you home quickly solve a bunch of things, you do not expect to get married when Shinning heard some bad things let him not liking it. "Jiang pushed out into the twilight to go alone on deck. The 8c7

     Let his son go out, Mrs. Jiang Jiang Chen look back into the cabin to lie down, and these days everyone is tired, deal with this long-winded Jiang Chen Yang Dafu more tired and tight. Jiang’s wife looked on deck trick questioning the boatman’s son, although she wanted to say anything on the river Twilight curious, she was more curious about how Jiang Chen Jiang twilight exactly know what to say ?

     This time they brought two ship, the return trip will take one, she left to ship Shinning use, the couple will ride together in this one the. Jiang Chen for many years and never in the same room, she looked inside the cabin under hesitated, stroking temples beautifully Ronghua, this is Zhenniang leaving her to wear a specially. With girlish shyness, she entered the cabin.

     Jiang Chen lying against the inside of the bed, leaving half of the bed gap. She sat down at the edge of the bed, gently said, "Maple late to say what angered you so angry ?" In fact, not have to ask, is so dry it sit a bit embarrassed.

     "This kid abacus is really fine -, married into the boy his surname not eligible sub Jiang family home !" Listening to Mrs. questioning, Jiang Chen turned and very well done to.

     Separation ? Funny Mrs. Jiang, Jiang twilight play such idea, she was not unexpected, however, know how Jiang Chen Jiang twilight say is the separation ?

     To ask the lady eyes, angry Jiang Chen immediately turned his back on his wife did not speak. Mrs. Jiang Jiang Chen not to say looked like she did not want to ask anymore, she never talkative woman. Reached for one side of the river stood Chen coat folded, this time, Jiang Chen muffled, "then you are pregnant maple night had never been seen, so I was with my father said to the separation, this kid of talking and I looked and then a look. "

     Looked back to her husband’s shadow, his eyes reddening leaves forest, with love moving, Chen Jiang hand pat on the shoulder, then do not mention also put out. Slowly turned, Jiang Chen tender looks instantly becomes unspeakable embarrassment, along the river Chen’s eyes, she turned around, Jiang Chen stood against the door, do not know when he will come, she stare twilight of the river, "you’re not excused ? how still here ?" Anyhow, they are his biological parents, right, there is such a rare opportunity to eliminate past resentment, this kid do not know to avoid it ?

     Jiang twilight mother unhappy expression did not mention the word, "Mother, give me some money."

     Also, Jiang twilight belongings are repairing a dowry, who belongings were also searched Shinning go, the rest of those who have been left black tiger, Zhao Kui clear the way for Yao expense. He looked at his son, Jiang Chen teeth itch, the elbow outwardly kid !

     Son looked to be silver with her, Mrs. Jiang slowly, "I bring that to the elements the whole left Zhenniang Shinning dowry - the" penniless Nianger Liang Chen watching the river. Watched his wife took out his pocket money bag and handed Jiang twilight, Mrs. Jiang Chen speechless watching her son orders, "Go now, go back immediately, agile handling things, you do not forget that old man on human skill, is to find out what your own pocket. "

     Took the thick purse, Jiang twilight turned to jump aboard a large boat, a few boatmen work up quickly shook paddling forward.

     Jiang twilight finally gone, Mrs. Jiang also relieved, turned to smiling husband, Jiang Chen was nervous smile, beautiful rivers and lakes that had no desire to read, or the rest of it.

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    He intends to do more good things in the future, if not for their own sake, but also for military armor and two children accumulate enough merit. When are you give me a face, bury the hatchet it, do not . "
    "I want to clear two scores, but I do not believe Du Mountain."
    "When was the letter to me, okay ?"
    "Why do you believe Du mountain ?"
    "Why ? With Du hill and I was ten years old, he Naju true, Naju false, I understand."
    " ??? You know Wei brothers felt that they understand it, is not it what he deceived his credit," Yang empty quips : "He is injured, Duchenne also suffered a huge blow, he did not want to show weakness have to show weakness, and so one day he can recover, is my death. "
    White left the cold had confidently be able to convince the other party, which look tired : "You in the end to what you seem to believe how innocent, you let him almost bankrupt, almost desperately ......?"
    "What I can not believe !" Yang empty adamantly refused and said : ! "I believe he means that the risk, once when I went to, but also no reason to dare to take risks I never said I was innocent, no matter whether you say that we dogfight , he is one of the means to topple me to protect themselves ! I owe Bo Lantau, before he did not pay off, I can not collapse. "
    White left some cold furious : " ? Ah you when I’m dead I tell you, he wants to move you, to kill me, you want to move him, too !"
    Just go fast compound entrance, air Yang was going to say anything, but was some dispute over who interrupted.
    This alert rigorous military compound, if any strange face appears, must show passes, and this passes by the hospital to live in military or military families the certificates, take two days to get the approval process too, so visitors often cut by soldiers down. After frequently out in front of the class changing of the guard soldiers are mixed Lianshu, you can not take the passes.
    White left cold twitched him : "Hear no ?"
    Soldiers that was stopped visitors explained :. "Please call your friend, let him come out to meet you."
    And that Peizhao Xiao Diyan visitors to the soldiers, "Comrades, I do not lie to you, I really have friends who live there ! I came back from overseas, and he had no contact for many years, did not know his phone, but I know what one building……"
    Several tough guard soldiers blocked his way : "Sorry we can not release !!"
    It was a tall man, looks handsome, dignified appearance, skin side black. Yang empty straight stared at him - he said out of that building, how so familiar ?
    White left the cold casually glanced outside the gate, and Yang would like to say empty words stuck in his throat, his eyes Doudi a loss.
    The man swept away corner of my eye, and slowly turned his head, saw the two people not far. His eyes flashed a moment of joy, instead contradiction between Yang and the white left cold air exchange, awhile, his face filled with a confident smile, waved dramatically exaggerated : "left cold !"
    Yang air immediately reflect that man, he looked frightened white left a cold, suddenly sank.
    White left cold Mianwurense, unconsciously muttered : "Fang fog ......"
    Party Fog will hand cigarette onto the floor and ground it out, apologetic smiles :. "I"
    White left cold father was head of the military, the soldiers naturally to him very much respect, brush King, a ritual, "Hello ! I’ll release !"
    Yang grabs empty white cold left hand, eyes lengli : " ! White left the cold."
    White left this cold wake up, waved, shortness of breath to even two tone : "No ! I’m sorry, I do not know him !"
    Yang took his turn and flee empty ships go fast, cold white left unexamined out of a cold sweat, do not know how he got home, dove into the sofa, as if the spine is pumped general body limp.
    Yang empty nervously the doors and windows were shut tight, as if nothing can stop this plague, he was pale and tense, three-step and two steps walked hold white sofa side bent left cold, "left cold ......" His call sound, I can not help trembling voice : "you do not ...... you do not ......"
    Do what ? He could not, panic indescribable spontaneously shot through every nerve !


    Ward, Du Yin lying on the bedside leaned Wu A face, "Wushu Shu, would you like fries with that ?"
    A Wu shook his head : "too much anger."
    Du Yin asked : "Chocolate does ?"
    Wu A still shaking his head : "too sweet."
    Du Yin asked : "Strawberries do ?"
    A military think this is also more reliable, he said :. "Ah, that eat a few"
    "Good !" Du Yin should be a sound, carry bags of fruit to run to the bathroom.

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    Inter-field atmosphere suddenly one of the loose, people have a toast, but the twinkling of an eye, it seems only just as nothing had happened in general, the current string and wind harps sounded again, is a group of beautiful dancers approached , sleeves Douzhuan, UFA clouds, incense powder mixed with the gas Jiuyao, filled full house. Here is a man, a group of men get together, pour the wine down a pass, no matter what their hearts Chuaizhuo mind, but at least on the surface during which the atmosphere is actually very easy active up, everyone Tuibeihuanzhan have a say in public somewhat dirty vulgar jokes to Bo public music, Morohito laughed, revelry also a bit thicker.
    Gradually, someone here has emerged a bit tipsy, Taiping Wang look to the side not far from the Ye Gucheng, Stern Face lonely white men, remains a lucid manner, he could not help but smile, spoke and said : "Prince today drinking much, presumably not used to stop here for food and wine. "Ye Gucheng one pair of Jian Mei Rake up slightly, her eyes cold as bright as stars, heard, lift the front of the case stood Jinzun, the inside of the left residual drank wine, subsequently light, said : "... solitary way line, now has felt Laofa."
    Pacific king listened, with a chuckle : "That being the case, it is also the feast scattered." Ye Gucheng fingers and on the sleeve, and said :. "Ye"
    Dead of night, people scattered, Ye Gucheng back to stay at their preparation, just a door, he told :. "... Incense, dressing" voice side down, have been taken from the pro players on a good point sandalwood , mounted on copper brave incense burner, and then two more will be eligible for a new white robe soft hand thin flat stretch, on the furnace little by little he argued with, not even a piece of clothing or miss. Ye Gucheng co-head slightly to the side of the trunk arms launched by a few personal attendants for his deft solution to the clothes, one by one except □ on accessories.
    Wait until the body during the banquet were infected with a touch of alcohol have been exhaustively off his robes, after which only the personal clothing, Tan Ye Gucheng This has been used to put a good aroma robes, so that the body no longer any other hint of flavor. This time it was sent hangover with sour soup, Ye Gucheng drank freely, then subsequently play back the crowd, leaving only one person in the Chu Yang Song this talk.
    "Today peace from God the king arrived here when it until just have been secretly multi suppress every word hidden language front, their hearts machine domineering, proud temperament squat evident." Song Yang Chu said, as he take a cushion, Ye Gucheng serve with sat.
    Someone outside Duanle Yi pot against a good temperature of the hot water came in, carrying a copper pot and cooked in boiling water, subsequently Dunshen as Ye Gucheng eleven off the boot socks, roll up Kujiao, this bowed down . Ye Gucheng feet will be immersed in a silver basin among the hot water, then closed his eyes closed, the body slightly backward, leans on the back of the back, before the opening of the next Song Yang Chu said : "This solitary bit Jiuhuang Shu, this ... "he did not go down that plane nor had any representation, but Chu Song Yang follow in his side for many years, we know that some men have a slightly angry. Chu Song Yang end brew good tea, Lengran tone, said : "just above the banquet, Wang Taiping actually insolent Thus, under ..." to trick people deliberately modeled Ling Ye Gucheng describe, though not broken once said, but where Yuling Ye Gucheng embarrassed to make insulting meaning, but it is clearly too obvious, if only for the time I do not know Ye Gucheng, bear down, it will make people think bullied, and if the spot was furious, as Boran color, that will have to take a real actor with his similar assertion, disgrace. Fortunately, just in the banquet will immediately Ye Gucheng sword beheaded people, without leaving hands gave the king a peaceful mind ruthless counterattack force, otherwise, it would certainly have been a tremendous loss tonight face, as everyone was laughing stock. Ye Gucheng nature aloof, when encountered anyone would dare to do this face to face insults and other things, and a thought so far, Chu Song Yang heart will be under the wrong reasons, Wang can not help but hate peace to that extreme.
    Foot Soak them in hot water, the solution seems to lack a lot, it also seems to be very physically and mentally down gradually loosened. . . Ye Gucheng took tea, sip : "... Now to each other Jie scruples, not ruthless when the two sides." Slender fingers playing with cups, white hands pull that inadvertently knocking the cup wall issue I heard a slight Cui Xiang. "Solitary childhood walking dead, not shot already, one shot will kill all the permanent addition to the troubles between the t ... As king, sooner or later, its own opposite solitary time."
    He said, and no time for a long time, the water will gradually Yinpen not so hot. Chu Song Yang see on the water is no longer steaming, then he lowered his body, picked up the copper pot filled with boiling water from the side, carefully Yinpen for Ye Gucheng to them, slowly add hot water.
    Vain men boots socks, feet bare / naked, soaked in clear hot water temperature is moderate, can only see the instep, the above skin Baisheng frost, faint pale veins under the skin emerge with.